Exhibitionist from the start

Like the title says I have been an exhibitionist since the age of 4. I was always running around w/o clothes in the house and would stand in the window and wave at the old lady next door and she would laugh and shake her finger at me and I would laugh.So one day I was looking through the laundry basket for a pair of socks and found a pair of my sisters pink panties and was takin in on how soft and silky they were,so I stole them from the basket and went into my room and closed the door and put them on.As soon as I put them on I noticed my little pee shooter started to get stiff and made me feel excited and in the meantime I happened to be in front of the window and was playing with my self and I noticed the old lady standing there laughing with her husband there to. I was a little nervous and embarrassed but I enjoyed the experience and so started my life wearing girls underwear and being infatuated with all things related to underwear,looking at and wearing,sneaking peaks at girls panties when ever I could and would m********* at night at what I saw.Eventually leading me into stealing panties from neighbors clothes lines and when I was older I would dress up in bra and panties with a garter belt and stockings and go out at night and take a walk around a good place to take off my clothes and just walk around in girls underwear and wait for a car or a bus or truck to drive by and I would walk out in the street so they could see me and would run away and sometimes they would chase me watching me running in my undies and honking.One time I almost got caught when I slipped on some grass and fell and lying there out of breath,meanwhile they are looking and laughing at me but I was able to get up and continue running and disappeared in some yard…I have many stories of my escapades in wearing women’s underwear just dancing around my head would u like another story some long and some short they all end up as me squeezing my meat and blasting off a good load!!!

14 days

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  • Yeah I might be a freak,but it’s something I have had to deal with all my life,the urges are spontaneous,all kinds of emotions and things start spinning around in my head and eventually I will act on them when I am at a point where I can get away with it without being recognized…I was just out recently found myself driving on the thruway in panties and a garter belt and stockings and I pulled up next to a greyhound bus and slowly drove along side the bus and I could see people looking down into my car at me strokin myself through my panties as my c*** got bigger and what a rush it is just being viewed by lots of people and ur the center of attention…Sorry I got carried away in thought…It is an uncontrollable and amazing experience…My curse😮‍💨

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