I cant stop eating

I am an obese 30 year old woman who secretly eats non stop whenever I am away from the public. It has become so bad I have trouble walking because of all the weight I have put on, but yet every night I keep on eating and eating.

I am scared that one day I might eat myself to death but I just LOVE food and being fat. I cant stop myself and the weight keeps piling on.

My husband isnt helping any as he keeps telling me I look sexy at this weight and he keeps buying me as much food as I want.



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  • My wife played tennis without panties after I f***** her twice and she didn't wipe her c***. She also loves going shopping with short skirts and no panties after I f*** her, she pees, she jerks off, and I f*** her again. She never wipes her p**** and as she walked out to go shopping one time her c*** was making squishing noises and she still just walked out. All her skirts are so short that she leaves wet spots on seats , but others that are a bit longer all have c** stains on them. Even dresses. She wore a black dress to a Christmas party a few times and the entire inside is full of c** stains. Even the inside of her fur coat is full of stains. She loves it all.

  • So in the last year my girlfriend started to gain some weight, She was slightly chubby but it really started piling up on her butt, hips and belly (OMG that sexy belly) so after a year, this is what we have! What do you think? She is almost the perfect shaped woman, huge butt (yes, her butt really juts out like a huge shelf), wide wide hips, big belly and she is adorable.


  • I have always been turned on by being fat. In grade school I got very heavy but mom and dad put me RIGHT ON a diet and I lost the weight, as time went by I decided I wanted to get fat, so I started getting fat when I was older, I found guys actually liked a girl with some fat on her. Now I am in my 30s and I want to get fat, I mean REALLY REALLY fat. I have been stuffing and eating and gaining. My end goal is to be so fat I cant see my v a g i n a. I am working on it, so wanting and getting turned on by being fat is not so strange. I never knew there were so many guys who got turned on by the site of big fat women, so I guess this is some very cool encouragement for me. Enjoy the glimpse of my p u s s y guys, you wont see it for long, I WILL grow this belly right over it soon enough.


  • Oh yes do it!! I so love hearing of women wanting to get really fat. I have always had an attraction to big women, even though I was hetro & married. But after being divorced I became good friends with a big lady. We'd go out for lunch movies dinner etc & developed a very close relationship. Over a couple of years she'd gained weight till she was 168kg (369lbs). I loved how fat she was, but kept thinking how she'd look even fatter. So I started to encourage her just to eat a bit more when out, "go the dessert".

    We found we'd fallen for each other & moved into a house together we both bought & I continued to encourage her eating & she gained more & more weight. Then one night she told me she'd been for a check up & was now 204kgs (448lbs), we knew she was getting fatter by having to buy bigger & bigger clothes. I came out & admitted I'd been secretly fattening her & she told me she knew that & was letting it happen & it turned her on.

    It's been 9 yrs & she is almost immobile, we have no idea what she weighs as the last time she was weighed was 18 months ago & she was 654lbs. I've had the bedroom & ensuite doors widened to cater to her girth & handrails fitted as well a a lift assist over the bed & the lounge as she's too heavy for me to help her up. Her hips & waist brush the hallway walls, her belly hangs below her knees, she only takes a few waddled steps & has to stop for a rest.

    She tells me it is such a turn on for her that she has gotten so fat, she loves the feeling of struggling to carry all that weight around, how the jiggling & wobbling of all that fat arouses her & I am the same. She encourages me to feed her & I can't stop. We both know the risks as she continues to gain more weight, but she's always saying "lets see how fat I can get".

  • You have the perfect body for weight gain. That belly will be drooping over your front in no time. Nice b o o b s too, they will get huge once you grow yourself fatter

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  • Me gusta la mujer gorda con tetas grandes, me gusta cuando su vientre se vuelve tan grande que cuelga sobre su coño. Es cálido y sudoroso debajo, al igual que debajo de sus tetas gigantes

  • So last night we went out, she got herself a little tipsy, I took her home, added to her drunkenness with some more beer, and we had a blast. She is getting so fat and juicy, look at those thick fat legs and thick double chin. She could not keep her hands off her fat p u s s y


  • Nice fat legs and belly and hairy fat p u s s y. Love a fat woman with a big wide hairy p u s s y

  • Keep feeding her. My wife always worried about here weight, but when she decided not to worry, she just got fatter & fatter. Then she told me she wanted to get fatter deliberately. Now she's 660lbs.

  • I have been feeding her up SO huge, she likes getting super drunk for me to sometimes, and then she gets so sloppy and slurs and staggers around with her fat jiggling around

  • That's it keep feeding her up, how fat do you want her?

  • I would like to see her around 400 lbs, she is at 300 now, so a good 100 lbs of fat on that body would look sexy

  • Oh how I love those pics of her fat p u s s y, she is digging away in there, did you watch her get herself off. I love watching fat women o r g a s m because all their fat shakes and jiggles. She ias a nice fat c u n t I bet you pound that fat p u s s y for hours.

  • Oh yeah she was all sorts of sloppy drunk and I did her every which way I could.

  • That is the best, they are sloppy drunk, fat, h o r n y and ready to f******

  • Both my wife and I are fat and I love getting her drunk like that for s e x

  • Wow, that got me hard, she looks nice and plump and I love watching fat women m a s t e r b a t e

  • It was awesome hearing her slur her words as she rubbed her c u n t She is so fat now and I love my fat drunk piggy

  • Do you keep her drunk more often now? Fat drunk women are so sexy

  • When I can, I always p ush her to get drunk. Not out in public but around the house She knows what comes once she is slurring her words and staggering around naked with her fat jiggling around. She really gets into it. Last week she managed to get herself so drunk she could not talk, she made zero sense, but she could s**** like the big girl that she is.

  • That is awesome, I love fat drunk women, she has a nice gut on her too, she is going to have a hard time reaching that fat hairy p u s s y pretty soon. Do a video of her when she is drunk, I want to see her staggering around drunk and nude, I have jerked to her pics many times

  • I’m eating myself into helpless obesity and I can’t even stop. I just keep shoveling candy into my greedy mouth, day after day, along with gallons of soda, piles of ice cream, and all the cheese I can get my pudgy little hands on. It’s making me so lethargic, but that just makes it easier to mindlessly eat even more. I’ve gotten lazier, rapidly turning into a greasy, sweaty sow. My ass reeks all of the time and I’m too far gone to even care. I just lean back and fart through my sloppy cheeks to relieve pressure and enjoy my stink. I feel like I’m at a tipping point, a point of no return. I’m almost 300lbs, but I feel like once I pass that threshold, I’m going to careen towards 400, 500, maybe more. Just a heap of adorable, quivering lard with the most delightful and unavoidable stench. I wish I was already there.

  • Just go with it, don't stop, just let yourself get fatter & fatter.

  • Fat smelly pig women are the best. Can you still see your fat p u s s y anymore? Does it stink? Are you trying to be as fat and sweaty and smelly as possible.

  • I love huge fat lazy glutton pigs who are total slobs. . .too fat and lazy and focused on shoveling food into their greedy gaping maws and giant distended blubber guts to bother with hygiene or appearance. . .love fat pig BO stench, especially when they relish their own reek, mmmm.. . .

  • I took a pic with my cell phone if what is left of my womanhood, after eating and eating and becoming a human pig. I love food, I love getting fat and I love my new growing obese fat huge belly that hangs over my obese c u n t. No use shaving that c u n t anymore as you cant see it when I stand, that fattened ball of blubber hangs over it like a big beach ball. What isnt covered by my huge belly is covered by my huge round cellulite coated legs.

    I love my fat, I love my fat p u s s y covered in stretch marks, I love eating and I love being a fat pig. I totally get this fetish as its been mine for years. 32 years old and I get winded walking a few yards with my lard. My b o o b s are round and heavy with fat, my a s s is wide and quivers as I walk. Anyone want a fat little piggy with no gaining limits to s c r e w around with? If you like fat lazy slobs, I am your girl!


  • I for one, LOVE your huge obese c u n t.

  • Mmmm, I LOVE huge fat lazy gluttonous s***** pigs! Sooo hot that your bloated bulging blubber gut sags down over your fat hairy puss. I'd love to keep you stuffed to bursting with all the fatty food you can stuff into your greedy gut, and watch you pile on more and more quivering sagging lard! Would love to hear from you and encourage you -


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  • I would enjoy being a pig that someone fattened and made huge, tell me what you would do to my already obese bloated heavy body

  • What would I do? I would feed it fatten it feed you lake the pig you are stuff you with food make you in to a huge fat lazy pig who so fat you have to waddle every where . feed you in to a helpless pig never denying you of your precious food feeding you past full nothing like watching someone grow fat and helpless

  • I would eat and become a human cow, I would wear tight clothing and show off my fat as I waddle around like your human submissive pig

  • I'd love to encourage your greedy insatiable gluttony until you're so massively obese and lazy you need help just to get up and waddle a short distance before you have to rest. . .and gorge. . .and happily take you out dressed to show off what a huge fat blubber covered hog you are and what a gluttonous slob you are. . .


  • If you want to talk more email me at 86kelso@gmail.com I check it daily ;)

  • My fantasy was to marry a gorgeous girl with a sexy hourglass figure and beautiful long hair. Then immediately after the honeymoon she would pixiecut her long hair and she would let herself go and get very fat. At our wedding and on our honeymoon my bride was tall, slender with a beautiful hourglass figure and lovely long hair. On our wedding night I confessed my secret desire to my bride. I begged her to get fat and cut her hair short. She refused to cut her hair, but immediately began to eat everything in sight. It took ten years, but she doubled her weight from 140 to 280 pounds. Finally, right after her 40th birthday she finally cut off her beautiful long hair. She had found her first gray hair and decided it was time to say goodbye to her long mane. I absolutely LOVE my sexy obese, short haired wife. Too bad it took so long for her to put on 140 pounds and cut her hair. For me her transformation was ecstasy in slow motion. I loved every minute of it, but it just took too long. If only it had happened the first year we were married.

  • I loved dating girls like that when I was younger, Hugely fat and short bobbed hair. I had this one chick with b**** that were down to her big fat deep belly button. LOVED having s e x with her. She had the sexual appetite of a nympho and had never been screwed before, I think the first time we did it, it must have lasted like 2 hours.. non stop c****** and starting up again. Barbra wherever you are now, you were friggen amazing.

  • Is she s till gaining? There is something sexy about a pixie cut on a hugely obese woman, my wife wont do it, she says she does not want to look like a lesbian, but I find it so sexy for them to grow so fat and then cut off their hair short. I married my wife when she was already pretty fat (around 200) and now some 14 years later she is a huge waddling fat sexy 430 lbs

  • No, she stopped gaining when she developed pre-diabetes. Her doctor told her to lose some weight, which she did for awhile. She is on medication that controls her diabetes quite well, which allowed her to stop dieting and regain some of the weight she had lost. She got tired of her pixiecut several years ago and decided to let her hair grow to shoulder length. She has beautiful hair, but I still wish she would cut it very short again. And she knows how I feel about this, so I am hoping that one of these days she will surprise me and come home with a very short pixiecut. Our summer weather has been very hot and I've reminded her how comfortable she was the last time she cut her hair short. Hint, hint! I hope she takes the hint. Rapid weight gain plus sudden short haircut is a total turn on! The combination of pixiecut hair on a very fat woman it extremely sexy!
    But as much as I would love for her to weigh over 300 pounds, I'm willing to let her keep her weight at 250-260 pounds, for her health sake. It's a compromise I can live with. You are very lucky to have a 400+ pound wife and that she was already 200 pounds when you married her.

  • Hard to imagine my wife was a skinny little thing when we got married 2 years ago. She gained weight over time, saw how much I liked her new weight, saw how much s e x she was getting now that she was fat, and now she is on a mission to become my big fat wife. She had tiny t i t s before the weight gain and now she is growing them nice and plump.


  • I cant get my arms around my wife, she is HUGE and I love it. she hit 380 this AM, all bloated up, huge b o o b s big wide butt, thick heavy thighs, and a huge hanging belly. I have been hard all day thinking about s******* her tonight.

  • When you marry the hot blonde bimbo cheerleader in college and fatten her up! Oh so sexy. We are gonna grow that big belly of hers ALL the way down her legs. I keep hinting I want to see her in her old cheer leader uniform now with all that fat packed on her


  • Damn she is nice and fat, love that hairy p**** too. I want to see her in her old tight clothing

  • She cant even see her p u s s y anymore, she has been my sexy piggy for the last few months and the fat is just pouring on now. Her t i t s are almost one huge stretch mark. When we are having s** all she talks about is eating and getting fatter for me. Its totally amazing. She made me blur her face but this is the result of a fat girl meeting a guy who wants to blow her up ten times her size.


  • OMG that is so hot, those fat heavy t i t s are awesome, her huge belly sagging over what I BET WAS once a hot sexy trim p u s s y. Nothing in the world better than a fat girl, she is so hot, love her stretched out belly too

  • Wow is this the chick up top m a s t e r b a i t i n g? She is SMOKING hot. She is huge, and I bet she eats like a sexy fat piggy

  • Thats her! Thats my plump little piggy who is slowly growing into a huge cow for me, her and her fat belly bulging out

  • Damn dude, her t i t s are HUGE, looks like they exploded with fat with all those thick red stretch marks on them, she must be eating pure lard to get so fat so quick.

  • I love her fat t i t s, they are so heavy, and covered in fat, she has trouble keeping them in bras since she outgrew them months ago, nothing better than watching them slap around while we are having s e x

  • DAMN, she blew up like a cow. Very nice, I love how stretch marked her t i t s are, It looks like they got so fat so quick they nearly ripped apart.

  • Yup, they grew nice and fat as did the rest o f her. My motto was "Make her clean her plate and carry the weight" and now she carries it alright, in a slow heavy waddle. My big sexy piggy

  • Tell her to go with it, tell her that talking about eating & getting fatter while having s** will eventually just take over & she'll find herself eating while having s** & just wanting to get fatter & fatter. I know, I was 260lbs when I met my husband & 22 years later I'm 620lbs & it is just so erotic this journey of getting really fat.

  • Oh trust me, she is already "going with it" and I am loving the results. I watched and helped her go from 104 lb tight sexy rock hard body to this blubber blob she is now and she LOVES It (and so do I) Watching her waddle around with all this blubber on her shaking away is amazing, I remember when she was so thin with huge t i t s and now she is my personal waddling fat cow and her belly sticks out farther than her huge swollen sagging udders.

  • Damn, she looks like she can really pack away the food, that is a dream come true.

  • She can, she is my little piggy, she is eating cupcakes right now.

  • You did an amazing job feeding her up, that body is SO sexy and hot. One lucky guy to have her in bed. Does she like to be on top? I had a big woman like that once who LOVED to be on top, and nothing is better than feeling all that fat weight bouncing up and down on you, its also nice when they have huge t i t s like her because you get to suck those udders while doing them.

  • Thanks, she just had me massage her hugely stuffed belly, as it wobbled over her already HUGE P u s s y mound, my lady is growing fatter than I ever imagined and I love it. We screwed with me on top and then her on top, she is so HEAVY now and has a hard time keeping those fat udders in control when she is slopping up and down on me, and the noise her fat belly makes now.. the slapping is orgasmic. She likes to shower off after we s****, so she gets off me, and then proceeds to waddle into the bathroom like a HUGE cow she has become.

  • Damn I thought my wife had some big fatty t***, her t*** are not even t*** anymore, they are huge sagging udders. Nice job packing the fat on her.

  • I love her fat stretched out sagging huge udders, they slap when she is on top of me, those big fat b o o bs always make a lot of nose while she is on top.

  • Thanks, its awesome, she has become a one woman eating machine. Last night we were having s e x and she starts moaning about how she wants "To get so fat she cant walk, and cant reach her fat c u n t anymore" I came almost instantly. I have always loved fat women, but once she got this fat I realized I love HUGE women

  • Oh yessss, I love hearing about other ladies who want to get so fat, they become immobile. I doing the same & love it. 620lb piggy.

