You would never pick me out of the crowd as being gay

I am well aware that a great big number of gay or gay leaning people are in the closet, safely married away, or in professions where they can hide. Not all men who want ** with another man dress in pink or talk with a lisp or sashay when they walk. Me, I am a retired cop. I did traffic most of my career, in my later years I was in instructor. I have my pension and I have many friends in law enforcement.

I have always, since I can remember had a ** fetish. I was hard in the showers in junior high. As a matter of fact I was in junior high when a man first sucked my ** and I sucked a man's **. In those days that was OK as long as the man was a man and not a fairy.

I got my cherry popped in the police academy by a brute training sergeant. I wasn't the only one that lost his cherry, but I'm not sure how many of the other guys stayed with it the rest of their lives. Just because you got ** doesn't mean you are gay. For me it was a vindication of what I wanted, and it set firmly in my mind the kind of man I wanted to back up into.

Being a cop meant that I was around a lot of macho cops who liked a man sucking on their **. Not all of them were up to getting on top of you, but you only need one and there was always one who wanted to get on your back and ** you. It was a secret society in that we didn't advertise.

Once I was older, like in my fifties I started to want to hang around with a man who got on my back. I met a man who had been married who ran a BBQ joint out in the country. I liked his BBQ and that's why I started going out there, and I took my buddies and I became a good client. One day I was there later than usual and we got to talking and I looked at him and he looked at me and I was ready to go back there and see what he could do with me.

Well he did what I wanted, smelling of BBQ smoke and all. He is the first man I really kissed with and I sucked his ** real good, showing him I was his ** sucker and wanted to be his ** sucker. You have to show a man who's boss, I showed him he was boss, no questions asked. Once we got going into something more serious I retired from the force, no sense in bringing that into my ratings before retirement.

We are a couple of old farts, I have learned a lot about BBQ, I attend to the bar and help serve and we have a good clientele. Some of my buddies who I used to ** come out with their best boy for the evening and stock up on ribs before going home to **.

Mar 5

Next Confession

Castrated and now enjoying

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