I’m in love with my wife mother

I’m secretly in love with my wife mom I never looked at her like that until she moved in with us.She is so beautiful she walked in the bathroom while I was naked on hard.She told me previously she handnt had none for 10 yrs I felt bad.When she wear dresses around the house she catches me trying to look between her legs when she not looking I think she knows.I be sniffing her dirty underwear.She knows she haven’t told her daughter.I like sniffing her dirty socks dirty bra dirty panties.I love just hearing her voice.She hides her panties now.IBe f****** my wife wishing it was her.She be listening while we have s** me and my wife put on nice performance she doesn’t know her mom likes listening.That turns me On

24 days

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  • We went to my sister law baby shower her Mom’s my wife mom had on my favorite colors different from everybody what I had on.After baby shower her my wife got into a argument I went and searched the guest room west she hoping she left some underclothes she wore already left behind.After searching the room I seen a bag on top shelf in the closet.I pulled the bag Down full of face mask and her stockings she took off.I Can’t stop sniffing them.I’m going to put them in my own safe spot.When she comes back and she see them gone she knows I got them and probably wondering what I be doing with this I’m nut all over them for month wash and give back 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Whoever said rape her should be banned from this site. Rape is never acceptable under any circumstances.

  • Try doing a mother daughter deal. Talk about hot, wow!!
    I did that with my assistant who was 25 to my 45 and her mother who was a smoking hot steaming wow!!!

  • Start with groping her. If she agrees well n good else rape her

  • Give your mother in law some “love”. Sounds like she likes what she saw and you want her.

    Just let it happen.

  • I want her bad she left some stockings she took off after her daughters baby shower left them in a bag up high on shelf.Everyone short but me.It’s a set up I can’t stop sniffing them.

  • The best kind of "love" involves a raw chicken and a string.

  • ???

  • I’ll bet she wants to suck your d***

  • I want to lick her p**** and ass .My d*** gets so hard when I hear her voice.I stuck my Dock in her coffee before she warmed it .I nuted in my pants watching her drink it.I’m in Love with her not my wife

  • I want to do her too

  • She's not vanilla enough for that.

  • I know I wish tho one day I was feeling down we was talking about something I think Exstend commercial was on I said that stuff doesn’t work.She said you don’t need that you’re Nice already I felt proud then thought who just told me that

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