If it wasn't for her...

I had a fuckbuddy i saw on and off for five years. I accidently fell pregnant despite using protection. When i told him he abandoned me but i decided id raise the baby myself. When i had 8 weeks to go he showed up and said he wanted to be a part of everything and he was sorry and he had been to rehab to clean himself up. I never even knew he was on anything.
After our baby was born he told me he loved me and wanted a life with me. He called us 'his girls' and i felt so loved and happy. Then he changed. I found out he was smoking meth. I tried to help him and he keeps pushing me away. So I killed him out and im trying to move on and just focus on my daughter but he keeps msging me and saying he loves me. Then i ask him if there is anyway i can help him and he yells at me. He's made me hate myself so much. I changed my number and he started rocking up at my house. I got a restraining order but despite EVERYTHING i still love him and wish i could help.
If it wasn't for my daughter Im fairly certain id kill myself. Im only living because she needs me and i love her too much to be that selfish. I wish he'd never come back into my life. It hurts too much to love him.

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** YOU

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  • This is what happens if you open your legs before marriage.. Dont just ** around for your ** pleasure.. Get to know about someone and show your ** **..

  • Thank God you have a daughter... what a joy... the best Valentine ever!!!

  • Thank God you have the best valentine ever!

  • Sorry to about the pain your are experiencing. You are going through a lot emotionally.

    For the sake of your baby, I hope you are in contact with other members of your family about the situation in addition to law enforcement and professional help.

    Hang in there..your daughter (literally) needs you. She only has one Mother and that is you. Keep her as your guiding light and think about the things that she needs in her life, things that will enrich her.

    Meth is a powerful, personality/life changing drug. Your "buddy" has to earn your trust again through his actions. Plain and simple. You get to decide what your future is going to be.

    Another perspective on how to view love - is the triangular theory of love. Read this and think about where your relationship falls in this theory and what you need to be happy.


    Make the choice that will give you more choices. God bless

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