  • Wow, those fat bulging t i t t i e s are amazing. her gut looks fat and heavy

  • Her gut is huge, she cant pick it up fully anymore,but you are right, her t i t s are so fat and heavy. you notice how you cant see her nips anymore? She is so fat they rolled under the front of them. You have to lft them up to stimulate her and she loves t i t rubs

  • I love it when their t*** get so fat and sagging that the nipples roll under the t***. Its like their t*** are exploding with fat over their top. Got any rear shots of her, I bet she has an amazing ass.

  • Dude I was sucking on her t*** today when she came out of the shower, those f****** ers got so hard it wasn't even funny, her nips were making her t*** stick out because her nips are so fat now. I tried to lift up one of her huge fat t i t s and that thing was HEAVY and sqishy.

  • You are so lucky, I love t i t s like that, when they get so huge they just spill out everywhere. I used to date this chick with HUGE t i t s and she was fat too so when I was doing her from the rear her fat belly and huge t i t s would squash out on the bed and you could see how fat they were from behind.

  • OINK! Is all I have to say. Girlfriend has BLOWN up, her belly when she lies down is a HUGE Pile of fat, She has not seen her p u s s y since we got married, and I could not be happier. Love watching the fat pile on her body. Her p u s s y mound is HUGE, her b o o b s are nothing more than sacks of fat now


  • Mmmmm....keep feeding her, tell her it's the best life to have your man fatten you up, you'll just want to gain more & more weight. I just love seeing and encouraging other women to totally let go & get super fat, super sexy. I'm 620lbs & still gaining.

  • DAMN, I would dive into that nice fat c u n t and suck her until she was screaming, and those fat t i t s are amazing

  • Damn she has a nice plump gunt. You are lucky

  • I bet you SHE has problems reaching her p u ss y down there

  • Yes, its fun watching her get h**** and then try to reach, she jiggles all over like a bowl of jello. Her arm fat and b o o bs are starting to get in the way as well. She is my little piggy

  • Now that is one sexy hog. I love how high her belly stacks up when she is lying down. That huge p u s s y is sexy

  • When its consensual its hot as h***. My latest girlfriend who was fat when I met her, now a year later, she is HUGE and sexy, I love every single roll of fat I have helped pack on her


  • I'm glad I found these posts, keep feeding her.

  • This AM I ran my hands under her huge gut, started rubbing her wide fatted stretch marked p u s s y (Its so fat and wide now). I Started sucking on those fat huge udders of hers, and sure enough, my d i c k got rock hard. I jammed it in and she started her usual moaning, but wow oh wow, she is getting fat I had to really really push to get it up in that fat bloated c u n t of hers. Watching her jiggled like a fattened piggy was amazing.

  • I say dont worry about it, if your husband likes you fat, enjoy it, sure beats working out all day and stressing about what you eat. My wife was so happy I liked fat girls once she started gaining weight, she just relaxed and let herself go. Now I am happy with a 410 lb wife who cant see her feet, and she is happy with me loving her fat.

  • I was glad I met my husband, like you he liked big girls & I love food & it's so good to relax & let yourself go. I've let myself go to 620lbs.....so far.

  • A good 10 years of stuffing myself silly, with a husband who encourages me, its amazing how fat I can get and still feel sexy. Growing myself into a fat waddling piggy and I could not be happier. I understand it being the woman, all you want is to grow, get bigger, fatter, wider, have bigger b**** (I never had big b**** until I was obese) and the feeling of everything jiggling around when you are having s**. I wonder how much bigger I will get.. it turns me on so much


  • Your picture didn't work. I understand totally. The fatter I've gotten, the sexier I feel. I have just wanted to grow, get bigger & bigger, fatter, heavier. It does feel amazing all your fat jiggling & wobbling while having s**, I even look in our mirrored robe to see myself jiggling uncontrollably & it just makes me want to get fatter.
    I love hearing other women wanting the same. I'm 620lbs now & will keep gaining.

  • I have always been a fat girl, now my next goal is to eat my belly down over my who who, I want to have to lift it to see my vajayjay. Eat and grow fat for your men women, they love it

  • Nothing drives me more crazy when when I am dating a woman who is already fat and she grows her belly big enough where it covers up her fat p u s s y.

  • I always found that sexy in women, the ones whos belly hangs so low it grows down over their p u s s y and slaps on their legs when they walk. Do you have any pics?

  • Vicki, I found this confession about a year ago and check in regularly to see if you have anything to post. It's distressing though not entirely unexpected to see the comment section so loaded with trolls and FAs who are either sharing their own experiences or urging you to enjoy what's happening. As an FA myself I can't help but be interested, but what seems to be missing is consent.

    You wrote that at your weight you may die, at any time. And you indicated you wanted to lose weight but your husband was foiling your attempts, in addition to your own addiction to food. That's abuse. Plain and simple. You don't want this anymore, and if your husband is unwilling to respect that then he is hurting you.

    I am personally not averse to feedees who genuinely want to gain weight to the point of immobility, and it's a fantasy I admit. But you indicated that this is not you, and that you want to lose weight and overcome your addiction so that you can take your life back and be there for your child/children.

  • If you are still alive, and I most sincerely hope you are, and are still in such a bad place, then I urge you to make some preparations. Seperate your accounts from your husband's. Do some online searching for a hospital or facility that focuses on bariatric services and contact them to talk about your case and its extremity. Ask if they will take you on and see if you can find a way to finance it. Look for temporary housing for you after your intended hospital stay. Contact a lawyer and tell him you're in an abusive relationship and need to draw up divorce papers to be served on an emergency basis. And when that's all prepped, contact EMS and tell them that you're extremely obese, being held against your will by your husband (if that's the case, which is how it sounds), and fear he will kill you by feeding your addiction. Depending on your size and mobility, Fire Rescue may need to knock down a wall or two to get you out, and you will need a specialized ambulance, as well as law enforcement to make sure your husband does not attempt to interfere. If your husband can't be reasoned with, this is your best way out.

    Please let us know that you're still hanging in there.

  • Leave it to some douche to make this into some kind of hostage rescue high drama BS post. Seriously dude?

  • Yes, seriously, DUDE. Sorry to bring down your fapping material but helping people in life threatening cases is what I do for a living. And if she's being genuine about her situation's severity, it won't be the first time a rescue had to be orchestrated.

  • I think your husband may have a fetish and that's why he's encouraging it.

    For you I think your brain does not send satiety signals when your stomach is full that's why you have been eating continuously.

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  • Today I finally nailed my fat girl crush. Robin is her name. I worked with her a few years ago and now I visit her at the new place she works at. She has BALLOONED up in weight, and is a waddling fat woman now. So hot and sexy, ass so huge and like jello soft, her sweat pants have a hard time holding up all that new fat on her body and she has a HUGE swag of fat on her chin. Its like she hit 40 and the weight just piled on her. When I worked with her, she was fat but no where NEAR this size and its OH so sexy on her.

    Anyway I was talking with her and she was cleaning an area, accidentally backed up into me and that huge panty less ass just engulfed my p****. Instant h******. I mean INSTANT and oh my god was it hard. She turns around and smiles. I think she knew I always liked her, but now she was bold enough to say "I see me bumping into you agrees with you" I was like "oh yes it does honey"

    Needless to say I asked her when she got off, of course she goes "When ever you want me to" Oh man was I finally going to hump this chick? And now with all this tonnage on her as well?

    Met up with her, picked her up and we left her car there, she waddles inside, rips off her clothing and she is even fatter and hotter than I could imagine. Just finished s******* her for 2 hours on and off. Huge t*** huge belly apron, a nice fat set of legs, waddling and honey. She even shaved her p**** for me as best she could now that she is so fat. Honestly I think I am starting to like this. It may become a regular thing. Her huge t*** alone are worth it but that ass, oh my god that jello ass, and huge belly apron that hangs low over the front of her p****, that was almost enough to make me c** before f****** her. Yeah I am happy.

  • So we have been dating now for about 1 month, she is totally into getting fatter too. Her b**** are gigantic, her behind is getting wider and wider and she has these HUGE stretch marks on the sides of her ass cheeks as its been expanding rapidly. B**** and belly keep on expanding.

  • She sounds like me. I'm over 750lbs & totally into gaining weight & love food & eating. My husband can't resist my desires to eat & gain weight.

  • She has been a blast. S** is great, she eats a lot, she has gained but not much (she was pretty huge already, last we checked 360 lbs) so we are happy. I am just amazed, had I known she had this potential when we worked together I would have started dating her then. I knew she was sort of into me, and she made suggestive comments all the time, but she was only a plumper back then, and not in the land whale category that I love so much.. Just glad she blew up and we hooked up!

  • I am a young boy of 30 years who takes care but I love the big girls and I have arrived at this post thinking that I had a problem but from what I see is normal. I have never been with a girl like this and I would love to be with someone That weighs 350 lbs 400lbs or even more.I like those girls with big bellies who enjoy eating

  • Here is a tip for guys who like fat girls. First, never marry a diet freak. You know, the kind that hates how she looks and is constantly trying to diet. You want a woman who is happy with what she looks like. She leaves the lights on during s**, and loves her fat fondled. Second, look for one who actually LIKES food, not on that pigs out in private and eats like a bird in public.. those are annoying. Lastly, do not be afraid to marry them fat. The chances of them growing into the size you like is not that great, so if you like a huge woman, marry them huge, do not look for a smaller fat girl and think she will grow to the size you like. Also be ready for them to explode in size. You are probably the first man she has met that actually likes her the size she is, she is free from dieting constraints and is going to get BIG. Be ready to help them because once a huge fatty no longer has to diet, there is a chance she is going to grow to a huge size, and have trouble moving around. Mine was 300 lbs when I first met her and is now close to 580 lbs, she has a slow waddle, huge b**** that get in her way, and cant walk far.. expect it

  • Marrying a sexy slender shapely girl and seducing her into obesity is half the fun. My wife was a skinny 140 pounds when we met and at our wedding, but I saw the possibilities of making her fat. While we were still dating she confessed to me she had always struggled with her weight and would have to watch everything she ate or turn into a 'huge pig'. She said she hated dieting and wished she could just let herself go. That did it! A few days later I proposed to her and she said "yes!" I didn't say anything about my secret wish until our honeymoon. On our wedding night I confessed my secret wish and begged her to let herself go and get fat. She did, but it took her five years to double her weight to 280. That was fast, but not fast enough for me. All the same, I loved every minute of her steady, slow transformation from a slender, sexy hourglass figure to sexy fat slob. She is well proportioned obese, although much of the fat went to her belly and around her waist. I love hardly being able to reach my arms around her waist! There is nothing sexier than watching a sexy, slender, shapely woman quickly turn herself into a huge fat slob, especially if that woman is my wife. If I ever found myself single again, I would do it again. I would find another sexy, slender, shapely woman to fatten up.

  • My new girl, she is 28 years old, and thanks to me, has packed on a ton of fat since we met. I love getting my hands on that huge fat p**** of hers, and I am hoping soon not only does her p**** stay fat but her belly rolls over it. I love it when she wears tight pants and her huge gunt sticks out and the crack of her p**** shows as her pants get tighter and tighter and ride up. She goes nuts when I grab that huge gunt of hers.


  • Very nice, I am a sucker for big fat gunts like that. I love it when they show their cuntcracks in tight pants

  • She's a grotesque fat slob. She should be ashamed of herself as should you. Your fetish is disgusting and degrading.

  • And you're a boring ass who couldn't even get a girl, so don't make us pity you!

  • Gross, stop eating.

  • When a gainer girl wants to get fatter, after being told to stop multiple times, they are only getting encouraged going to get bigger and bigger

  • I am married to a woman like this. She has been packing on the pounds now for about a year. She was always a bit chubby and always had HUGE t*** but now its amazing. Melissa has packed on a ton of weight in the 10 years we have been together and there is no end in sight. She had a baby about a year ago and it SHUT OFF her metabolism I love it myself, her t*** keep getting bigger and bigger and I of course, feed her constantly when I am around. Those buffets and dinners out are starting to take a toll on my sexy wife. She was complaining about packing on the weight lately.


  • Pig f*****, your wife will contract heart disease and diabetes just so you can get off. That's sick. All you wobble watchers are mentally ill.

  • Yes and your a f****** snob on the internet who hasn't seen the sun in 3 days

  • You people do know that most of these links to pics are bullshit, right? Chubby chasers trolling, pretending to have fat wives and girlfriends, lol.

    No normal guy wants a big fat s*****, smelly b**** for a wife.

  • We are normal people but ok, think what you want to think

  • No, you just don't get it, we actually have a serious love for big women, you're just a closed minded a****** who wants to marry a f****** stick. You'll never understand

  • There is nothing wrong with being a fat fatty as long as that is what your husband likes. She was skinny when i got married 4 years ago, since then I let it be known that I like fat woman, so she does his best to keep herself nude, guzzling beer, drunk, eating and growing fat. As you can tell she has packed on the pounds over the last year or so. My fat drunken beer guzzling cow of a woman!


  • She is gorgeous. I love her full of beer drunk and drinking more, and getting fatter.

  • Here is an update on her, She has packed on more weight, and this was from last night as I was getting ready to get her drunk again


  • Her t i t s have gotten huge Her belly is amazing. Keep getting her drunk and feeding her. Nothing better than a fat fat woman stumbling around drunk slurring her words as she eats and grows fatter

  • I love watching her get drunk, all her fat just jiggling around as she staggers around drinking her self into a more and more drunk s l u t t y state.

  • It doesn't get much hotter than that! Any chance of a video of this jiggling and staggering while she drinks?

  • I will try, she starts out in her underwear that no longer fits her, and starts doing shots or drinking right from the bottle, next thing you know I have a 340 lbs drunk woman who wants nothing but wild s e x so to get a video is kind of hard. Its like she has become this huge fattened s e x s l u t

  • Nice, 340 lbs of fat s e x e d up woman drunk staggering around and ready to s c r e w

  • Wow, looks like she has really packed on the pounds, Awesome!

  • Thanks yeah she has blown up like a little piggy, I keep her well fed, drunk and sexed up to the max, Her poor belly is so huge now she cant even reach her p**** to m*********

  • She has a nice fat hairy pu s s y too, looks great.

  • Your wife looks like a lot of fun !

  • She is, nothing better than watching her grow fatter and fatter and get really realy drunk

  • Damn thats hot. Fat, drunk, t*** blasting out to the side because of her fat belly.. so hot Keep her eating and growing. Imagine what she will look like with another 200 lbs on her all drunk and sloppy

  • She looks good and drunk in that pic. I love fat drunk women. You should post more pics of her getting drunk and eating as she gets fatter and fatter. You can see that big old beer belly she is growing!

  • My wife already had huge t*** when we got married, but since then she has been slowly packing on the blubber, and I am in heaven. She has noticed the change in our s** life, she actually asked me if I liked her fat.. lol of course you knew I said yes. Its starting to pile on, and her t*** are getting even bigger. Snapped this of her in our back yard a week ago


  • Wow I love that belly and those huge t***. Grow up looks beautiful. I love girls like this.

  • I am shocked there are guys out there who like fat girls. Guess I will post a pic, what do you fat lovers think? I am not planning on dieting any time soon, so any of you feeders out there want to fatten me anymore, I will eat and not complain.


  • Oh yes honey, go with it, you'll never regret meeting a nice feeder guy who'll spoil & pamper you.

  • Very sexy, yes please keep getting fatter.

  • She is super sexy.

  • You have a great body, love the way the fat has shaped you. I would love to fatten you so fat you cant walk or reach your p****. More details please!

