Emotionally abusive parents

Not a typical corporate post . I need some suggestions. I used to have a okayish relationship with my parents. Where they criticised me for each and every aspect of my life and expect me to be okay with it .They want to control every aspect of my life. Slowly I realised they are emotionally abusive or atleast it's for me.The impact it had on me I had zero friends, I still have no friends, Shyness ,confused about relationships. Don't like talking too much, After my marriage things have gotten worse and they want to control both of our lives. When saas Bahu ladaiya went out of control they decided to throw us out from the house. My wife is highly stressed and unable to control her frustration now whenever I even mention my parents name let alone I talk to them on phone. She has a certain medical condition so that she should not be stressed out.My parents always fight me and wife when I call them or they call us. I am 31 yrs old. I used to believe parents love is selfless . I don't anymore.. . I feel stuck.
Also on financial front I send money to my parents monthly despite their criticism . I don't expect a thank u for this but I expect no fights over petty things. Is this something anyone else ever faced ? I have not seen anyone else's parents who are toxic. How to handle this.

Feb 9
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  • I feel you brother. Recently I was in Shanghai for business. I had a horrible migraine so I thought pulling my eyelids back with cellotape would work. I got better, but unfortunately I left the hotel to shop for a new converter. Everyone I passed by was staring daggers at me.

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