Wife Keeps Fattening Me Up

My wife keeps fattening me up. Help! My wife is a super sexy and a thin woman. But, since we got married and started living together, I went from having abs at 150 pounds to having a belly at 220 pounds in just over 5 years.

When we moved together, she just kept cooking so much. I tried telling her that I'm not gonna eat that much food, but she gets mad and upset if I don't eat it. I got so big and none of my old clothes fit me now. I was so athletic and active before, but nowadays, I feel so tired when I try to do cardio or exercise. My friends keep teasing me for gaining so much weight.

I've balooned so much in the past 5 years. I don't want to think how big I'm gonna get if she keeps feeding me like this. I'm thinking about just letting her feed me as much as she wants. I'm becoming such a pig. What would you do?

Apr 24

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  • I have a friend who is probably going through this as well. He was never exactly skinny but also not fat, he would always weigh around 170 lbs at 6 ft tall. But he got married about a year ago and since then, he's been slowly packing on the pounds. They have sweets all over their house and I noticed that his wife always reminds him to eat them and sometimes she even rubs his stomach. I noticed that his clothes are getting tighter. And about two weeks ago, his wife mentioned that he's close to 200 lbs and she seemed kind of happy about it. I wonder how fat is she going to make him.

  • Wow, I don't know why our wives keep doing that. It's a good thing I still lift weights. But, while my muscles are getting bigger, my belly seems to be ballooning up without stopping.

  • Just give in a keep eating and enjoy it. No use fighting it. My wife fattened me up, and we have been real happy together. She loves when I eat her food, and loves playing with my gut. And she keeps patting it, saying things like, Look at the belly getting bigger, with great glee. So I guess she like me that way.

  • Bro, we will just continue to get bigger. I'm becoming such a pig and there's no coming back.

  • I starve my wife. I like her skinny, submissive and obedient.

  • This is my story. I've given in and letting it ride


  • Wow bro, I can't believe they're doing this to us. Can't believe someone so thin can become so huge. Mine also makes me drink as much as possible on parties that I come home blackout drunk.

  • I'd just cut down portion sizes and try to exercise more. Just explain that you've put on more weight than you're comfortable with

  • I'm gonna try.

  • I would keep eating. Get used to the teasing and start buying your clothes a few sizes too big so you can grow into them. You want to keep your wife happy and it that means you are getting fat!

  • Thanks for your advice. But I don't know how fat am I going to get. I'm bulky now since I lift weights, however if she keeps feeding me like this I think I'll be rolling around the house in a couple of years.

  • You will be. I gave up on the weights long ago. Now I just lift my fat ass up off the couch to grab more food. Trust me. Just go with it.

  • I also think there isn't really an option, except to give up and start eating like a pig. Even now, every time when we eat she tries to get me to eat as much as possible, even pushing me to eat her leftovers. Whenever we eat I feel like my belly is gonna burst from all the food and drinking.

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