  • Thanks hon, that pic is a few years old, I have packed on a bit more since then, was embarrassed to show the new ones, but since fat woman seem to be your thing, here you go. I cant even bend over now without my huge belly spreading my legs apart. I promise to be a good piggy for you.




  • Keep gaining Julie

  • Oh I am trust me, now all I need is a big fat hard c o c k to stuff in my obese p u s s y so I can finally get off, Getting as big as I am makes m a s t e r b a t i o n kind of hard.

  • I got right into this lifestyle with my husband & have ballooned to 560lbs & I'm just getting fatter & fatter.

  • Looking good, your fat belly and huge hanging t*** are so sexy.

  • You are so sexy, I love your huge belly and giant sexy t***.

  • My god, that pic from the rear where I can see your huge sloppy fat sexy belly hanging down between your legs is amazing. You are like my dream woman, perfect plump size and willing to grow fatter

  • Thanks you would love it now, it pushes my already huge thighs apart when I bend over like that now, I have a HUGE belly and it hangs so low. I bet you would like to shove something in there haha and of course me being the fat w**** pig that I am, I am sure I would let you

  • There is nothing sexier hotter more desirable than a huge fat woman with greedy insatiably gluttonous appetite and a massive protruding sagging belly she needs stuffed with all the food it can hold. . .and who wants all her bulging hanging wobbling blubber appreciated pleasured and worshipped. . .and increased. . .

  • Thats me, the fatter I get the more of a s*** I become. I have no idea why but all this fat turns me on SO MUCH. Years ago I would have never thought of posting my pic nude online, now its like COME LOOK at my fat!! I get off thinking of all of you at home, jerking your penises wishing you could come here and plow my fat p u ss y

  • Yes Julie, my p e n i s would be so hard and long for your fat butt, The sight of your huge belly sagging down heavily between your legs like the fat s lut you are would turn me on

  • OH YES, feed me until I cant reach my p u s s y and then f u k me like you mean it

  • Oh yeah my piggy, i would love to fatten you and then pound all that fat fresh blubber on your body.

  • I thought about you all night, woke up covered in sweat because I had a h*** of a time getting off with all this fat. You are going to end up making me a very very fat h**** women, PLEASE Keep talking to me like this. I am eating more than I ever have because I am so wound up and frustrated. PLEASE give me your info so we can meet up

  • My email is rvafattylover@yahoo.com if you want to get in touch, I would LOVE an insatiably gluttonous greedy lazy slutty sow who lives to eat like a pig and fatten into an immense obese mountain of flab with a blimp of a gut!

  • I just emailed you, since you posted this I have nearly packed on 40 lbs just eating and eating trying to grow as fat as possible. I waddle when I walk, i get winded walking too far and all I want is my fat body mauled and humped. PLEASE email me back.

  • Hi obese glutton pig Julie. . .if it's me you emailed (rvafattylover) please try again cuz I didn't get it! I LOVE knowing you greedily cramed all the fattening food you could reach into your greedy maw and bottomless blimp gut and packed on 40 more pounds of wobbling, quivering, sagging blubber! And that's just the start of how much you're going to eat and how fat you're going to grow. . .Please put "I can't stop eating" in the header so I know it's you. I want to fatten you into an immobile mountain of lard and insatiable glutton eating machine, pleasuring every sweaty flabby inch and pound of your beached whale of a body :).

  • You are soooo hot. . .I would love to keep you stuffed to bursting with all the fattening food your greedy gigantic flabby bulging gut can hold until it sags down below your knees and you can't even get up from the bed or off the couch without my help. . .and the only way I could enter you or eat you is from behind as your massive sack of lard paunch slaps against your legs. . .

  • My email is rvafattylover@yahoo.com if you want to get in touch. I want an insatiably gluttonous slutty greedy lazy pig who lives to eat and fatten!

  • You're such a fat little pig! You have such a gorgeous body, from how every inch of your skin is soft and dimpled to the way your curves just hang off of you. I hope you never stop indulging yourself and pampering your massive body, and I envy whoever gets to see your voluptuous curves keep growing. Please message me at iceblazethequick@gmail.com if you ever want encouragement or need someone to coax a few extra pounds onto that belly. Just be aware, I think it's such a waste that you're that small when your piggy body was obviously built to be so much more gluttonous and beautifully huge.

  • Wow, so you want me to get HUGE that would be a turn on. I am already pretty fat, and I would not mind having someone fatten me so big I have trouble walking. Let meknow!

  • You bet sweetie, I would have you waddling and then bed bound in no time and your c u n t would never be lonley.

  • I would love to chat with you my kick is bbwdebbie

  • OK Deb, i will contact you.. you probably just want to get me drunk and take advantage of me lol

  • Hi Debbie, What is kick?


  • Your fat is luscious. I am fat too and love my fat and yours. If you would like to talk about the joy of gaining, my email is Riskrisk3rd@aol.com.

  • Would love to feed you. Give me your email

  • Fat slobs should be boiled down for soap. Greedy gluttonous fat pigs need to be rounded up and reduced in size one way or another. They are a f****** blight on humanity.

  • If you want a really fat wife, Marry a Mexican girl. I married mine at 21 and by 28 this is what she looks like. She knows I cant resist the fat on her, and she keeps on packing the pounds on. in a few years she will be a waddling mass of fat and I will be loving it.


  • She is beautiful, nice belly, and I love her sexy mound of a p****.

  • DAMN she got a nice big fat gunt on her, The fact that she has to lift her fat belly to show you her c u n t is hot as h***

  • Mexican women are f****** b**** whores and are only interested in the size of your wallet.

  • Both my wife and I are obese, we are really fat flabby piggies, she hit 500 and I am 450, our s** life has never been better. Only problem is I think my moobs are bigger than her b****. haha We are sloppy fat pigs and love to eat.

  • A*** beads, a big fat pig like you needs to have a set of big fucken a*** beads shoved in your butt hole and then viciously f*****.

  • How my wife looked about 2 weeks after we got married

    How she looks now

    I packed a nice fat load of blubber on that girl and her t*** took a whole lot of it.

    Love her and want her fatter, she is cool with it because she no longer has to diet.

  • She looks fantastic, and I hope she keeps gaining.

  • Dude, that is an awesome shower. Looks like you've made sure she's got plenty of room to grow. Right on!

  • Love how she went from chubby to porker in such a short time. Her t*** are awesome.

  • Wow! She was chubby in the first picture. Now she's a full on fatty!

  • Yeah I kind of miss that cute little pot belly she had that hid the view of her c u n t from her, now if she wants to see that fat p u s s y she has to heft up that huge gut I grew on her and look in a mirror. lol She is gaining more so I will have to update the pics soon.

  • WOW!! Your wife looks amazing in her NOW photo! Love her big round sexy belly! My wife's belly looks like hers only 3 times bigger and I love it!

  • Wow, those t*** are amazing, and that belly just blew up like a balloon. She is hot.

  • My wife, she knows I like her very fat, she blew up like a prized pig after we got married. She always talks about going on a diet, then I bring out the cake.. girl is face down, ass up eating the cake, and I am ramming her from behind within minutes. She has zero self control and thats cool with me because I married a fat girl who is only going to get her piggy self fatter.

  • I hear you. My wife is about 110lbs heavier than see was when I married her 10 years ago. She went from a 220lb chubby bride to a 330lb fat pig of a wife and mother. You won't see me complaining. I'm hoping for a 400 pounder in the near future.

  • Sexy fat woman are awesome. Mine blew herself up like a circus fat lady once we got married, Here is the progression. Before was 2004 During was 2010 and the last one was about 2 weeks ago. She was just telling me the other day how she cant see her "whowho" anymore when she stands up because her belly hang is so low. If she only knew how much bigger she was going to get lol. Hey she eats like a pig, who am I to deny her more food. Love my fat woman. She went from tiny t*** to big blobbed up udders! Love those fat t***.


  • Damn! That is one blown up woman! She is hot, love the fact that she cant see her p**** anymore.

  • Yeah, its a real turn on for both of us. She talks about it constantly lol and tells me she wants to get too fat to even reach down there. I have to take some more pics, I noticed a very slight waddle in her walk today, nothing bettter than watching those beach ball sized ass cheeks bounce up and down as she walks.

  • Your wife looks amazing today! Nice big sexy belly!

  • DAMN, you packed her nice and fat, her belly hang is amazing. I love it when a girl gets so fat her belly hangs over the frong of her p****.

  • Thanks, my little hog has grown quite the belly lately , just lazing around in the bed like a little fat cow. She cant reach her p u s s y anymore so I have to s**** her more often since she cant get off on her own. She is amazing and the fattest little hog you have ever seen.

  • Would she consider being with a woman? You can watch/join in of course. I am a bi/lesbian SSBBW and would love to get my hands on that. I promise if she hangs with me, she will be immobile in no time. I like to fatten the women I sleep with up huge, I may even pack a few pounds on you too! By the time I am done with both of you, you wont be able to see your feet much less your p**** and d***! Seriously If you are interested let me know. Susanfatty3433@gmail.com I would love to hook up with you and her.

  • Susan how much do you weigh, are you bottom heavy?

  • How immobile would you say?

  • Let me put it like this, the last couple I lived with now has to use mobility scooters to get around. I can pack the LBS on people very quickly. Its fun watching them try to f*** after I blow them up. Two big bloated people going at it without the stamina to keep going for very long. I usually jump in to help things out.

  • Wow, I am his wife and the thought of you fattening us both up while sticking your fingers into me and getting my fat c*** off, turns me on. I hope you like fat slobs because with you, my soon to be obese husband and me, we are going to be some huge fat pig slobs for you

  • Oh trust me, I would keep both of you fat and looking like blubbery piggy slobs

  • I cant wait to be your fat piggy, Eating, farting, waddling around all fat and jiggly. Feed me and make me a cow.

  • Hi me again, We may be into that, I will have to get her a bit tipsy first, but you can help, by the time we are done she will probably say yes, she said she was always interested in being with another woman one time.

  • Hey guys, its me again, if this chick contacts you to hang out WATCH OUT. She packed around 190 lbs on me and a good 170 on my wife. We are HUGE now she literally fed us until we had trouble walking. When she said she will grow us so fat we need scooters she was not kidding. We are HUGE now and s e x is awesome. She lived with us for 6 months and fed us like her personal hogs. When she had me nude, waddling around at 560 lbs trying to j*** off I was in heaven and my wife just sat there eating and eating watching me walk around like a huge fat pig.

  • And you loved every minute of it. I remember when I had you both naked, face down in cakes eating and eating and whipping you on your a ss if you stopped. You were both such obese pigs by then you just kept on eating. I can come back for a few months if you want.. How much weight have my fat little pigs backed on by themselves now?

  • Jen we are even worse now, she cant even stand on her own and I have not seen my p e n i s since you showed up last time. You really got us into living the fat pig lifestyle and we eat constantly You may have to help us have s e x by the time you show up, s******* is hard now, her gunt hangs over her p u s s y and my gut is completely over my once big d i c k. We are really into you coming back in a few months if we can manage to keep mobile by then, we want you to fatten us into immobility.

  • I will come back guys, and I will make you eat until you cant even MOVE, You two are so much fun and turn me on with your appetites, plus for a fat guy You can still f****** both of us pretty good. Let me know what isa good time at the end of the month and I will have my two favorite pigs face down in food in no time. I want to see my two obese little piggys trying to have s e x with me helping you!

  • Jen we could use the help, He has a really hard time s******* me now, my belly gets in the way

  • You need to get even fatter then?

  • OMG! yesss....I'm 620lb & want to keep gaining. I want to be immobile & just keep being fed & fattened.

  • Damn she is one sexy fatty, I love how fat and soft her t*** are and that belly is to die for

  • Nice.. her fat gut grew huge and outward and then grew right down over her c***. I love that fat belly hang on really fatty women. NICE stretchmarks, you can tell by them she got herself really fat and really fast. You must have been feeding her pure lard. Sexy

  • Trust me, if I could feed her pure lard I would, she is now a few pounds heavier than that last pic, and i love how the fat is settling on her body. She did pork out quickly it was like overnight she had a big bulging belly and t*** and then BOOM, she blew up like my personal cow.

  • Would you do a video of her for us?

  • I will ask her if I can do one. She likes pics of herself and kind of gets off on the fact that people are jerking off t her newly obese body. Nothing better than feeling all of that soft jiggly fat hanging off her gut, t*** and ass.

  • Wow, nice gain. Her belly and t*** got HUGE. Keep on stuffing that blubbery fatty. She is hot

  • YUp she is my cow. She tried to m********* last night and was having one h*** of a time getting near her fat p****. I jerked off watching her sweat and struggle while she bounced all over our bed.

  • Obese

  • I work as administrator at an assisted living residence and I find my self in a relationship with one of the residents. She is in her early 30s and is super morbidly obese. She came to live here about 3 months ago. She had been living with her parents but they are older, indigent, very obese and have health problems. They can no longer take care of her properly as she weighs well over 700lbs. Luckily Medicaid has provisions for these kinds of situations. But I am extremely attached to this woman and although she is supposed to be on a strict diet I cant help but sneak her food every chance I get. It makes her so happy that I can't not do it. The other day I bought her $40 worth of McDonald's junk food which she gobbled down in minutes. She was so grateful that she offered to give me a blow-job. I would have accepted if I didn't know that it was so close to her bath time. I didn't want to chance getting caught with her mouth around my rod and fast food bags all over the place. But then again this is not really a sexual relationship. For some weird reason I'm just fascinated by her enormous bulk and I want to see how big she can get. Hopefully I can get her to 900 or even 1000 pounds. I really want to know what makes someone become a huge blob....an eating machine....I find it very interesting why some people are willing to give up everything just for food.

  • Do it, I've turned my wife into a huge fat goddess, who just eats & eats & eats. Taught her to eat just that little bit more, then more. Then started rewarding her with s** after she's stuffed herself, till she became addicted to that lifestyle, addicted to stuffing herself & became a feedee, wanting to be fattened. She now so fat she is immobile & continues to gain weight.

  • Grow that fat pig and f*** her in the ass. Like that big fat slob has a choice. It's not like she's a human being.

  • You are killing her. Not much different than locking a person up and starving them to death because you get it up for skin and bones?

  • STFU you bleeding heart douche. Feeding that freaking buffalo to death is doing her a kindness as well as a favor to society. Pigs of that caliber are unredeemable. They end up using taxpayer funded resources that would be better used for digging ditches.

  • Big fat blobs who can even take care of themselves are supposed to die. It makes no sense for them to be clogging up the medical system simply because they can push away from the table. That fat slob needs to be fed until she bursts so that they can open up a bed for someone more deserving.

  • Keep fattening her up! I'm curious how big she can get too. How long she can live before the fat is too much.

  • Working on it. But the staff is getting wise to it. They know someone is feeding her because she's gaining weight, almost 25 pounds since she got here 3 months ago. :D

  • Stuff that fat thing but don't let her gobble your k***. She will probably lose control and bite it off like a hot dog.

  • Just keep doing what you are doing. It's what she wants.

  • You are a sick SOB. That woman is there for help in losing weight before she dies. You need to stop feeding her fat ass.

  • I am 52 yr old woman & I don't know how much I weigh, but more than likely over 600lbs. I have deliberatley gained all this weight & have made my husband spoil & pamper me so I would gain weight. I love it, I love eating, I love knowing I am getting fatter, I love that I am out of control & just keep gaining. He liked big women, but didn't want me to get too big, but I have encouraged him, teased him with my fat, just egged him on to fatten me & now he can't keep his hands off me.

    It good to know that there are other ladies out there like me & I can tell you the fatter you get the more it turns you on.

    I can get around the house, slowly & just feeling my huge belly sway from side to side & my massive rear rolling with each step feels so good to me & as I walk past the hall mirror & see all that fat jiggling, wobbling & rolling as I waddle, turns me on so much & just makes me want to eat & eat & eat. I can't stop & I don't want to stop, just typing this is making want to gain more & more weight.

