Growing up I never thought I would have a gay master

Can you handle another late in life gay story? Mine came about in my late fifties, a man I worked with came out to me and told me he was gay. Why he came out to me was a mystery, only later to learn that he suspected and was giving me a path for expressing myself. I was divorced for a very long time and had two kids from my early in life marriage. My friend invited me to a party.

A gay party. Men in the forties to sixties, some outright obvious, others a little more subdued. but all gay and he introduced me to Gary. Gary was a retired cop and he owned a photo studio, did commercial stuff and it was quite good. Gary also did other photography, ** gay photography and he was always on the lookout for models.

He photographed me naked, he sucked on my ** to get it to fill out and shoot the picture. He took photos in some very embarrassing positions, but he assured me his fans loved them, he had me ** his ** and give him approving eyes, he had a friend of his ** me and filmed it. He told me I was a natural. Little did I know I had entered another world. It wasn't only gay, homosexual, it was ** for the pleasure of **. And I was both a model in it, and a participant.

He had a web page and other means of distribution, I was anonymous but fit the mold of what he was looking for. He introduced me into his gay world and I became a gay ** addict. I couldn't get enough and I liked being suppressed and controlled by a much stronger man who ** me. There are names for all types, and I was one of those.

Ten years later and older I live with a man, a partner, that I met on a cruise of all places. He worked his career in sales and is engaging and entertaining. He is the boss of the house, the man of the house, the one for whom you surrender. He has a way of keeping you in your place, I don't question him, he's both my partner and my master.

Feb 17

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  • I had an experience with some similarity about 25 years ago. I came to discover my sexuality and met my man at a party too. I knew I was curious but wasn’t sure I wanted to surrender to it (aka denial). I was separated and considering going back to her even though I was truly happy with him. I just couldn’t see myself in a gay relationship. To skip over many details, he loved castration play. So did I. He’d band my ** while he dominated me then remove it when we were done. One night we were smoking weed and I passed out (it often out me out). I woke up early the next morning with pain down below and found I was still banded. My ** were ice cold and black. I knew it was too late. He told me I was no good to her now and should just stay with him. After getting over the hurt (physical and otherwise) I did just that. I’m his ** and exist for his pleasure. And I love my life now. Happy to share more if anyone wants to know. Sorry to hijack your share. It just fit.

  • I really would like to hear more!

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