Bi longing part1

I have always been bothered by my "bi" nature. It has not been a problem for a long time
Oh I DO remember taking a long look at he "all male" area of adult book stores. I used to get SO worked up when I saw "those" kind of pictures in my younger days.
But during the last several years it has arisen again, My wife passed about 7 years ago. I started longing again. I bought some gay ** and have been watching it on line.

Mar 8

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  • I'm 55 and just recently became curious to get with a guy. How do I go about it?

  • Where do you live?

  • I (58) have been on this site and talked about my being bi and accepting it.... it has been the journey of a lifetime!! i have not told many in my family,,,but everybody i have told and friends,,,have been loving and supportive (more than i could have imagined) i have told my dad, aunt, uncle and cousins too. (one of my cousins is bi also) -- i have known i had (SSA) same ** attraction since 3rd grade. when i told my dad about this he told me, he too has been having bi-sexual relationships for the last 25 years. i told him for me that feeling and attraction has never gone away - even though i was married 30 years and had 3 great kids-- he told me even at 79 yrs old ,,,that feeling never goes away --WOW!! at any rate, i would not trade any of it,, at 58 yrs old , i have finally accepted myself for who i am,,, i am not bad, i am not wrong, i am not ashamed, i am not defective, i am who GOD made me-- he knew all the attributes of my being because he created them before i existed!

  • Would like to hear more.

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