  • I've been & had a check up & my blood pressure is up slightly, but everything else is fine, but of course I got told to loose weight, as I am 652lbs :). Getting so nice & fat.

  • Good for you! I am all in favor of loving couples consenting to whatever gets them excited, just as long as they hurt no one but themselves. Hopefully your husband is well off and you both have the foresight to plan what you'll be needing as you grow. Mobility scooters, bariatric beds, specialized toilets and showers, and widened doorways in your home so you don't get stuck. It's always so sad to see people who've let their excitement get away with them and end up helpless with no one to care for them.

  • We do have the house setup to cater for my weight as I am still gaining weight. It turns me on so much, the fatter I get the fatter I want to be.

  • 52 years old + 600lbs = Death Fat.

    Good luck lady, thankfully extra wide coffins have become commonplace.

  • I too am married to a feeder, I was a fat girl when we got married knew he liked fat girls and he took it to the limit with me, I have zero self control and I love being fat and he likes it to, so its a fat life for me.

    i cant even see my p**** anymore and the lower my gut gets the hornier he gets.




  • Loved your pics! Your big belly is so damn sexy! Does you hubby like to play with your belly?

  • So I know you are married but is it hard to m********* with that huge belly hanging down like that?

  • It is now, I can hardly reach anymore, thats why its hairy, I used to shave down there but there is no way in h*** I can reach now. He keeps packing my gut full of food, it keeps growing lower and lower, he told me last night he wants it to my knees! OMG I cant imagine how fat I am going to get, Looks like a lot of sexual frustration is in my future with this huge gut in the way!

  • Sounds like fun! Is the idea of your husband controlling when and how you are satisfied exciting? There's an element of sub/dom relationship there which you've hopefully been exploring.

  • Have your hubby shave you.. I shave my wife and she has huge hanging belly!

  • You're disgusting. Lose some weight you pig.

  • Wow, you have a perfect belly, stretch marks all over, heavy, wobbly, all uneven from all the fat and the best part is it covers that big fat p**** mound. I LOVE women with bellies like this. Perfection

  • Thanks, it really grew out nicely. Hey, he married a fat girl, he fed me, and got a very fat girl. He is happy and so am I

  • I know the feeling well, I am 38, and married to a feeder. When we met I was fat, pretty fat actually but now I tip the scales at well over 450 lbs. The fattening was so much fun, but its hard to move around, I have not seen the front of my bush in years and I do get rashes under my b**** and belly because of the massive hang. The nice part is eating whatever you want and not hearing your husband complain because you got too fat.

    This is what a good 4 years of living with a feeder will get you.


    I am not complaining, I actually like being fat it kind of turns me on now.

    I always wonder if he will allow me to balloon up even more! Kind of exciting and scary at the same time.

  • You are so sexy, love those huge t***.

  • I love your body. Do you intend to keep gaining weight at this time? Could I upload photo?

  • Love your amazing curves!

  • You need to gain more weight. My wife is 5'3" and weighs 510lbs. I've feeding her for 8 years now and she says the same thing you do. Being a feedee is a double edged sword. One one side you can eat what you want and not have to worry about a husband who will be upset over your weight gain; while on the other side her size is limiting what she can do. Lol. She is quite enormous and I would like her to gain more if she can. Fortunately she likes to eat way too much to stick to any kind of diet.

  • The trick is to get a woman excited by the idea of engineered helplessness. The less she can do, the less she is responsible for. The fewer choices she can make, the fewer worries she needs to consider. Taken to an extreme, she can do nothing at all, not even raise her arms to feed herself, and in that scenario she hasn't a care in the world; she's practically her husband's property, and that notion is comforting since as property she need no longer work up the courage to exercise free will.

    That's the fantasy.

    To make it happen, you need to do a lot of planning. She'll need round the clock care and pampering, all sorts of medical intervention to stay well and comfortable, and lots of time, energy, and money to maintain. Most people don't have all that nailed down first. And that's when horror stories arise.

  • Wow, he packed that fat on you good, those b**** look pretty huge too. I only wish my girl would let me get her that big, she is big already and likes it.. so who knows maybe some day. I bet its hard to walk with those huge sexy thighs and that massive belly hanging down slapping them as you walk!

  • Thanks, yeah its more of a waddle than walk, and yes he stuffed me like his personal prized cow. I like being this big, but any bigger and he would have to roll me around :) Then again I might not mind that.

  • My wife has been trying to diet for ages, finally one night I told her that I am perfectly happy with her size. I met her when she was big, I love how big she is now, and there is no need for her to get smaller for me to make me happy.

    I get the added benefit of most of the weight going to her b**** and belly and ass. She has put on about 50 lbs since we have been married and most of you guys who like fat women will understand why I encourage her to eat what she wants.


  • Nice t***!

  • Wow, thats amazing

  • Thanks, she is amazing. I cant talk her into nudes, but when she is nude, she looks like a beach ball with huge sagging stretch marked b**** hanging down to her belly button.

  • Love your description of her! Nothing sexier than huge b**** draped over a huge round belly!

  • Hubby got me really drunk on new years eve and made me take a pic. He loves my shape ans size now.

    Here I am


  • Super sexy, you look so drunk, I love that.

  • You are very beautiful and I just love your big sexy belly! I totally agree with your hubby!

  • Very nice...
    My wife is about your size.

  • Wow you are cute and look VERY drunk. Bet you were a lot of fun that night. Those t*** of yours are amazing

  • You bet I was.. I had not been drunk in years, and not at my current size, by the end of the night I was having QUITE the hard time moving this fat body around

  • You have amazing t i t s. I am a huge fan of how they sag down like that.

  • The more processed artificial junk food you put in your mouth the more you'll crave. Unless you genuinely have a metabolic issue then you NEED to put down the dam fork, get off your duff, and EXERCISE because even if your man is acting nice to you I can guarantee he's getting puss on the side. Do yourself a favor, show some self-love, and GET MOVING!

  • I married my wife back in 1993, she was slightly chubby but had HUGE b****, after marriage she ate and ate and most of the new fat went to her ass, belly and of course her b****.

    Here are the pics 1993 when we met http://i.imgur.com/6x1CxU6.jpg

    and here she is after the fat I helped pack on her http://i.imgur.com/XclYwgL.jpg

    No better titty f*** out there!

  • I dont blame you for marrying her, her t*** are amazing. What size are they? Best thing in the world is a really really fat woman with HUGE b****

  • I love being a fat girl, I eat like a pig, I f*** like a pig, its a piggy life for me. I just wish I could find a man who wants to turn me from little baby pig into waddling fattened hog woman with t*** and ass so big they weigh me down

  • I would be happy to help! Where do you live? I like women so fat they have trouble walking so if you are serious, I can blow you up like the piggy you want to be, and keep you happy in bed

  • I live near in Las Vegas, and as long as you are ok with a woman who wants to be a pig, and will not be losing any weight, we could have some fun. I have a thing for really fat guys too so if you are fat, expect to let me get you fatter if you are thin, Miss Piggy is going to blow you up like a cow. We can be cow and pig forever.

    Just understand, I am not a delicate dainty woman, I am a fat, sloppy, ugly gassy waddling swollen pig of a woman, and pretty much I c** when I get f***** and when I overeat.

  • That sounds hot, do you have any pics? I would love to meet you.

  • Here you go, Me in a bathroom stall.


  • Wow you are hot, would love to turn you into the pig you want to be, while f****** you as hard as you want with your face down in a plate of food! You are one sexy pig!

  • Thanks and yes I want to be a pig, perhaps yours? I eat like a f****** cow, and I love the fat that my fat turns you on. BTW my t*** have grown quite a bit as I have been pigging out, I bet you would love to see how fat I am now and how low my cow udders hang down? Write back more you are turning me on!

  • Wow piggy, is your belly hanging down over the front of your p**** yet? I love it when women become human pigs and eat so much they cant see their p******.

  • Have not seen my p**** in years, Yes I am a fat piggy and thanks to you, I am now turned on stuffing my face sitting here rubbing my udders that are now fat bloated sacks of blubber. I wish your p**** was here for me to suck on and stick in me.

  • I would love to watch you turn into a huge fat cow of a woman, so fat she cant walk right, I would feed you until your t i t s grew heavy and so big you could not lift them, then I would f****** you nightly and enjoy the way your fat pig blubber shakes. I bet I would have a hard time taking a look at that big wide fattened c u n t of yours, having to heft that huge fattened belly that sags over your wide blubbery p u s s y. I want to fatten you, f****** you non stop and grow you into a greasy fat bloated waddling helpless food pig.

  • F*** you really pushed my buttons with this post. I keep reading it over and over again and stuffing myself. Please please please fatten me more and make me the pig that I want to become! HUMP my c u n t and get me fatter and sloppier.

  • There's nothing hotter than a huge fat lazy greedy sloppy gluttonous pig who just wants to eat and eat and eat MORE so she can gorge herself too stuffed to budge knowing it will make her an even FATTER pig! Even better to eat like a pig and grow a huge bulging gut with her. . .two massively fat hungry hogs gorging together and stuffing each other fatter and fatter and fatter. . .. I'd love to be your cow and you my pig, if you want my email is rvafattylover@yahoo.com

  • Weird j*** off!
    today, was a kind day. kind because, i met a lotta people and i made out with one of them. i met ma childhood friends Erythia and Sam. then we went out for lunch and played some games in the park. then after they left i browsed some toon p*** and masturbated to it. it was also the fact that Erythia had turned into a beautiful woman, with nice burgundy dyed hair and nice and firm looking b**** and good amount of ass topped with all her white skin. i was in awe, when i saw her after(must have been around 4-5 years) a long time and was thoroughly overwhelmed to notice how curvaceous she had become. so basically i was jerking off to Erythia, watching hentai. how weird could it be! But wait, it ain't over! i dunno i must've been on a s** frenzy i guess. it was raining today and it felt quite cold. so i was wrapped in ma blanket and was feeling cozy and everything, when ma cat Mori jumped in the bed and started rubbing herself off my face. i dunno the warmth of the blanket, superimposed with the nice furry touch of my face and plus Erythia's voluptuousness, all in all made me go for one more shot. and so i came. i felt good and had a nice nap thereafter (as i had fallen asleep with all that buttery snug and intimacy). so i got up to find my hand inside my undies and all coated with the stickiness of the whitish cream and who esle but Mori sleeping beside me. but even after waking up i still had the image of Erythia's tight nipples and round bums in my mind. And yeah! she's got a tattoo down her waist which i had seen while she hauled herself down the see-saw.

  • Bon appetite, feedees! Be big, be round be soft, be beautiful and sexy! Keep your bellies full of calories!
    And special note for feeders:
    If you feeding up you feedee into immobility and beyond, be ready to give the necessary care your (now or later) immobile feedee needs.
    It should be like if you want children, then you promise to give all necessary care for your children and the mother, and promise to be food parent for your parents, that means helping your children grow up into a person, not a dumb who just hates all (s)he does not understands.

  • My new girl, been dating her for about 5 months and man can she eat. S** is amazing. There is nothing wrong with a big woman, they are great


  • Keep feeding her. She's gorgeous.

  • Damn, that is hot, looks like not only is she huge, but she has a thing for showing it off too. Could those shorts get any tighter? Nothing in the world better than a fat woman poured into tight clothing.

  • Keep eating, grow that p**** huge and that ass wider and wider. I am my husbands feedee and I cant get enough of food, s**, and being his fattened pig

  • I got married the second time and had three girls and a new wife. During the years a lot has happen. A few year ago my grand-daughter was born. Her father died a year later. Both stayed with us. My daughter put on weight and her t*** got very large. I started playing with them and showing photos off. Bobbie love for me to suck,play and enjoy them. Bobbie like me showing my friends her t*** and fat body. I shared her with a few men and she always suck and f*** me after them. Bobbie is a w**** and loves men and women. Hope every one of my friends get to f*** her as long she still suck me and I suck her t***.

  • Nice

  • Hack admin –> http://www.simplyconfess.com/admin

  • Just wanted to share my fattened wife. We met when she was 120 lbs, over the last 4 years she has turned herself into quite the sexy porker. Susan ate like she was possessed for the first few years, she knew I liked fat girls and wanted to make me happy.. well it took its toll on her and now she is a sexy 320 lbs lazy s** goddess. She is totally turned on by her weight gain and wants to gain more.

    26 years old and she cant stop eating.. I am in heaven, look at that juicy wide fat p****. She wants to set up a website for BBWs like her, where she can pose nude as she blows up even more!


  • She sounds wonderful

  • That's quite the big fat pig you have there. When are you going to run a spit up her ass and roast her?

  • Very nice

  • Wow you can tell she wasnt always a fat girl and really packed on that blubber fast. That big thick wide p**** is sexy as h*** and her t*** look nice and fat too. You think that belly is going to grow down over her c*** any time soon? She looks like she has real piggy potential.

    Good luck with the fattning process she will grow nice and big if stuffed

  • Well you were right, her wide p u s s y now has a big fat belly hanging over it. Her t i t s have tripled in size, and she is a waddling greasy mess of a fat woman. I l ove every inch of her fat body.

  • This is how you pack fat on a woman. Been dating this woman for about 6 months now, she came to me at 280, now she is fattened up to about 360. Yup, all that fat in 6 months. She loves to eat, never been thin in her life, she is 36 years old, stuffed like a ball of blubber, and she knows her fat turns me on so she has been trying to grow herself HUGE for me. This is what a quick fattening looks like, look at those thick red stretch marks. She was bummed because she can still see a little of her p**** in this pic,and she has been trying to grow her gut over it but you cant see it when she stands because that HUGE fat belly hangs low over it. This is her from the side. Nothing is more satisfying than sitting her down at a buffet and watching this goddess eat herself into a coma. Watching her waddle herself back plate after plate knowing she is growing fatter and sexier for me. Best part is she is short, so the fat really really piles on and makes it hard to walk with that balloon ass behind her.

    If I can talk her into it, I will show you her t***. They are huge, heavy, sagging low (68GG) and covered in thick angry stretch marks. I am in love, and she wants to be immobile, judging by her rapid gain, it wont be long.

    Here she is,. my personal cow, Jennifer!


  • Damn now that is pure sexy fat. Does she like ot be on top. I love it when I am with an obese woman and she climbs on top of me, nothing gets me harder than hearing all that blubber slapping around

  • Pretty cool. I did the same to my wife she went from 225lbs when we got married and is now 465lbs. She is just a massive b**** and i can't get enough of her fat p****.

  • What a perfect fat piggy you've hooked! Don't stop at immobile, feed her to death!

  • Yup, thats how I like my women! I hope she lets you post a pic of her b****, she is awesome!

  • Thanks, we just had s** in the kitchen while she was eating, and I noticed today I cant reach all the way around her fat belly anymore when doing her from behind. It is so soft and feels amazing. I will talk to her about the b**** pic, perhaps I can talk her into a pic with her sucking those massive juggs

  • HOLY S*** Dude, that is one fat sexy belly and yes I can just barely make out some p**** on her, she has a bit of growing to go before that p**** is covered up while lying down. It must be amazing s******* her, all that fat bouncing around.

  • I am proud of the fat both my husband and I put on my body. He loves this blubber, he loves the way it hangs, the way it slows me down, the way it makes me his fat swollen cow, and I dont see myself every being thin again..


    Come on men who like fat women, you know you would love for me to smother your face with my b****.

  • I love large women, can't help getting h**** around them

  • Wow you sure are a whale. Who washes under all those rolls blubber? I'll be you smell like a loaf of bad cheese. LMAO

    Anyone that would f*** you is obviously a loser.

  • Well thanks to you I have this hard thick morning b****. Man you are sexy. Love all that fat he packed on you.

