Guilty party

I confessed many years ago after secretly watching my best friend get spanked by his mum. I went round to see if he could come out to play. I always went to the back door, this particular day I saw my friend across his mum's knees being spanked in the dining room. I stood watching until she finished, then scarpered. It was a little bit exciting watching, but I began to feel sorry for him when he started crying. I could see his ** getting redder and redder. She really smacked him hard. To this day I don't know why?
I felt quite guilty, and after a few days told my mum all about it. She spoke to my friends mum, explained my confession and the two mums agreed I should suffer the same punishment.
It seemed fair although I was nervous about being spanked, this was to be my first.
My friend came to our house. My mum told me to apologise to my friend for not coming forward at the time to admit my part in our crime, which I did. The three of us went into our dining room. Mum pulled out a chair and sat down. She told my friend to watch from behind her, as that is how I'd viewed his spanking. Mum pulled my jeans and underpants down and after confirming that I understood why I was being spanked, positioned me across her knees. Mum started to smack me really hard but no matter how much I struggled, she held me firmly and spanked me soundly. I cried long and hard, as my friend had the day I watched him being spanked. I have no idea how long mum spanked me, but it must have been a good five minutes, I'm sure. My ** stung like **, I couldn't see for tears and I had dribble running down my face. When mum finished my spanking she stood me up and held my wrists to keep me from rubbing my sore ** better.
Once I had regained my balance and unscrambled my brain, I was then told to stand up straight facing the wall, with my hands by my side. I was warned if I was seen or caught rubbing my stinging bottom better, mum would put me straight back across her knee and spank me again.
My friend was shown out and he was told we were now equal, and that he was welcome to come round to play the following day, and mum would make us chocolate brownies for lunch as a treat.
I stood facing the wall, desperate to rub my stinging ** but terrified of the consequences. Bad as it was, another spanking like that was unthinkable.
Mum left me there for a while before telling me that my punishment was over. She said my friend felt what happened was fair.
I went to my bedroom and rubbed my **, which resulted in the first ** I can remember having.
The next day my friend came round and we talked about our spankings. I didn't much feel like riding my bike so we just hung around playing indoors with my Scalextric set.
My friend told me his mum said she would have liked to have given me that spanking herself.
The thought of being spanked by his mum across her knee on my bare ** fueled my fantasies for years.
I was never spanked again. Mum never mentioned my spanking after that day, but for a long time after I was careful not to be naughty. I didn't much fancy another trip across mums knees, spankings hurt!

Mar 8

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  • I got many spankings when a kid completely naked! They were primarily by my mom and a few by dad. I had to remove all my clothing myself. Sometimes it was because I finished a bath and was not allowed to get dressed. This was done to increase the tension and fear of what was going to happen. Even though I’m a boy I wasn’t embarrassed at all being naked in front of mom but very embarrassed in front of my dad.

  • I was never spanked ** and never heard of anyone else being spanked **.

    Many punishments would now be considered abuse. Some severe. But i never heard of this ** thing.

    My father had a cane. Punishment was formal. No yelling on his or mom's part. The rod of correction. No big lecture. Just a brief explanation and then instruction to bend over. It was over my pants but still hurt hugely.

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