Charity event at local ** dance club

One of the local ** clubs and one of the ** clothing shops that sold mainly to dancers teamed up for a charity event. The clothes were mostly ** lingerie, role playing costumes and thongs and bras. My girlfriend had friends that were participating in the event and she asked me if I wanted to go. The idea was that the participants would model the clothes on stage. Patrons had the opportunity to bid for the outfits the ladies were wearing. The starting bid was the minimum to cover the cost of the clothing. Anything above that was split between the person wearing it and the charity. Once the bidding stopped the gal wearing it would remove the outfit on stage and give it to the highest bidder. Then they would return to the dressing room for another outfit. Of course everyone got to see the gal ** briefly after their outfit was removed. The gals walked around the patrons so they got a good look at the outfit before they went to the stage one by one for the bidding. I asked my gf if she was participating. She laughed and said no she was just helping the gals in the dressing room. My gf was about 5’2” tall and maybe 100 lbs. she was just barely a B cup on top and very thin. I like them like that but she was too skinny for most men and didn’t want to participate. She said most of the clothing wouldn’t look right on her anyway because most of it was too big for her. The gals came out and wandered around the crowd and one by one went on stage for the bidding. It was fun watching them take their outfits off for the highest bidder because they were just volunteers and not regular dancers at the club and were pretty shy once they were naked on stage. This went on for about 2 hours. My gf helping in the dressing room the whole time. The outfits were all gone except for one that none of the gals could fit into. They talked my gf into trying it on and it fit her small body perfectly. They said it was the last outfit for the night and encouraged her to try to sell it. She argued that she was too skinny and no one would buy it and they definitely wouldn’t bid on it just to see her take it off. The gals convinced her that it would be fun for her and it was for charity.

I didn’t know anything about what was happening until she came out of the dressing room and started walking around. I recognized that small frame immediately. It was a sheer thong teddy. Even though she was almost 30, she looked maybe 16 in that outfit. She had a cute tiny ** and skinny legs and I thought she looked hot but like I said I like them that way. Then it was time for her to go on stage and be in the spotlight for the bidding. I had decided that I would bid if no one else did because I didn’t want her to feel bad. Once on stage the bidding began and I didn’t get a chance to bid because there were so many bidding on her outfit. I guess I had underestimated how many guys liked petite women in the crowd. The other gals had gotten dressed and were now watching their friend, my gf, on stage as the bidding continued. The bidding must have went on for 15 minutes. My gf started blushing at how high the bidding was going and had realized that it wasn’t about the outfit but more about getting to see her take it off when the bidding was over. Her friends were cheering her on because the bidding was up to 500 dollars, more than any of the other gals had received. The bidding slowed and ended at 650 dollars. The dj called the guy that had the winning bid up on stage. Thanked everyone for making their first charity event a success. Then told my gf to let him have his prize which was the outfit she was wearing. She shyly took it off and handed it to the high bidder. She started to exit the stage and the DJ asked her to come back out on stage and asked everyone to give her a hand for being the highest fund raiser of the night. She was shy but came back out quickly and took her applause. Then she quickly exited the stage to go back to the dressing room. As she was passing me I gave her a hug and said she was the best of the night. She gave me a quick kiss and said I have to get to the dressing room, I’m naked in case you haven’t noticed. I laughed and said we all noticed. She hustled to the dressing room to get dressed. On the way home she said she didn’t understand why she got the most money because she thought the other gals were much more attractive. I told her she was selling herself short and she looked hot on stage. She laughed and said can you believe I was naked on stage? I told her everyone loved her hot little body. She just shook her head in disbelief.

Mar 23

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  • The local fox new station has some of the sexiest woman.

    One in particular has made me hard for years. She is 50 years old and has a beautiful face and a smoking hot body.

    Whenever she is wearing black pantyhose I usually have to crank out 2 or 3 loads.

    I have done this for the past 10 years. I have a feeling I could have filled a 5 gallon bucket with all the nut I have waisted.

  • You're so lucky to have that gf. Treat her right, there are millions of guys that will take her away.

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