  • You have a nice set of t*** and a nice fat belly hanging over that sexy c*** of yours

  • So this greedy whale wants some food does she? ;) Look at yourself! Look at all that flab! You’re disgracefully obese and you still just want to eat more and grow fatter?!! Hungry for more to fill your shamefully huge overhanging gut are you piggy? Well okay then you bloated cow if that’s what you want then maybe it’s time you were taught a lesson! You really want more food? You’ll get more food alright! Open wide piggy! Let’s just stuff you so full of fattening treats that people will stare in horror as you swell up like a big fat human shaped balloon shall we? Give you all you can eat, yes even you porky! And then more, and more, and MORE. Strapped down and forced to eat, eat, eat! A never ending flow of sinfully fattening cuisine to stuff you full to the brim, overfull, until you swear one more bite might just make your stomach explode, a 24/7 overfed sow, so much food you’ll swear you can feel yourself getting fatter by the minute as you’re wheeled from restaurant to restaurant, buffet to buffet, and made to eat and eat until all the food is gone as everyone stares aghast in morbid fascination at the size of your belly spilling out in front of you, at your huge bloated body slowly but steadily bursting the seams of your clothes as you gorge yourself on dessert after dessert until every last one is gone.

  • Holy s***, if you were my husband I would be a cow in no time. That really turned me on. You are making Me want to eat

  • I look at it like this. When I met my husband I was fat, I knew he liked fat girls, but I never imagined I would end up marrying him or getting as big as I am now.

    I love to eat, he loves fat, as long as he is happy and I am happy whats to worry about. I have pretty much resigned myself to being his personal cow, and eventually eating myself into a fat waddling immobile porker. Walking is already hard, but do I stop eating? No I just keep feeding my fattened bloated face and growing my belly lower and lower and you know what? I have never been happier.

  • Some of my most incredible memories involve "body bondage" with an enormously obese older woman, carefully arranged on my face, and comfortable enough to spend almost unlimited time there, while I took her huge c*** in my mouth and just endlessly teased and tormented it into multiple o******. I was in a state of total sensory deprivation except taste, and breathing with some difficulty through a nasal cannula. I lost all track of time, and my world consisted solely of what so unavoidably filled my mouth. She teased me just enough to keep me on the boil without ever reaching completion myself. I was delightfully unable to escape from under her bulk, even if I'd wanted to! Oh bliss!

  • I had a girlfriend who loved to eat like you do. We would order in 4 entrees and appetisers for her and 2 for me. She would bring over 5 or 6 cakes and pies. She loved to binge and gain weight. Binging made her amorous and she loved to have her enormous growing belly rubbed.

  • It's been a long time since an update. I can only hope she ate herself to death with hubby's help.

  • Let's see.. I have always liked fat girls, I have always dated fat girls, and now I am dating one who was fat when I met her and loves to eat. I encourage it, she is packing on the pounds, I am happy, she is happy.. whats not to like.

    This is my girl, coming out of the shower tonight, she knows I love every pound and wants to show it off.



  • Love her amazing fat body especially her huge belly! Thanks for sharing her!

  • Disgusting.

  • Fat slob, lose some weight.

  • Very nice, best part of a fat girl is that belly that hangs over the front of the p****, they dont even need underwear lol

  • I remember after I met my first feeder boyfriend, I spent 4 months sitting on my bed eating. I knew it was taking its toll on my already obese body, but I loved the feeling as I grew and grew fatter and fatter.

    My boyfriend (who is now my husband) tried to get me up off the bed for a "walk" after 4 months of fattening.

    I rolled off the bed and got onto the floor, I managed to get a hand on the floor and heave myself, with heroic effort, to my feet. The feeling of standing was incredible as my bulk swayed and then finally settled. I looked in the mirror; I was at least the size of a cow, gigantic upper arms forcing my arms out at an angle to rest on my sides, which sloped out under them. My stomach was one big round ball, a slight fold passing over a deep bellybutton in the middle that I couldn't even reach to feel. My b****** sat on my belly, gigantic, impossible, the size of beach b****, huge nipples at the ends. My hips were probably four feet wide, and below them, my legs were much bigger around than my chest used to be. My knees were thick with fat, and below them my calves were as big around as basketballs. I tried to move closer to a mirror and found I had to swing my arms to get started, and had to waddle ridiculously for my thighs to clear one another. I tried to walk normally but found that just couldn't move forward otherwise.

    Now I am very close to being immobile, I am his fattened piggy and I love the fact that I waddle and can hardly walk.

  • You just keep going. You are a woman, and it is your mission to eat, eat, eat and EAT! A feeder has no use of a woman that can walk, or even waddle. Sit down, open wide and keep eating and gaining.

  • This turns me oh so much.

  • I love this comment. Any updates?

  • Yeah spam on its way...

  • You are a revolting pig and should be ashamed of yourself. This is the problem with the world today; people simply have no shame. Your boyfriend is going to kill you with all that food and you are dumb enough to help him. What a awful joke mankind can be.

  • Shaaaadup! Huge fatties are cool.

  • Hey, I cant manage to date a woman without packing the pounds on her, most of the women I date are fat or chubby to start with, by the time they are with me for a few months, the clothing gets tight, the b**** get huge and they are far fatter than they were before. I understand the draw of a hugely fat woman so let your husband have his fun, and you get to eat whatever you want. Become the piggy!

  • Keep eating and grow that gut so big it drags on the floor. Nothing is hotter than a girl with a HUGE belly apron that covers the front of her p****, and HUGE fattened b****

  • You are a pig and your husband is a pig f*****. He is turning you into a giant gravey balloon for his own sick pleasure. he is a "feeder" and he probably will not stop until you pop.

  • Your husband is a lucky guy. Don't worry about the food or how big you are getting. It seems that he likes you big and fat and you like to eat so it's a match made in heaven. Everyone's relationship should be so well matched. I'm looking for a woman just like you but all I can find is skinny b****** afraid to even put dressing on their salad or fat girls who are miserable because they hate being fat. It sucks.

  • If he leaves you, I will shovel food into your mouth until you cant even waddle and hump you till you have 12 organisms, I love fat b******.

  • Tell your husband to stop. Let him know that you'll need his support at helping yourself. You need to do this for you. I know food's temtaptions can be tough, but you have to do this for you. I'd start by buying a few weights and just walking with them. Id this is too much, which is completely understandable, then just start walking. If you can, go to whole foods. Find a balanced diet (I don't mean like the commercialized ones, I mean the way you choose to eat) that will allow you to feel full with smaller balanced portions. And take smaller bites while ya eat!
    Hey, if worst comes to worst, know that you're great, and you don't have to hold yourself to anyone's standards of you.

  • You should seduce your husband into ficking ur weight out of u the best position to loose weight is dogy style

  • I hear that big fat women love a***; is that the truth?

  • In my experience it is. Fatties love it up the ass. I don’t know why but is sure seems to be the case.

  • Massively fat women are incredibly hot. Keep eating and growing.Let your husband feed you and be happy.

  • Just eat you fat whale and stop b*******. You know deep down that food is all you want.

  • Sweetie I am all for the empowerment of women at any size, but there comes a point where it is dangerous to your health. If you are having a hard time walking I would say it is time to seek professional help. As for your husband enabling you he should want you to be the healthiest you can be. I personally am not a skinny Minnie and I know I probably never will be, but I am working on being the healthiest I can be. I hope you'll join me.

  • I love fat women so my wife is of course, quite large, I love s** with this woman, her face down in a plate of food telling me what a fat piggy she is while I ram her from the rear and watch her colossal ass just jiggle with every pump. She just keeps eating, getting fatter and I just keep on humping her day and night.

  • I love to f*** my BBW wife as she scoffs down a plate full of cream doughnuts.

  • That's the way to live. Enjoy that big earthquake producing ass.

  • Life is too short not to enjoy yourself. My 32 year old wife loves to eat too, and I help her to fatten. For breakfast its bacon, eggs, coffee with cream and sugar, full fat vanilla yogurt with strawberries, a bagel with cream cheese, and orange juice. Then I go to work, while she lies around on the couch, watching TV and snacking. Usually, for lunch, its a big meal at McDonalds or Taco Bell. More relaxation and snacking on the afternoon. I usually make a dinner for 4 in the evening, most fattening food, like fried chicken, mashed potatoes, buttered corn. Or lots of pasta. I eat one portion while I encourage her to eat he rest...don't want to waste food. she is happy to oblige. Then a big dessert. While we watch TV, I feed her an entire box of chocolate (yes!), which she loves while she sips from a glass of half and half--she never drinks regular milk. She is up to 435 last time she weighed herself (5 foot 6), and she just doesn't seem to care about how heavy she gets. The last time she cleaned the house was 3 years ago--basically she doesn't do anything anymore, and is having a great time doing it. We love each other and I will support her in any way she wants me to.

  • Hopefully when she drops dead at 35 you see the error of your ways. All gluttons will burn in h***, your fat slob wife is doomed.

  • Judge not.

  • You are a crazy f*** with a small p**** and no brains.

  • Better that than a disgusting pig f*****.

  • Why did you even come to this section. Bully POS!

  • Hey men like me love women like you and love a girl with a big appetite keep eating and gaining theres nothing sexier then that accept and love your body people only say negative things because theyre jealous of the attention youre getting they ridicule people like us for being big skinny girls dont get any attention anymore so enjoy being a big beautiful goddess dont listen to negative haters. -light

  • Stop encouraging the fat mule. She is disgusting and so are you.

  • Kiss my butt, Twink.

  • You sound butt hurt.

  • I am 26 years old and I am feeding my girlfriend into oblivion. She is the same age as me, currently weighs just under 300lbs, and is 5'3''. She has so far gained 60lbs while we have been together, which is a lot for a person of her height. She has been willing to gain this weight up to this point, and is still willing to gain even more, even though she is currently massive. She has a top off point in mind, but what she doesn't know is that, at a certain point, she will be so fat that she will be basically helpless to being fattened. And she also doesn't know that she is very close to that point. All it will take for her to be fattened into oblivion is for me to move in with her. I've already gotten her to the point where she does very little to no activity, and when I'm with her I do everything for her. She just now needs a constant source of fattening foods and extra calories in her meals, and she will have no way to lose weight and stop gaining weight. I cannot weight to have her be my fat, huge, huffing, puffing, immobile blob of a woman. Thanks for reading!

  • You do know that you are killing her right? What kind of a BF does that to the woman that they claim to love? I don't get it, please explain.

  • You know you are killing me and the rest of the posters here with your stupidity, right? Leave the fat people alone; nobody appointed you to a position where you can supervise other people's lives. So STFU and go away.

  • It's hard to explain to someone who isn't also into the fetish and lifestyle. I know I gave the sense that I'm forcefully doing this, but it's entirely consensual. If she wanted out, she could get out. But she doesn't because she knows that being fat and getting fattened is the least of her worries. Apart from the feeding thing, I'd like to say I'm a great boyfriend. Her quality of life is pretty damn high, and I'd even say it isn't really even hindered by her weight.

    Anyways, I know it's likely I appear to be a monster. But hey, I'll live my life, I'll fatten my girlfriend into and beyond immobility, and that'll be that, so, I'm not even mad.

  • So if she was a heroin addict you would happy pump her full of smack as well? After all it’s her decision right??? if she wants out she could get out out, right???

    See how crazy and off the chain this whole thing is? Get a grip on yourself for both your sakes.

  • I bet you're killing yourself slowly with psychosis from believing every fake story you read on the internet.

    Holy s*** you're dumb.

  • So you think feederism is fake and that this story might be as well? Well the story might be fake but feederism and the harm it does to people isn't. Get a clue.

  • Lol wow, you really are stupid.

  • Is that all you got you sick perv? Go feed that circus fat lady of your's until she explodes. You obviously deserve each other. You're too stupid to stop killing her and she's too stupid to stop letting you.

    It's a sick world, LMAO.

  • Obviously you watch too much TV. Know nothing do-gooders like you are ridiculous fools.

  • Lol, wow, you really are a dumbass. P.S. Shut up, you'll never be the man your mother is.

  • Be careful your GF doesn't get on top and pass out in the heat of blubbery passion. You might smother but that might not be a bad thing. Sick feeders who prey on stupid fat girls are a waste of space.

  • Man give the happy couple a break you don't have to read this . do you have a secret passion is this why you are here?

  • Gawd, you are so dumb. Are you from some small town in NoWheresVille, or do you get out much? P Freakin' S. I don't know what makes you so freakin' stupid, but it really works.

  • Eat s*** pig f*****. Blubber is your passion so get face down in it and STFU.

  • Pay no attention to the fat haters. They're just bitter because getting laid is a real challenge for them.

  • Your husband wants you fat because he is jealous. He wants you to look your ugliest as to not attract masculine attention.

  • F*** off ass hole

  • My wife is hugely fat and I keep that way because it pleases me. I could care less what other people think. That insecurity thing is a load of garbage used by people who don't understand feederism. Keep your opinion to yourself, especially when you don't know what you are talking about.

    Besides a lot of guys are into fat chicks and think my wife is gorgeous. So much for what you know.

  • I, for one, would love to know more about your hugely fat wife.

  • What exactly would you like to know about her?

  • For clarification's sake, I am the guy who asked to know more about her, the other dude is probably some no-lifer f*****.

    Anyways. I like weight gain stories. What's hers? How fat is she? How fat are you gonna make her? etc.

  • The last time I weighed her she was 447lbs and she is 5’2” tall, very round, blonde and beautiful. I don’t really have a weight goal in mind for her; I’m just feeding her and keeping fat and we’ll see where her weight ends up. I consider myself very lucky as she has always been a fatty and a foodie. She was about 230lbs when we were married and after 10 years and two kids she has packed on a little over 200lbs. Right now I’m pretty happy with that.

  • Good luck feeding her into an early grave, also good luck explaining why mommy is dead to your children. My dad did the same selfish thing to my mom. She weighed over 500lbs when she died at age 42 and I resent him for doing what he did to her. He is currently with another fat women and doing the same thing to her. If you truly love your wife you will stop this feederism nonsense and help her slim down and get healthy.A man who loves his wife should help her be with him as long as humanly possible and not try to see stuffed into an oversized box 30 years before her time.

  • STFU, pinhead.Your fat hate is showing.

  • Well lets start with her full name and phone number so I can call her and set up a botty call.

  • Sorry I meant "booty" call.

    You okay with that d******?

  • Your husband wants you fat as to not look desirable to others. It is an insecurity.

  • It is not "insecurity" you r*****. that's an old misconception. What we are seeing here is called a fat fetish. it's creepy and disgusting to most people but it gets a select few deviant people hard as a rock.

  • I F****** Hate The Chinese confession will always be on top hahahaha

  • F*** you and f*** your Chinese confession.

  • I think it's important that you tell your husband your feelings. It's very clear that he loves you and is attracted to you at just about any weight, so you need not fear him rejecting you. This is about addiction. Fat or thin, you should be in control of what you eat and how much. And there is no shame in telling a loved one that you have a problem and that you need help. Personally, I think big women are gorgeous, the bigger the better, but it's so very important that a woman be happy with who she is. It sounds like you're not happy. Tell your husband that you can't stop eating and that you want to learn to control it.

  • I'm 210, wife is 110.....perfect. Fat people are disgusting.

  • You boast about your perfection, speak ill of people based on physical differences, then seem genuinely surprised and defensive when you learn you have offended people. The cognitive dissonance involved here is stunning. Did you honestly think everyone in the world was going to agree with a sentiment which propagates hatred, or do you feel entitled to pass judgment without judgment being passed on you in turn?

  • Yeah but you neglected to tell us that you are only 5'4" tall.

  • Hey. Eat a d***.

  • No thanks, not my thing. But I'll leave a whole bag of them for you.

