I'm so selfish

I love really fat women. I have gotten my long-time gf to gain well over 250 pounds. I cook her good food, serve huge portions, and lots of desserts. She has gotten so used to eating large amounts of food that now she won't consider any less. Problem is, she is most certainly diabetic now. She pees a lot and drinks a lot of Pepsi (like 3 liters a day)--always thirsty. Yet, I keep stuffing her with carbs and sweets, and she blissfully keeps eating and gaining. I love it that she keeps getting fatter and fatter and really don't care about her health. She has gotten so much into this that she wants to gain another 75 pounds to get to 400, maybe more. I will keep feeding her to get there, if that's what she wants. I just like to do what makes me happy. I know that's wrong, but I don't care. She has wondered if she should see a doctor about always being thirsty, but I talked her out of it. All that soda is just making her fatter faster!

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  • Just keep stuffing her but with out the carbs and avoid processed foods as much as possible.

  • She's probably diabetic....congrats you dumb f***. You killed her.

  • If this is real you need to stop. You are literally, albeit slowly, killing this woman.

  • I have my wife on a diet. She is like a stick.

  • It's like limbo keep lowering the bar lol

  • It sounds fake

  • You may kill this poor girl! Selfish? You bet! She is already just a sick fetish to you, and now she's diabetic; wonderful. Fat women have very low self esteem, so she probably will not leave you, which sucks on her part. I hope she gathers the strength to leave you.

  • I like your response except not all fat women suffer with low self esteem, although admittedly probably many/most of them do.

  • Fat women better for ass f***

  • Yup!

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