Terrible idea.

I went to vegas with my sister for her stagette and it went horribly wrong, We went to the male strippers, Took two back to the room after the show, 5 of us in the room and guaranteed each one ** at least one of the strippers and most I think took a turn with each, My sister had a turn with both at the same time and then her best friend convinced me to put on a girl/girl show in front of everyone, I had never been with a girl but we were both on the floor messing with the strippers and they kinda rolled me on top of her and it was on.
Now, This would all be fine and dandy except....My sisters friend was video taping and I didn't realize it and she sent it to her boyfriend who shared it with his friend and on and on it went and now it's all over the internet and my husband seen me ** 2 different strippers and my sisters ** friend. Needless to say my sisters wedding is canceled and this is causing some issues in my marriage.

Feb 28

Next Confession

Catching up with my brother..

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  • Fake and gay

  • Sounds like it's time to setup the sister's friend and ruin her life.

  • 100%

  • The real question is did you enjoy it?

    How was the girl:girl **? I’m sure your hubby found that arousing. .

    But most of all how was the ** with the male strippers? How did it compare to your husband?

  • The girl:girl ** was amazing! Never had such an incredible **. And I actually enjoyed licking ** and liked the taste.

    As for the male strippers, yes they were better than my husband. They were rough and I loved it. Problem is you could tell on the video I was enjoying it

  • Ha, ha, you're dumb

  • I’ll give you $500 to work a party I’m throwing this weekend, interested?

  • Yeah I'm sure you'd be ok with your man doing the same to you. Maybe should save your ** for your husband.

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