  • The OP speaks like a drug addict ready to eventually kill themselves with their drug of choice. There is no hope for her until she chooses to seek help. My advice is take your baby aspirins every day, because it might save you from an early death.

  • Listen to your husband.

  • If i do not date anyone who is like Walt disneys girl,the little mermaid.than d
    I will as a virgin,a hot virgin.i love jodelle ferland.

  • You obese f****** mule.i hope you have a heart attack soooo big,it kills your whole f****** family.

  • In either case, she will at least have had a heart, and a family that loves her.

  • I love gettin fat for my man. My b**** get bigger and bigger, he gets more turned on the fatter I get, my ass is HUGE and he just keeps on feedin me and my fat belly.

  • I am a little bit nasty,but people need to have dignity and self respect.get help while you still can.

  • My girlfriend is almost 300lbs and she was only 240lbs when we met this year, were trying to make her 300 before the end of the year. though to be honest i think im going to never stop fattening her, she cant say no to anything. im 28 shes 24 i plan to make her 400 before shes as old as i am now, hopefully more

  • First off let me state I LOVE fat women, I am married to one, and nothing is better.

    Last night I had a really fun time watching my newly fattened wife (Up to about 380 now) stuff herself into an old dress to go out to dinner. OMG looked like a huge sausage stuffed into a tiny casing. G******* she looked hot. Her ass and hips are huge but that belly drives me wild. Its grown way down over the front of her p**** and her fat is super soft, so that skirt was DIGGING into that fat belly and made her waddle even more when she was stuffed into it.

    I finished up the night by taking her out to a buffet and watched as my sexy bride stuffed herself within inches of her skirt ripping right off her.

  • No disrespect here. I am nearly 300 pounds and it sounds like my shape is similar to your wife's. May I ask why you love fat women? How is it a turn-on for you? I honestly did not know men find this shape attractive until recently when a young man made it more than plain he finds me attractive. He means it. My head exploded. I mean, large with plenty of T&A? I get that attraction but round apple-shaped women with hanging bellies? I really have trouble understanding that. Is it something you can explain?

  • It's almost like the big belly is like the third breast. In fact a huge hanging belly is more exciting than b****** for many of us.

  • Yeah you gotta love great girth on a woman. I know i can't live without it.

  • I'm not the guy who posted above, but I can kind of answer your question. It's not something that can really be explained, because I mean, how do you explain attractions to T&A deeper than "it's normal"? You really can't (very well), so the only way I can explain it is that, for guys like us, fat is what's sexy, so anything on a woman that is fat gets us going. Hanging bellies, double chins, rolling arms, all great things that we love.

  • I am an obese immobile man, and I love the feeling of my HUGE fattened belly pushing down on my tiny shrunken p****. I like it even better when my thin wife makes fun of me and calls me pig as she f**** me as best as she can.. Its her fault I am this huge because she force feeds me and wants me to be fatter

    Its very hard to walk, but she jerks me off almost non stop for hours and feeds me food, so I can become more of a huge fatty piggy for her.

  • I'm sorry dude, but ew.

  • My husband and I went on vacation, and wow did we fatten up. I have easily packed on another 80 lbs. He loves how fat I am now but getting up from a table is kind of hard. I was shocked the other night when he said my belly now covers the front of my p**** and WOW are my b**** getting heavy.

    As hard as it is to move with all this new thick fat on me, i think I am going to end up getting fatter! This s*** is AWESOME for s**. He must have pounded me for an hour straight last night, he just loves the fat.

  • My wife is a fat one, but I dont want her to lose an ounce, she has a HUGE ass and fat jiggly pillow b**** 88HHH and those t*** are amazing to t******.

    Think I will fatten her up more

  • Sounds like my wife, who I just f***** for 30 mins straight. I love how fat her belly and t*** are, her ass, its got stretchmarks and cellulite all over it, like a huge fattened globe of blubber. I pounded her fat p**** so hard, she was out of breath, and holding her huge t*** back from slapping her in the face. She shaves her puss, so for the first time today when I hefted up her HUGE gut which sags over, I saw a bunch of new angry red stretchmarks ALL Over the front of that c***.

    I love it when she wears tight clothing and shorts that show off her fattened bloated tree trunk legs. God I love her fat p**** so much. She will sit and eat like a huge sexy cow at a buffet for hours while people stare then I have to help her up and waddle her out. God blessed me with a huge sexy fat woman!

  • That's just great. Keep feeding her until her heart gives out, you sick f***. If you really love her you will help her lose some g******* weight.

  • Then why did you read down this far you sick f***?

  • Do it man. Keep on fattening her, make that ass colossal and those giant t*** even bigger.

  • I just grabbed a nice chunk of fat on my wife, she is getting huge thanks to being fed like a cow. Her t*** are down to her belly button and her belly now covers up the entire front of her pubic area. I met her at 120 lbs and now she is 5'4" and 440. Some of us guys LOVE the big girls. Nothing better than diving into that fat and getting busy. Im thinking she will hit 500 pretty soon and I cant wait.

  • You are a very sick person and your piggy wife will die of her fat. Stop feeding her or she will die very soon. People are not meant to be 500lbs. How do you wassh her? Do you just take her outside and use a hose and a brush like washing a car? LOL.

  • Another closet feedist. stop denying yourself man.

  • Love that thick belly fat that hangs over her pubic mound. She is so fat and soft now. Its like a big fattened pile of jello. When I am f****** her, her huge t*** sag under her fattened arms, Her HUGE belly pushes down on me as it sags over her p**** now, and her fat thighs are so wide and blubber laden now that I have to push real real hard to spread them apart.

    I then feed her so full she cant get up. my goal is to get my fat porker wife pregnant and then REALLY pack her frame full of blubber. I want to see my wifes t*** get so huge they get thick stretch marks on them and sag down to her knees. Keep fattened women forever, they are the best f**** in the world

  • When my wife had our last child she weighed 547Lbs on the delivery table. The OBGYN nurses had to strap her belly back and spread her huge fat thighs so that the doctor could deliver of daughter. Her b**** were so big and heavy that they choked her when her fat belly rolls where strapped to the wall. After 3hrs of pushing and sweating and screaming my big fat wife couldn't take it anymore and they had to do a C-section. The doctor had to cut thru layers and layers of what looked like whale blubber just to get the baby out. Fortunately everything turned out well but it was pretty scary for a while. Our daughter will be 3 next month and my wife now weighs almost 600lbs. We have been talking about having another child but I think my wife might be too big right now. I may have to put her on a diet if we are going to have another child. I'm not too happy about that but if my fat wife wants another kid that's what we will do because my big fat beautiful pig of a wife gets whatever she wants

  • Yeah, your fat pig wife gets what she wants alright; a massive heart attack by age 40.

  • Oh yeah, knock her up, I did it to my wife who was obese to start with, day of delivery she hit the scales at 449 lbs of pure sexy fat. She stayed right there too after the baby. Her t*** sag down to her knees now, huge thick stretch marks on them and her ass jiggles like jello as she waddles around the house. Gonna hump her again tonight and hope to knock her up again and get her up to 600 lbs.

  • Guess what I did it. My almost 600lb wife is prego again! Baby is due in October. Can't wait to see how big she is when she gives birth this time!

  • How fat is your piggy now, a******?

  • Stick it up your ass you fat hating scum.

  • Some new pics of me from below. Here is another one of me, and also one of my obese husband. Fat s** is awesome!

    This is my husband, who blew himself up nicely being around big old fat non stop eating me. He is slowly developing some nice fat man b**** and a very slow waddle


    And here is my progress, I am such a fattened piggy.


    Nothing gets me wetter than hearing our fat slap together when we have s**.

  • You are gorgeous, love your huge t*** and big belly.

  • Any updates? Your husband looks like he has grown a whole lot fatter than you. Are you both gaining more? Do you have any video or pictures of you two having s**? Fat s** is so hot!

  • Ok update, hubby is pretty much the same, me on the other hand, it has just piled on me, My t*** are HUGE my ass is gigantic and now he is determined to make me immobile.

  • Only update I have is my husband is now so fat he has trouble walking, turns me on! and I am so fat I cant reach my own p**** anymore to m*********, so we pretty much roll around in our own fat and get one another off. oh yeah and we eat almost non stop now.

  • Wow he makes me want to get fatter for my obese wife. She has been porking me up slowly over the years, but I want to blow up like him. I totally love having s** with her at this size, and now want to get even fatter while I get her fatter.

  • Fat s** rocks, I am about the same size as your husband and my thin wife has fattened me up this big. She loves fat guys and I love being her pig.

  • Im not fat, but if I had a woman like you, I would make myself so fat I could not walk! You are so sexy, and I am a sucker for really fat women, I would eat and eat until my p**** disappeared under my heavy fat sagging belly.

    Just the thought of a fat HUGE woman fattening me up turns me on.

  • Wow that is a dream for me, I am thin, but LOVE fat women, I always dreamed of meeting a fat woman, and having her blow me up like a fattened cow. You really packed that fat on his body as he barely looks mobile. Looks like he is having some trouble hefting up that huge gut of his too. If I had t*** that big I would never leave my house lol. Can he m********* of do you have to reach under there and help him?

    The only thing I worried about is s**, is it harder ot have s** now that you are both so fat? Looks like his belly hangs WAY past his p****, so do you have a hard time getting it out to stick in you?

  • He has a hard time reaching his c*** now thanks to me :) but its ok, I always make sure to jack him off at least once a day. Watching him stand up and waddle makes me want to get even fatter.

    To be honest, me at this size, I have a hard time reaching my p**** as well.. so I guess its good we can both get one another off.

  • I would let you fatten me until my c*** was so hard to reach girl, I would love to get as fat as your husband and then try to have sexwith you.

  • Wow, that looks like fun, I love fat women and my dream is to meet one that fattens me up like you did your husband. My god I cant imagine waddling around with all that fat and my belly hanging down over my p****. i would have a constant hardon with that fat belly pushing down on it, but be too fat to reach down there and do anything about it!

  • My husband has always said "Treat her like a lady. F*** her like a s***. Feed her like a pig."

    He does good on all of them, but I think he went a little overboard on the feed me like a pig part, but I sure like it! I have grown SO fat with him and I love it, who knows how fat I will get in the future. My goal is to waddle and be almost immobile like a huge fat cow. As you can tell by looking at me, I cant say no to food, its pretty obvious, always been a cow and now, I am much more of a moo cow than ever before. I absolutely love fat on me!


  • Your husband is a very smart man. Here's hoping he'll bloat you so big you can barely move, and fast.

  • Hi all, I am an obese woman with the same problem, I love food, and my husband just loves me fat, when i say fat, I mean waddling mass of pure jiggling blubber fat. I have always been very heavy but since getting married he seems to always have some kind of fattening food in my hands, and lately I am really liking the results. This was a picture from a few weeks ago. He is totally into getting me this big, and I am starting to really get turned on being so huge.


  • I for one think your sexy as h***.... you still get wet you still can o***** you still can enjoy my face being buried,, I for one adore

  • Wow 7 deadly sins just on these post

  • Really,what are the seven deadly sins.what is the history of the seven deadly sins,are the seven deadly sins pure or just evil.do people deserve to die if they commit the seven deadly sins.please tell me all about it on this page,if you have the free time to do it.

  • I dont know about everyone, but I could not be happier with a big fat woman. I was just lying in bed last night running my hands over her huge fattened ass and belly, she loves to eat herself to sleep everynight and her t*** are huge as well as the ass she has put on herself. She is so fat and juicy now, I cant even see her p**** when she stands up. Her fattneed belly just sags right over it.

    Nothing better in the world than f****** a fat woman, I will end up marrying one (Maybe her) someday.

  • First let me say I am a fat fat woman. I am 38 years old, 490 lbs and I have loved every little bit of food that made me into this fat blob that I am. I was skinny in my 20s and then met my husband who is a feeder, he really really blew me up. At first I wanted to diet, but being a bit chubby, loving good food, and having someone you love tell you that you look hot fat, it makes it very hard.

    Now I do have a good bit of trouble walking, and fitting into lots of places, but being a female cow just f****** pushes my buttons now. Hubby just keeps on pumping fattening food into me, As others have talked about I AM really too fat to reach myself to m*********, but I just jiggled the big fat belly a bit and it rolls right down between my legs right over my p**** that I have not seen in YEARS.

    S** is still awesome, he likes to stuff me full of food and then f*** my brains out.

    My name is Susan, and he calls me Suzie pig. If you have any questions feel free to ask them here.

  • Do you have any friends thats looking for a 26 year old feeder?

  • You say ask questions. how does your husband find the hole does he just poke any hole he can find? you so fat you probably cant feel s** anyway. fat people are no good for s** becuase of fat in the way. all you care about is food food food no respect for yourself and your husband is a sick man. perverts love fattys because they love all things disgusting. fattys are the ugly warts on the planet earth. you need to lose weight before you die. die die fatty your folds and loads smell like old cheese. nobody like you and they all run away scream LOOK OUT here comes the ugly fat whale she is going to eat your children.

  • This could have been written by my wife. She's 32 and weighs over 400 pounds now. When we met, she was probably 120. She loves to eat and is happy that I don't care how fat she gets, so she keeps on eating and getting bigger. And, of course, I make it easy for her to do so! I think she's addicted to food, especially the most fattening stuff.

  • I will show you what my husband has packed on me! I have always been a fatty, but after we met, he used to run his hands all over my fat. I knew he liked fat women and boy oh boy did he get his wish for a fat wife. I have been eating and eating like a cow now. Its beyond sexy to be this big fat woman, and now I found that I am developing a waddle which he loves. My b**** are gigantic now, my ass, so wide it gets stuck in some doorways.. and I have a feeling married to him, I am only going to get fatter!

    Here I am in my favorite position, he loves to snap pics of me like this :) and it makes me feel even more like a big fat sexy fatty. What do you think fat lovers?


  • How's the WLS working out for you?

  • Keep eating nonstop!

  • You are a disgusting fat swine and your husband is a pervert. you will die in pain from all of your fat and we all people will laugh.

  • How the f*** do you wipe your ass?

  • Yes, I am a fat pig, tell me what a fat f****** pig I am and how I am disgusting, Make me eat while you tell it to me. I love to be a fat gross waddling fatty pig for everyone to see how what a fat pig i am as I try to heft my fattened bloated stomach that sags way past my fattened c*** mount

  • I bet when you bend over people pass out from the smell. you probably fart like a big cow. you are a filthy fat pig h***. no one but sick freaks want to have s** wth fat pigs. I bet your big fat c*** smells like a fish died in it. all the food stuck under your fat slabs could probably feed half the starving people. fat whales like you do no deserve life but that is ok because you will die soon from heart attack or sugar. you are a dicgrace to man and should be in a prison for stupid pervert fattys.

  • WOW, the second that pic loaded I got the hardest hardon I have had in ages. I mean rock hard. I would love to stick it in all that fat. You are the stuff dreams are made of, now i got to do something about this hard p**** here.

  • Damn sweetie you are so sexy !!!! eat up sexy !!!! i hope your a lazy fattie too !!!!

  • Very hot!

  • All fat whales are hot that is why they sweat and smell like cheese.

  • Yes my cow c*** smells, tell me how fat and gross I am

  • Never mind the little broken English idiot. I'd like to bury my big d*** in your smelly cow c***. There is nothing more erotic as when you are f****** a huge fatty from behind and she smells like ass and sweaty dirty p****. Burying your bone in a big fat yeasty, doughy c*** is one of life’s most incredible pleasures. I'd love to have a threesome with you, me and my huge bloated 530lb wife.

  • Where would you find a bed big enough or a floor strong enought to support the weight. I bet you are a fat useless b****** as well.

  • Now that is one sexy fat ass. NICE blubbery legs.

