I'm 12 and I have a fetish?!

So I'm 12 and I think I have a fetish for big bellies or growling bellies. I don't want to have a big belly myself though. I have never told anyone other than my penpal. I've had this since I was about eight or nine. Is that weird?

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  • I'm 12 and I have a belly fetish

  • I got a pregnant belly fetish too, i was just 9, my mom was pregnant, one day i was taking swimming lessons, i sat by my mom, she had on see through blouse, I could tell how big and high the front of her short shorts were, when i stared at my mom's big tummy, i got so hard inside my speedo that i had to go to the boys shower lockers, at least i had a big huge towel, so nobody else there would see how big and hard i got under my speedo, i got out of the boys locker room just in time.

  • Fetishes aren't weird - they're just somewhat odd things that people like.

  • I agree, i have fetishes about pregnant women in their bikinis too.

  • There are 2 posts, mom's tummy in strange confession and pregnant belly fetish in friends & family confession.

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