Chrles r Cheatham you died six years ago

When we were together it was a disaster. I had no idea that you were such a horrible excuse for humanity. You were your own worst enemy.

Heres hy.

You took the drug PCP and you were on the top of the world when you were high. The garbage wore off and you were pathetically saying Oh I need to get help. As far as I know you never did.

How could your short bout of being high make up for the fact that you vomited every morning. You seldom ate so I'm puzzled as to what you had in your stomach to actually vomit out. You lost every tooth to rot and you looked like a scarecrow but..............

You still got girlfriends. Pretty girlfriends which just goes to show how silly and fickle some women can be. You had them believe that you were oHH so exciting. That if they stayed with you their life would be a constant adventure. Never mind you had these girls while married.

I have to admit you hung in there. You cooked for the government at an army base and you received a pension. Goof for but''''''''''''

You got to drinking and gambling and you went into bankruptsy.

We go our separate ways as I was finally able to rid myself of you and live my life pretty much the way I wanted to.

You had a daughter with your wife. She grew up and had grandchildren. Not sure how or if you interacted with tose kids but you had them whether ypu appreciated them or not.

Ok many years pass. I retire and out of morbid curiousity I go on internet and look you up.

St age 68 you had died. No more Rick.

So the bottom line is who had the better outlook as to how to live life. Me more or less sober and wellish and you a drugged up pill popper who had many severe ups and downs. I'm alive and your dead. I have outlived your drugged up drunk ** by six years and counting.

I never figured out why you hated homosexuals so much. When you were young you hung out at city parks apparently doing some sort of ** acts for money. Was your hate actually self hatred? I got sick and tired of hearing about how bad you hated queers.

On a personal level you in hindsight made me sick. I grew to hate the sound of your voice. The best day of my life in those long ago days was to get the holy ** away from your horrible **.

I'd say rest in peace. I'm not religious but if I were I'd strongly suspect you went to **. Instead of rest in peace I have this to say.

Good riddance.

Mar 10

Next Confession

I was angry

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