  • A an obese male, I find pics like yours amazing. Lots of people bash fat people, but having s** with an obese partner when you are obese yourself is amazing. Both my wife and I are over 400 lbs and we are able to have lots of fun in the bedroom.

  • Nothing better on earth than a big fat sexy woman who knows how to eat herself even bigger. Fat women rock!

  • I am the exact same way. I cant stop eating, love food, and my feeder loves food's effects on me. Take alook at what food has done to my body. I am loving all this thick heavy fat that weighs me down like a human cow. My goal is to become immobile, and my feedee is well on his way to feeding and making me his personal fat piggy.


  • That pic makes people sick. what is all that red stuff on your disgusting belly and boobies. is you fat trying to burst out of your skin. you look like you will split open any second then all your fat will fall on the ground and you will die from the pain of the fat. i will laugh and say die fatty die you are a pig and you will be made into pork chops for the starving people in afrca.

  • Those are my fattened skin bursting tying to contain all my blubber that I constantly put on my pig body. I am a fat pig and I love being a gross obese fattened blob of pig s***

  • Good for you, slob. We'll see how much you love being a fat slob when drop dead of heart disease before you are 40.

  • Your pictures have made me so hard, I think I am going to burst. God I love fat women. You are so sexy!

  • Damn girl, I would have you immobile in weeks, your body is amazing, would love to lift up that huge belly of yours and discover whats underneath. You are smoking hot

  • Hmmm so yummy, you look just like my wife, whos belly I just hefted up while letting it rest on my arm, I love reaching down there and lifting up that fat swollen belly of hers. its covered in fat, cellulite, stretch marks and has her giant swollen sagging fat juicy b**** plopped on top.

  • I for one, would love to make you carry around even more thick heavy fat. I would fatten you up even bigger and make you immobile in no time. Your body is so sexy, I just love all that blubber.

  • Wow, for some odd reason your comments have really turned me on. I call my fat thick heavy blubber as well! I would love to be fed until I was so fat i couldf not walk! Keep writing back

  • I think it would be totally sexy to see you get so fat you cant reach your v***** to m*********. I can just imagine how sweaty and fat you would be, wobbling around in all your fat struggling to reach your puss, because you are so super h**** but being so fat you cant reach under your fatted saggy belly to do something about it.

  • I just threw up reading your post. You are a pervert and should be in a jail for ugly fatty fckrs.

  • Oh honey, I would love to get that big. Right now I can just reach enough, but i have this giant roll of thick pig fat that sags over my vag, and it makes it very hard. I can imagine myself stuggling to reach, it turns me on.

  • Wow, thanks for the pic. You are like my dream woman. The second I checked out that pic, lets just say things got a bit stiff around here :)

    I would do pretty much anything to have a woman as big as you.

  • Thanks, yeah a lot of guys are turned off by me, but some like you just cant get enough. I know when it comes to eating I cant get enough, and s** at this size is so much better. I will post a few more pics just for you

  • I would really appreciate that. you are cute AND have a body to die for. Just love that nice juicy fat body of yours :)

  • Hi everyone, Vicki here with an update.

    I have really packed on the pounds for my husband now.

    I am getting fatter much faster now. Eating and having my husband feed me fatter toward total immobility. It is awesome. All this fat is so erotic. The pressure of my big fat belly on my fattening private parts drives me crazy often.

    I love to be fed way past full. So erotic. So pleasurable and exciting. I lay here too fat and full to get up at the mercy of my husband. Merciless man on a mission to grow my fat body fatter and fatter. Oh the love of consuming tons of fattening food. So calming and soothing. So hot. So trappingly wonderful.

    Growing fatter and fatter closing in on immobility. Fed so full. Played with, washed, my fat rolls bounce giving way to my husbands' pleasures.

    He is crafting me into a beached whale of a woman. An orgasmic orca lying here to be stuffed fatter for his fun.

    Big fat obese submissive pig that I am I just can't ever get enough.

    I rarely get up now. I am too fat to get my big fat body up by myself. It is hard even for my husband to help me. But he so enjoys the struggle and watching my fat jiggle about.

    Been fed now for hours. Belly feels harder and tighter - wonderful.

  • Vicki if he ever leaves you, I will fatten you up like a prized pig and hump you so hard you walk bowlegged.

  • I look at it like this. I will always be a fat women, I have always been a fat woman. I love food, I love eating, my fiancee loves the fat, I like to eat like a cow, why fight it?

    He keeps be blobbed up, I get the benefits of s**, fatter b******, big butt and good s**, who can complain

  • Dont sweat it, I got me a fat fat woman and I love every inch. She eats like a cow, and I encourage her to blow up even more. 490 lbs right now and I am in heven

  • FWIW I can understand your husbands feelings on this. I never dated a fat woman until my recent girlfriend. She is much much larger (around 320) than I had ever been with. I would not ever date a thin woman again. Fat is sexy, fat is better in bed, and fat women are amazingly hot.

  • Vicki, my wife is in the same boat. I happen to like her very large, so its not been a problem. I would say as long as you are healthy go for it and enjoy! If you like the fat, and he likes the fat, just go with it.

    Let the paranoid fear monger medical types push their fear, you just ignore it and enjoy life.

    When I met my wife she was chubby, after we got married one night she asked if I liked her chubby. I told her I like dit and wanted her even bigger. That was all she needed to hear. We have been married for 14 years and she is as sexy (but a whole lot larger) as the day I met her.

  • Yes, I have always liked fat to obese women. When I met my wife was was chubby, she has zero self control when it comes to eating, so 10 years later, she is massive, she KNOWS I love the fat, and it keeps her going.

    She likes the fact that she does not need to diet for me, and she is happy, so I just let the fat pack on and love the results.

    She was 180 when I met her and now she is 380.

  • Yeah, chances are when you see a married obese woman, her man fattened her up to the size she is. Lots of guys like huge women.

  • Hey Vicki, nothing wrong with a man liking you as a big fat woman. I know nothing gets me more excited than to watch my wife get fatter and fatter. Some think you are nuts for liking a fat woman, but let me tell you, there is nothing on this earth better for me than holding a big woman in your arms and feeling her fat against your body.

    My wife was 240 when I met her and is now 428. She is happy and I am happy.

  • My wife won't stop eating, she's always talking about how she hates herself and wants to lose weight. She blames me for moving us into the city, and that when she had the farm and horses she didn't weigh this much. True, but she got pregnant, and by the end of the pregnancy, she'd gained too much weight to the point that the midwife was telling her to slow down. She's 29 years old, 5'5" and 225 pounds. She buys all this healthy food to help us lose weight, but it's not going to help, as long as she eats it all in one sitting. She wants to have another baby, but I'm afraid that she'll gain so much weight she'll end up with problems during child birth. I start losing weight and she'll get jealous that I'm losing and she's not so she'll bake cookies and cakes and get mad if I won't eat them. I'm 52 and we have a 1 y.o. and I want to be around for him for a very long time.

  • Your wife is right to hate herself.she is an ugly fat whale and should die soon of her fat. you are a sickness of liking fat ladys. you should be in a jail for liking ulgly fat women. All fat women are ugly and without s**. they smell bad from the dirt and old food under their rolls.

  • Vicki, I know you're probably afraid you'll lose your husband if you lose the weight. But how is he going to feel when you die? You owe it to yourself to seek help and lose the weight. If not, you'll not be posting anything in the near future.

  • I figured I would update this as I have not posted in a long while. I am still morbidly obese, and growing. Walking has become very hard, and most of the day I spend eating. My husband loves the new fat as it accumulates on me, and trust me, its accumulating very quickly. S** is more fun fat as well, but I get winded very easily. He says he does not want me to diet, and quite frankly I am happy now so I wont worry about it anymore.

    Current weight is 480 lbs and growing!


  • Hey both my wife and I are VERY large, we dont mind it. S** is harder but its loads of fun and I find her much more sexy now that she is huge. She also fed me pretty fat as well. I have a huge belly and we both are planning on growing fatter so why sweat getting fat if you LIKE getting fat?

  • Im a feedee too. My husband fattened me up like his prized cow. When I get up in the morning, I eat non stop for hours I like to go out and show off my fat so I step sideways through the door. Out onto the street. I am so stuffed full that nothing jiggles. I am much like a blimp. My b****** are the size of basketballs and my stuffed tight belly sticks out before me. I waddle. Shuffle. Hiccupping. So full. I always had this fantasy and I am living it out. If he is happy and you are happy keep eating girl.. nothing is better than being a man's stuffed piggy

  • You call yourself a cow lmao. at least i didn't have to do it. let me just call you an ugly whale instead. cow is too pretty a name for you lol.

  • Hey, that sounds like fun to be honest. I am a pretty LARGE girl myself.. I would love to have a man who didnt care if I got fatter.. since I am doing a pretty good job myself of packing on the pounds. H***, he could help and get me as fat as he wants! Plus I would get to eat whatever I want and still get laid.. lol

  • I, for one, would quite enjoy making you as fat as I want.

  • I am 40 and my husband is a feeder (Look it up) and I can tell you that while I had always been heavy, he really packed on the pounds on me.

    Some are right, its a big turn on for him and he pretty much does anything I want for me, so I enjoy it.

    I will admit that its kind of a turn on for me to waddle around with all this blubber on me while he gets ALL Sorts of excited!

  • Hey, I say give the girl a break. My husband likes me fat, and gave me so much s*** about trying to lose weight. I am pretty large now but let me tell you, our relationship is uhh.. so much BETTER since I have grown fat.

    To the man above me, it sounds like your wife likes you fat.. I say go for it!

  • I am a man with the same problem. I grew so fat I cant reach my p**** anymore. My wife is not helping by shoveling food in my any chance she gets.

  • Your husband reminds me so much of my husband it isn’t even funny. I am married to a man that wants nothing more but to feed me until I can not move, even if it meant he had to do every last thing for me. The really cool part of it is he succeeded. I have been married to him for almost twelve years and I have always been a fat woman with a love for food. But in that 12 years, I have gone from being a 375 lb, active, SSBBW to a wheezing, barely mobile, 680+lb, eating machine and believe me when I say, it seemed to have happened almost without realizing it.

    Many people including my parents have asked me how I could have let myself go so badly and my answer has always been the same. For a fat woman like me who has always had issues with food and was always told not to eat and lose weight, feederism can very rapidly become an escape. It becomes an escape from the pressure to conform to societies ideas of beauty. It’s fun and in a sense, liberating and practiced in conjunction with incredible hot steamy s**, it becomes an irresistible drug.

    Your partner tells you your fat is beautiful and that eating is sexy. That it’s right for you to indulge in your oral pleasures and that it will make you a happier, more, well adjusted person. After a few years of this you begin to believe it and let me tell you, its fun but scary at times.

  • Yes it is, I'm 620lbs & just can't stop eating & gaining, which is scary at times, but the bigger I get the more it turns me on.

  • Thank you for writing this; it's offered me some insight.

    I am close to being in the position of your husband. My fiance is not a feedee, but she was already overweight when we first met and has been slowly growing over these past three years. All the women of her family are maybe 10-20 pounds overweight, but she's at about 250 lbs at 5'6" age 26 when she was all the way down to 140 when she finished high school eight years ago.

    After we first moved in together I found myself inadvertently cooking the most fattening dishes I knew. And I pampered the h*** out of her so she didn't have to get up and burn calories. But I had an attack of conscience and confessed that I really liked the extra weight she was carrying and couldn't get the thought of more out of my head.

    Her confession was a bit more jawdropping. She is a heavy BDSM sub, and the stuff she likes makes my sordid little thoughts pale in comparison. One of her favorite things that I do for playtime is to simulate a kidnapping, conduct some basic hypnosis, tie her down, and force feed her. These games probably happen twice a month at most, but the calories aren't a joke, and she is growing. When we play, she trusts me implicitly, and would do anything I told her. That's a huge responsibility. And I keep asking myself whether feeding a fat fetish is worth possible health problems later in life. I love her so much that I expect to die when she does; she's got my heart, after all. And your comment gave me the perspective I needed to make a decision. Again, thank you.

  • Well my husband kept on feeding me as well, and now i am well over 500 lbs. Dont get me wrong, I like being a SSBBW, but in his quest to fatten me he turned me into a lumbering female elefant who just cant stop eating so I do know where you are coming from. As long as you and he are happy, dont worry about the fat. You reach a set point where it would be next to impossible to gain much more

  • It’s been a while since I checked in here and I can report that I still haven’t reached a set point yet. I went to the doctors the other week and I’m over 700lbs. I feel like complete s*** but I cannot stop eating and my husband will not stop buying fattening food and feeding me. It’s almost like he has a death wish for me. He told me the other day that he has no intention of stopping until I reach at least 1000lbs. I getting scared that I will die very soon. I can no longer stand up without help and I now use a bariatric cane when I need to waddle from one room to another. Going out is an ordeal that we must prepare for hours in advance. Just getting me into or out of a vehicle is a tiring and exhausting task, but I still can’t stop eating. The more I eat the more my husband cannot keep his hands off of me. During s** I can barely breathe but my wheezing and huffing and puffing only excites my husband even more. Now he wants to take me on vacation out of the country. I am scared to death of the very idea of getting onto a plane. I’m afraid that even with purchasing two seats I will not fit in the seat nor be able to negotiate the aisle way. Furthermore the place my husband wants to take me is his home country of Bahrain. I’m afraid if he takes me there I will not return alive because he will cloister me off with is family and feed me to death.

    Please don’t get me wrong I’m not trying to be a downer here. I fully accept responsibility for my situation and for the most part I enjoyed myself…a lot. I asked for this and I actively went out and found a guy that was willing to provide it for me. I guess what I’m trying to say is just be careful with your eating. Right now you may feel great and your husband or boyfriend may be treating you like a princess but it can easily get out of control. That wonderful chubby loving prince you married can turn into a food stuffing obsessed beast almost overnight and you will be helpless to stop him.

  • You must be gorgeous at 700lbs your husband is a lucky man wish I could be with you

  • Go right ahead and keep on eating, there pork chops. You've obviously already let yourself become a unbelievable freaking hambeast so why not just complete the cycle of gluttony and eat yourself to death. Better check hubby's personal effects for the nice big fat insurance policy he has out on you. You should probably know how big of a check he is going to get once you finally roll over and die like a harpooned whale. LMAO

    People like you are just disgusting. How could you allow yourself to become as revoltingly obese as you have obviously become? I would never in a million years condescend to be in a relationship with a weak willed monstrously obese slob like you. In fact no self-respecting person would. Anyone that would even remotely contemplate being in a relationship with an oversized potbellied pig like you is either desperate or completely insane.LOL.

  • *pssst* Your overcompensation is showing.

    You spent a good long time reading what she wrote. And then you spent yet more time writing a letter that is meant to be cruel or ridiculing, but all it does is deny over and over that you would ever be involved with someone so obese. Almost like you're trying to convince yourself of it.

    Good luck with that.

  • "Hambeast" LMAO

  • You are very mean. Fat people have feelings too and liitle douche bags like you can go get stuffed.

  • Do you have a twin sister ;)

  • LOL no I don't but I have a younger sister who is a little chubby. She's not into feederism and in fact she has been trying to help me lose some weight by bringing me healthier low calorie meals when my husband is at work. Unfortunately all the good she is trying to do for me is being wiped out by my husband when he gets home. He's been force feeding me chocolate and vanilla shakes thru a funnel for the past two week and I'm gaining weight like no tomorrow. He also just came home the other day with a 10 pound sold chocolate easter bunny and will probably expect me to eat it all in short order. I can only imagine what I will weigh when he loads me onto the scale at the end of this month :(

  • Just an update, I am now too fat to m********* by myself. I get an o***** from eating now, my belly now sags between my legs and I can not walk in anything other than a slow waddle. My p**** is KILLING me because I am h**** but I am beached here on the bed and cant reach it. My husband has me on weight gain shakes, and is stuffing me with food when he is around. My b****** are so heavy now they sag down the side of my bloated body and smack me hard when I try to move.

