Wife and friends ** by the pool

My wife and I have friends over a lot for pool party cookouts. One day there were about 8 couples over around the pool. Everyone in swimsuits. All the females decided they would all go **. As they all took their tops off I looked to see if my wife was taking hers off too. To my surprise she had. My wife has pretty ** but she is self conscious because they are 36 DD and bounce and jiggle a lot when she moves. My wife has a tiny frame which makes her ** stand out even more. They were all laughing and carrying on and everyone was getting to see my wife **. Of course we were all seeing all of the women **. The pool party cookout lasted about 4 hours and all the ladies stayed ** the whole time getting lots of sun. My wife was walking towards me and I couldn’t take my eyes off of her bouncing **. She asked if I was ok with her going ** with the other gals. I told her yes because honestly my wife had never done anything like this before and her and all the women looked hot and I enjoyed the other guys seeing my wife **. Later she admitted that when the other women suggested going ** she first thought she wouldn’t be able to do it. I said what changed her mind? She said when they all took their tops off she didn’t want to be the only one not doing it. Then she said as self conscious as she was about the other guys seeing her bare chested, it was kind of nice being admired as much as the other women. She asked if I enjoyed seeing the other women ** which I admitted that I did but was enjoying her showing her ** to everyone even more. She asked if I really enjoyed others looking at her that much. I told her I thought it was awesome. She said we could have parties like this more often if I wanted and as long as the other gals are going ** so would she. Do others like showing off their wives too?

Apr 24

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  • I think my wife likes to be looked at because it doesn’t take much coaxing and she has her top off and flirtatiously shows her t****. She has great t*** and I don’t mind her showing them.

  • My wife has gone ** many times. Some at the beach and some at our pool. I love having couples over and the gals go **. I love my wife showing off her pretty t***. She seems more comfortable around the pool with our friends than on the beach. Once the other gals didn’t come because they were out of town on a girls trip. My wife couldn’t go because she had to work. I had their husbands over for a pool cookout while they were gone. Some of the husbands mentioned that it just wasn’t the same without the gals there playing ** by the pool. I laughed and said well my wife is still here. My wife looked at me and said seriously you want me to do it without the other wives? I said put on the new purple one I bought you. It was a very tiny thong bikini. My wife laughed and whispered in my ear, are you sure? She said she felt funny doing it without the other gals there. I said you have been ** in front of these guys before. She said yeah but…. I said the only difference is your t**** are the only ones that will be looked at today. She did put on the purple suit and came back to the pool area. The guys were harassing her because she was still wearing her top. She came to me and said do you want me to take my top off? I said I always enjoy her **. A few minutes later she took it off and my wifes pretty 36DD’s were out for everyone to see. When the party was over and everyone left, my wife and I were were sitting by the pool she said she was a little shy at first being the only woman here today. I said but you had a good time didn’t you. She shyly giggled and said she thought the guys looked at her a lot more today than usual. I said they did! Their wives weren’t here so they were free to look at her all they wanted. She said she noticed when she would be standing talking to them that she would catch their eyes focused on her chest.

  • Why should only the ladies be comfortable? Everyone should be naked at a pool party.

  • Next week, guys go bottomless

  • No way.

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