Catching up with my brother..

Me and my brother use to be very close when he was little,, i was 18-22 when he was 8-12. we hung out alot even as he got older. he liked boy george, michael jackson and prince. i thought they weired and gay. they were his favorites back then,, back in 2002 he got a bunch of tattoos and piercings. i came over one day and seen them and thought how punk and cool that looked. within a yr. i had got 4 tattos, 1 nip pierced, a PA and a reverse PA. i felt as cool and gay as boy george, michael jackson and prince-- it was so cool and punk to look at myself . i have had same ** attraction all my life and knew deep down i was bisexual. this was the 1st time my body looked like i sexually felt. i was 38 years old and i was expressing myself truly and honestly for the first time ever in my life!!! we are going to getogether in a week and half and catch up on alot of lost time. i am going to come out to him that i am Bi,,hopefully he is accepting and ok with it!

Mar 1

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