i have big b**** and work at the

i have big b**** and work at the airport. guys just rudely stare or gawk at my chest. its not flattering. then i have to say hi to them only because i feel awckward.

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  • Learn to use them to your advantage. My older sister's are a perfect, firm 38C, and guys dive over themselves to look, ogle, take pics, and stare at her. I've seen her tug her waitress zipper (she worked part time, for years, at a friend's pizza place and bar) to show off as much as could get away with, for tips. In fact, she called the money "titty tips".

    She's also a teacher, and, the hs boys fall over themselves to get to her. Several have given her hugs, and swooped their hands down her shirt to get in full-handed gropes. She thinks it's funny.

  • guys are always gonna stare.
    I have a size b34. and dress like a tomboy.
    and guys still whistle at me when I cross the street I f****** hate it.
    (cause I hate the attention)

  • Can i titty f*** you please?

  • I love big b**** and I love to stare at them beacause b**** are beautiful you should take stares and gawks as a compliment hey at least guys are looking at you

  • Well, I also Have Fairly Large b******, Im Only 15 With DDD I know What its like to have someone just sit there and Stare at them but Is your Uniform to Showing, do they Hang out If so Just Ask your Manager if you can Wear I shirt Undermeath.

  • so what, i like when guys look at my tittle bitties !

  • what size r they & i want some pics to

  • i wont som pics

  • i like big b**** and like to look at them and s******* your pants isn't f****** natural you stupid b**** u have no f****** idea what is natural for a guy so shut your mouth you are probably just mad cuz guys don't look at u cuz u are fat and ugly

  • your b**** are apart of you so get used to it and use them for your advantage

  • The sad thing is all the nice guys are trying to have a good look to but dont want to risk hurting you. You have nothing to feel bad about! You hold all the cards ;) Enjoy them!

  • Hey, guy who said you should get breast reduction: Do you s*** your pants, too, because that's a natural instinct? YOU'RE A TOTAL F****** MORON. Take responsibility for where your eyes go.

  • titty fuckkk


  • Wow!! I agree with the above comment completely...but also, you have a right to defend yourself against people who leer at you!! They are in the wrong! I would go a step further than ignore them--just say, "I don't like being looked at that way." and watch how uncomfortable THEY get. They will feel ashamed--and they should.

  • Ignore them. A woman with big b**** is surely attractive to men, but don't let it get to you. They are people who will probably never see you again, so don't worry. Make sure these gawkers do not make you feel bad about your size and lower your asteem. You are truly blessed and hope you feel that way, too. Don't let men with roving eyes bring down. You needn't feel awkward and be proud of the body you have been given. :-)

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