I hate ** god

Everytime I want to do something I get rained on. Since god, yahweh or what ever that piece of ** name is wants to ** rain on me I'll go ahead and commit blasphemy.

** you god ** you jesus I renounce the ** dumpster holy spirit.

Shove it up your homosexual ** jesus.

Mar 16

Next Confession

Please pray

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  • God and Jesus loves us all. God sent his son Jesus to die upon a cross for our sins. The Bible says it rains on the just as it does the unjust. It's all a part of life. All the bad should be blamed on Satin and not God or Jesus. You shouldn't be saying disrespectful things to him. He's our heavenly father that loves us and any parent that gets disrespected by their children are going to be upset hearing those words. He is the reason you are alive,he gave you the air your breathing,he gives you more blessings than you can count. He knew you before you were created in the womb and he knows how many hairs are on our heads. You can't deny how awesome our God is. If you are struggling to understand God. Open your heart,read Gods word and place his words in your heart and throughout life his words could help you. His words are healing words as well. The Bible says to tell the demons to leave in the name of Jesus THEY HAVE TO OBEY that command so I ask in the name of Jesus Christ that all demons leave your soul and that you're cleansed by the blood of the holy lamb AMEN!!

  • **

  • Use a weather forecasting service and always carry a small umbrella in your backpack dumbass. If you dont like the climate, move somewhere else.

  • One day every tongue will confess He is God. One day every knee will bow, that includes you.

    You think you’re offending Christian’s but you’re really only hurting yourself eternally.

    Gnashing of the teeth eternally…. Think it through

  • Is this ex mayor Lightfoot??

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