What do you call, ‘life’?

This may be a tough one for most of you, but what is life and what is the meaning.
Well here’s my shot at what life is.

Life is complicated. Life exists. Life is strange. Life is something we are yet to understand. What is the meaning of life, well to start what is life.

Humans are always scrambling to find the meaning of life, yet we don’t stop and think what life actually is. You are lucky to be here. You’re unique, there has never been anyone like you and there never will be. You’re good at something, whatever that may be, but you need to find that and find where you stand. Life should never have been possible, but yet, here we are.

I believe the meaning of life is to find some meaning. The meaning of life isn’t something a scientist or a psychologist or a therapist can tell you. But it is that you need to find some meaning. Do it on your own terms and don’t let people tell you this or tell something different, find it yourself, on your own terms.

Thank you,

Mar 20

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  • "Meaning of life is searching it" is just a made up answer to not consider actually finding it.

    There is no "meaning" of life. Its a selfish question asked by some organism on some big rock. There is no "asking", no "finding", no "truth" or "thought". These are all made up terms to ease out the communication. Whatever is part of the universe stays part of it. Parts change condition respect to others because of few fundamental laws of physics (which is also a part of the universe). This is all thats happening. There is no fundamental difference between a leaf's falling and your brains -self claimed- "sophisticated" neuron activations. There is no life, no death, no suffering, no happiness. This is the current acceptable truth of mine. Im sticking around for more quantum news. Also i like ** so why not continue thinking like how i was appeared to be.

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