I want to become a husband for multiple woman

Im at my 20s and recently i find myself dreaming of something the society doesnt want. My dad feelings kicked in. I want to have a big family. I want to have like 4 obedient submissive wifes. I want to have 2 children with each of them. Live in a big mansion, my wives, my kids, my parents together. Im aware that first, i need to be financially rich.

It feels bad to not be able to share your dreams with friends. I tried and people looked at me like i just want to ** slave women.

Mar 2

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  • I doubt you make enough money to support one wife like that, much less having a manor, 4 wives and 8 children.

    Stick to ** games, my dude.

  • I guess if a man has a serial relationship with women that doesn't count. I have two wives, an older wife with older children, and a younger wife with young children. The older wife takes care of the younger wife. Or to put it in her words, she finally has a wife of her own. They get along great and there is no ** between them. We all live under one roof and share a bedroom. Even if wife number one is divorced, once she saw that I had wife number two she came back begging for her place in the pack. They do not have ** between them, but they do join in to have ** with me, while one ** the other one sits on my face sort of thing. They like having their ** held, it must be a woman thing, and they like watching while I ** the other one. Also a woman thing, watching a ** penetrate a **.

  • Yeah - not today's women. Passport bros my man. Check it out.

  • I have 2 wives and they are not submissive. I literally wipe their **. Yeah it’s hot at certain times, like when they are both working my ** with their mouths. But like I said, I literally wipe their ** too. Need plenty of tampons. Better not give one a better ** than the other, better not have a noticeably ** in one over the other etc. they dominate me me. I enjoy it but it is def a lot of work.

  • You would also want to wrestle them, and they each other. Wrestle wrestle wrestle

  • Let me tell you this. You don’t want multiple wives. It’s ** to just keep one happy

  • They actually can be happy through obedience. Some adversity helps. Don't give them freedom.

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