I wish i was lucky ...

My life is so pathetic. I matriculated in 2009,never had I imagined my life being so sad.I have an amazing bf who loves me a lot,I should be happy but yet I feel so depressed because I am doing nothing with my life.I recently left my previous job(too much drama at the work place)and now I am just sitting at home.I dropped my cv around but nobody has called me back yet!I compare myself to friends from high school and feel so worthless.Most of them studied further (a dream of mine but never got the chance)or have cool jobs. I honestly need motivation,I wish for a miracle. I really want to get married soon to my bf and I know he wants to aswell but I need to get my life in order first.


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  • I was struck in your post by the fact that you didn't mention what you want to do. If you need motivation, then really everything you write or you say to others should involve what you're passionate about. Train yourself to let your excitement about SOMETHING show through into your life, and you'll have all the motivation you need.

    Eventually someone will offer you an internship or hire you to do something inexpensive, and you can go from there.

  • So what you're saying is that you can afford a college with a matriculation fee, which makes you one of the luckiest people in the country in one of the luckiest countries to be born in in the world. Your problem is that you've never had to work for anything and need to have everything handed to you on a plate. If you really can't see how lucky you are then you're probably a piece of s*** and don't deserve to live.

  • i'm sorry bout that i wish i could help friend but the only part i know about is being stuck at home jobless (never been in a relationship of any kind that was more than friends, never had a job, and also didn't complete education...) :,)

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