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My wife is not one for going out and about with the ladies. It's just not her thing. So I was a little surprised when she told me she was going to a ladies only night with her friends. I did not have a problem and wished her to have fun. The next day she returned looking ruff and just wanted to sleep. A girl I am really good friends with went out with the ladies. She called me while my wife was sleeping to tell me about their night. Sounds like they had some strippers attended their party. She told me my wife was really drunk and got naked with one of the strippers sucking his d***. She motioned one of the other strippers to f*** her from behind while she was sucking off the other one. The ladies cheered her on as the two strippers tag teamed my wife taking turns f****** her and then letting her suck them. She took one load inside her and the other down her throat. At first I didn't believe my friend and told her she was full of s***. She sent me video she had taken and she was not full of s***. The video clearly shows my wife being a s*** and f****** two guys at once. I confronted my wife when she woke up, but she said she was so drunk she doesn't remember the night. My friend told me she was really drunk, so I know that is true, but I don't know if I should believe her that she doesn't remember what happened. I think she wanted to f*** those two guys, and knew exactly what she was doing.


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  • My girlfriend used to get super drunk and remember nothing from the night before. It's a called a blackout. And some women get really wild when they super drunk.

  • My wife finally confessed to me after 7 years weeks before our wedding she f***** two guys from her work. She said both didn’t care if I found out but they all promised to keep shut since she knew their girlfriends. She stated after leaving the bars(s) each of the nights in their vehicles it mostly started with them feeling her up then her going down on them before eventually letting them f*** her. I asked her if the s** was good and she said it was good with Chris but Jon really pounded her out good. He was telling her who’s c*** was better mine or his and if she was really serious about marrying me or getting his c*** all the time.She loved how he was rough with her . Today I see them and it’s been sorta different trying to talk to them knowing they came inside her before our wedding

  • I feel for ya man. I dumped my fiancee the night before our wedding cause a something like this. She had gone out for her bachelorette party a couple weeks before. Little did I know she invited some guys from her work out with them. She f***** one of the guys she worked with and I didn't find out till the night before our wedding. We got in a big fight cause she told me it was allowed on bachelorette parties, then called me stupid. There is the door b****. Her parents were p***** at me until I told them what their daughter did.

  • What a trivial thing to end a relationship over.

  • Yeah one night of fun is no reason to end a relationship. Or even many nights of fun!

  • You have my sympathy. She knows exactly what she did, using the I was so drunk excuse. I'm calling BS. My wife did a similar thing saying she can't remember. She had a big reminder though, an abortion. I found out she let a guy have her bareback several times, something I couldn't do because she didn't use the pill.

  • Divorce or use her as your s*** toy. Get her to bring another girl in bed with you.

  • Oh I think she wanted to f*** them too. Some women use the I don't remember excuse all the time. I have been drunk lots of times to the point I was falling down. Not once have I ever not remembered the night or who I went home with. Granted I may have had second thoughts about who I chose the night before but I always know at the time who the guy is that I'm leaving with.

  • The real questions you should ask your self is how does that make you feel? Can i ever trust her again? What made her want to do it? My wife had an emotional affair with her boss 5 years ago. She said they never did anything but who knows if thats true. And to this day we are still working through it its no easy road

  • Sometimes things like this happen. It happened to me and my friend. The wives got picked up at a party and both spent the night at the guys apartment and didn't come home until the next morning.

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