Got caught sucking ** by my gf

I’m a senior in high school and I’m bi but not open to family and my gf doesn’t know. One of my best friends started becoming curious and wanted me to go down on him after school. We picked a day that he would be comfortable with and we hung out for a while till he started loosening up s bit. I started massaging his back and lead me to rubbing his legs. I guess I didn’t realize that my mom let my gf in the house and I was already 5 mins in deep ** my bff and my gf walked in on us. We were all in shock and she left. I tried calling but she never answered. It’s been two weeks and I finally heard from her. After she left I did finish him and swallowed. She wants to meet up and talk but I don’t want to loose her. What should I say.

Mar 6

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  • You aren't married to her, you had a chance to be yourself, and explore. Tell her you don't know what you are doing, that you don't know who you are yet. Tell her you can't make any promises, but that you care for her, and never meant to hurt her. Then ask her if she ever thought of her girlfriends? If she ever tried to find herself. Tell her you don't own her happiness, but wish it for her. Can you admit you want to do it again, but need her to accept who you are.

  • I still ** my best friends **. My wife loves it. Maybe talk your gf into three ways or watching.

  • What can you say? Not like she didn't see you choking on **. Cheating is cheating.

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