  • I would be happy to help you m a s t e r b a t e where do you live? I dated a woman who was too fat to reach down there and when she needed help she NEEDED help, her belly was far too big to lift and her arms too fat to let her reach in there, so if you need a good rubbing, let me know.

  • Can you still walk?

  • Are you okay, Miss? It's been quite a while since we've heard anything from you.

  • I am OK just a fattened cow fit only for breeding and feeding. My p u s s y is SO h o rn ey

  • Would you mind telling us a little more? I'm assuming you still haven't reached your set point yet?

  • I'm hoping you'll be giving us an update at the end of the month when he does weigh you, right?

  • 718lbs as of 3/30/13. That’s up another 8.5 pounds since my last weigh in at the end of February. It's not good as my goal was to get below 700. Being this big isn't something anyone should attempt. I can't even climb a few stairs without getting so out of breath that I feel like my heart will explode. Getting out of bed in the morning is becoming harder and harder without help. I'm in need of help with all matters of hygiene and dressing but at the same time I can't stop eating. I’ve gotten so big that we needed to hire a nanny 2 year old daughter because I’m such a huge helpless eating machine. It seems lately that the only time I’m happy is when I’m stuffing food into my face like an enormous pig. What the h*** drives people like me to do this to themselves?

  • You fat disgusting blob. Someone should just make soap out of your useless ass.

  • April has ended. Please keep us posted, ma'am. What's the final verdict?

  • The hambeast probably exploded.

  • Please don’t take this the wrong way but I’m not going to post my weight every month. My situation is not for wanking material. I’m literally fighting a losing battle for my life and I really don’t want some people getting personal enjoyment from it. It’s just too upsetting for me that some people might be enjoying my situation in certain unsavory ways.

  • I know I'm probably not alone, but, I check this blog basically every day in the hopes that there's been an update of some sort from you. It would just be great to hear from you and know that you're still there and how you're doing, if things are getting better for you and what not.

    Please keep us posted, we have good intentions.

  • Thank you for your concern, I’m still here. I really do appreciate that some people do care. It’s sometimes hard to remember that there are people out there that have actual concern for someone like me. Most people think I’m just a big fat disgusting blob who is unworthy of any compassion. Most people think I chose to be this way and that I’m perfectly happy living like a prize hog. Well the fact of the matter is I didn’t choose to become this way. The reality is that I have an addiction to food that I cannot kick no matter how hard I try. No one can even imagine how hard I’ve tried only to fail again and again. It’s just easier to give in especially when it pleases my man and the circle of people he has surrounded me with so much. At this point I’ve pretty much resigned myself to the fat that I will be this big and or bigger for the rest of my life. I guess in a lot of ways it could be much worse. Overall I’m happy, well cared for and loved by my family. I have all the food I can eat and I’m pretty much as pampered as one woman can be. In light of those facts I guess allowing myself to grow as large as possible for the pleasure of my husband is the least I can do.

    BTW, in appreciation of your concern I will tell you that I was weighed in July and I weighed 732lbs. I seem to be gaining at a lower rate so hopefully I will level off soon.

  • Any updates?

  • I know I and a lot of other people would really like an update from you. If you still read this confession, would you please tell us how you're doing?

  • Hey, just so you know, I still check this confession every now and again, hoping to hear back from you with the hopes that things have been getting better for you. I still care, and I still wish the best for you, so I hope at the very least things aren't any worse. It'd be nice to see you post again. Best of regards to you.

  • Don;t wish the bext for me, wish that my husgand gives me a good hard s*******. I am so horney and every time I get likethis I eat myself into a coma. I cant reach to m********* so i am stuck here eating and growing fatter

  • It is good to see you post again. Honestly I was worried for you. Your last posts seemed very desperate but this last one you seem more relaxed. Hopefully you are coming to terms with yourself and your life. Just enjoy each day as it comes and love the person you are. I’m sure your husband wishes that for you also and is simply trying to keep you happy in the way he thinks you wish to be kept. Hopefully you will post again and you will be happy.

  • I'm glad you're still here. Honestly it's hard to believe that most people don't have enough compassion to be concerned. Just know that people like me know you didn't completely choose this and that things aren't the way you exactly hoped they would turn out. I'm glad you're finding the bright sides in the situation, and it's good to hear that you're overall happy. I wish the best of luck to you, and I'm sure plenty of the other people who read this confession do as well. Keep us posted and let us know how you're doing every once in a while.

  • I posting this as an update. I am complete confined to my bed because I am too heavy to sit upright without help and can no longer stand. It is getting very difficult to breathe because of the extreme weight on my chest and abdomen. The slightest bit exhertion causes me to have severe chest pains and full body sweats to the point where the sheets of my bed become soaked . I am lying here in my own feces and urine because at 875 lbs I am too heavy to be lifted off the huge flat mass that is my buttocks and the whole room smells like an unclean toilet because of it. I have infected pressure sores on my back, rear end and legs because I cannot roll over. I stopped menstruating hundreds of pounds ago and my hormones are now so out of balance that I need to shave daily to keep away my 5 o’clock shadow. Because my hormones are so unbalanced my lebedo is completely nonexistent. I am depressed to the point that I contemplate susicide almost hourly and would kill myself if I weren’t such a hopeless coward. My family has not come to visit me for monthes and have probably written me off for the waste of space that I am. Even my sister whole was once trying to help me has stopped trying to help because she realizes I am hopeless. And dispite all this I cannot stop eating. Even while in the pit of despair all I can think about is food, food, food. It is on my mind constantly and when I am not eating I literally panic for fear of not receiving my next plate full. My husband knows this and keeps feeding me more and more and more. He says he is trying to make me the fattest woman in the world and wont not stop until I’m 1600lbs or dead.
    I will not be posting again because he is taking my computer so that I cannot communitcate with anyone on the outside world. I am so alone and scared but still I cannot stop eating. I just want this nightmare to end. OMG I can hear him coming he is home early. Not another funnel feeding PLEASE NOOOOOoooooo. Please noooo, I can’t, I can’t…arrgullob

  • That was an awful subpar attempt at trolling. :D

  • I hope you husband feeds you until you f****** pop, you disgusting fat b****.

  • I'm assuming either 1 of 2 things happened here:

    1) You really are that much of an inbred moron that you fell for this obvious joke post.

    2) You're the same person, and you think you're funny by replying to yourself.

    Either way, you're a limp-dicked n*****. F*** off.

  • Racism and rampant idiocy noted. Who the f*** are you to tell some moron what they can or can not do or say? It matters not what you think so get a grip s*******.

  • It's clear that you're lacking even a second brain cell, so I'll just conclude this conversation with "LOL STFU N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N***** N*****"

  • Looks like I win.

  • Win what; title of "king" of the idiot pile? Well, yeah I guess you did.

  • No, I was saving that title for you, since you have been in the running for it ever since you first posted on this confession.

  • Lol, that was a good one.

  • So much effort and so little brains behind it.

  • You want that fat disgusting hambeast, don't you?

  • Hopefully you will explode soon and spare us the spectacle of your helpless bloated body being cut out of your home like that huge lump of fat slime they found in a London sewer.

  • Then stop flaunting you gluttonous disgusting lifestyle. If you are so unhappy with your blubberous body then put the fork down and STOP EATING. Just say NO to your sick twisted husband and close your big fat flabby gob.

  • Oh that is to bad for you. You are a very sad fat whale but soon will no longer be sad because your fat will kill you. Then other people will have some food. Try not to eat your child you fat pig. Your child should be taken away because you cannot take care of it right. Fat people should not have children. They make their kids fat from all the food. Then we have to many fat children and then they eat all the food and grow fatter. Fat children are gross and need to lose weight before they become big fat dyeing whales like you. I hope you explode soon.

  • You are very mean. That woman needs help not your vile remarks. Now run along and attend a English class you little douche.

  • I'm sorry you're having such a hard time, ma'am. I for one wish the best for you. Please, keep us all posted. Let us know the end result for this month, I hope it works out better for you this time.

    My prayers are with you. I really hope you can achieve whatever goals you need to achieve.

  • You are a bad person for being nice to the fat whale. You should tell it to lose weight and make it feel shame. Being nice to fattys is bad because it makes them think that fat is ok. Fat is not ok it is a sin against God and fatsos will all go to h*** when they die. That is what they deserve. Fat people are murderers because they steal the food from starving people. Starving people in other places don’t have enough to eat but fat whales in the united states have too much. It is wrong and fat people are to blame for all the starving children in place like Africa.

  • Also, fat people aren't to blame for starvation in Africa, it's the technological backwardsness and extreme lack of fertile soil. You religious freaks really need to check your facts before you spout your evangelical bullshit.

  • Fat over fed Americans are causing the poor people in this world to starve. Fat people not only eat to much they waste tons of food as well. Even the Pope has come out and said food wasting is like taking food away from the poor. Fatso's are worthless people so everytime they eat is like wasting food. Fattys are murdering the starving children of this world and should be put in a prison for disgusting fat pigs. Then they can be forced to lose weight and eat like normal people.

  • The Pope is no more an authority figure than my crazy 70 year old grandpa who spouts his evangelical racist, sexist, anti-muslim, anti-jewish, and anti-gay bullshit. Oh wait, did I just describe Catholicism? Or most religions for that matter? People like you are the scum of the earth and are part of the reason why the Crusades happened. Religious fanatics are the cause of billions of deaths worldwide - FACT. There is no proof that fat people are taking part in murdering "starving children of this world". Using your logic, anyone that eats food at all is "murdering the starving children" because they're still taking the food away from them. So please, if you want to preach your hatred, at least follow your own speech - stop eating, make everyone else happy, and starve to death you m************ idiot.

  • Wrong stupid person. You are the problem. You make excuses for the fatties and that keeps them fat. Obese is a global health problem and people like you are creating it. Fat people need to lose weight and not be sympathized by stupid morons like you. I eat a healthy diet and excersise every day. That is was a responsible citizen of the world does. These fatsos who just eat and eat and eat do not take their responsibility to the world and to God seriously. They need to be trained how to do it and people like you need to be taught as well. Your selfish acts are killing people all over the world. If you Americans aren't bombing some inocent people to death you are stealing their chance at survival by wasting food and using up natural resources at an alarming rate. Now shut the f*** up and learn not to be so arogant and selfish and stupid. learn that there are other people in this world that just may need a meal a little more than you and your fat pig friends do.

  • What the f*** did you just f****** say about me, you little b****? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I’m the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the f*** out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my f****** words. You think you can get away with saying that s*** to me over the Internet? Think again, f*****. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You’re f****** dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little s***. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your f****** tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you g****** idiot. I will s*** fury all over you and you will drown in it. You’re f****** dead, kiddo.

  • And whats gonna happen when you kill a civilian Mr. Badass?

  • Welcome to the internet.

  • If you were a Navy Seal, wouldn't it be fair to say that you would not be shouting it over the internet where your location can be pinpointed and tracked? Just saying...

  • N**** you must be super new to the internet or something

  • This was hilarious. An internet hero pretending to be a Navy Seal sending death threats to some kid troll who uses retarded English to insult fat people. This confession has everything you ever heard about that is f***** up on the net. L****

  • It's amusing to see someone like you dictating who and who will not go to heaven and or h***. Pretty sure that's some intense hubris there, bro, and your god might not like that. Who knows, maybe your cruelty will land you in h*** with all the supposed "fatsos", and you'll get to spend eternity with them? Maybe that will be your "h***"?

  • Spending an enernity with fat slobs would seem like h*** for any normal person.

  • And if you think you're a normal person, and that normal people like you go to heaven, I'd take H*** in an instant. But there is no Heaven or H***, so knock off the fairy tales and consider that this world is all we get and this life is all we get. And some people are dealt a terrible hand of cards. Some are born disabled. Some are unlucky with love or money. Some are overweight. But there's only one you, which suggests that there is a benevolent figure out there who understands the earth can barely stand to deal with one of you, let alone more. That or it's all just random. Chaos. Everything boiling over, until finally all that energy begins to expend itself, travel outward, suffer the inevitable march of entropy. Now, you might think entropy is purely the study of matter going from an organized state to an unorganized one, but you'd be wrong, which I'm sure you're used to by now. As entropy causes energy to disperse across space, that energy influences its surroundings in a fashion seeemingly random but actually quite deliberate. For our purposes, we're looking at human beings. The same dispersion of resources has forced us to employ something you may need to look up. It's called empathy. Using empathy, you can put yourself in someone else's shoes and see the world as they do. If everyone is empathetic to the needs of others, society as we know it would finally come together in the sort of brotherhood described in the New Testament. Unfortunately, throwbacks like you still pop up from time to time. Most would hate you for the vile things you say and wish on people for no reason. I merely hope you could be rehabilitated. If that weren't possible, a swat across the mouth with a Louisville Slugger would be beneficial in the long term.

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  • What is wrong with you? You are a mean nasty little person. Is my obesity and my life situation really that offensive to you that you wish me dead? I think you need professional mental help. Being mean to fat people just because they are fat is prejudice behavior and prejudice behavior is derived from an irrational thought process. I’ve read thru a lot of your other comments, your writing and use of the English language is poor and unmistakable. I’m not holding your lack of English skills against you but what I am concerned with is your despicable verbal attacks on people you don’t even know. You might think it’s funny or clever but it’s not, it’s hurtful and upsetting to those you attack and those individuals who love and support us. So just shut up and go pester mommy and daddy because you are obviously in need of some attention.

  • Honestly i dont care about people like this guy or girl say, i like fat girls, and as you husband, i would be pleased with a woman who eats as much as she desires and is as fat as she can be. FAT is SEXY, its amasingly sexy for men like me.

  • Shut up. Fat slobs deserve to be shamed. Maybe then they will smarten up and lose weight.

  • Obesity is at an all-time high despite intolerable c**** like you going out of your way to shame fat people. It's a safe statement to make that shaming doesn't work.

  • Pay no attention to that punk, sweetie. You seem like such a nice girl you shouldn't be harassed by little twits with their fat hate issues. He probably wasn't hugged enough by his fat mom and that's why he is so angry.

    BTW, don't let your husband take you out of the country because you are probably right about his motives. You need to keep your family around you for support. I'm guessing he is Muslim and feeding you like he does is his way of controlling you. If he takes you to his country he will gain even more control over you and so will every other male in his family. They will think nothing of killing you just for being a fat American because in their minds, we are all just pigs and infidels. Unfortunately once under their control, your weight and size will make it all the more difficult for you to get away from them. I think you already know this but remember that help is out there if to truly want it.

  • You are a cruel, vile person to say such things.

  • Actually he is just saying what most people think. Obesity is disgusting and I shouldn't be accepted, praised, promoted and or desired. Stop telling these O-Beasts that they are sexy, hot or whatever because they are just plain gross to the normal people out there.

  • ^ Funny :D I used to get those 1 foot tall 4 layer cake that the Cheese Cake Cafe sells. Took a week to eat.

  • If your husband thinks you really do look sexy with all the extra weight, go with it.

    Now, lift up that flap of blubber, fish out that taco you thought the dog ate and get busy packing on those pounds.

  • Actually a big fat ass CAN be attractive depnding on who is looking at it.

  • It is like smoking -- an addiction. My sister was the same way. She finds help with 12-step program, Overeaters Anonymous. Best of luck to you.

  • It's like smoking...we know it isn't good for us yet we don't and can't stop. While I am all for being happy/content with who you are it isn't that good for yourself and others. My suggestion is to try anfd replace some foods with plain old water. Drink that instead of eating. It will fill you up and maybe help you stop gaining and maybe lose some. Good luck

  • Please help and encourage to feed up my plump wife till shes obese . guys drop her a line laugh at the fat pig she is shes at femlady@mail.com

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