Feminized before realizing it.

I started dating a girl I meat in a dating add. I will refer to her a "Wendy". We hit it off so well I moved in with her three months later. We had a lot in common, her being an only child with parents that passed and left her quite a bit of money. I also had parents that passed and was the only child. We both liked doing the same things, so things went very well for us.

One night we had been drinking and Wendy suggested we share our deepest secrets with each other. She went first and to my shock told me of sexual experiences she had at a very young age and who it continued with for many years. (That is all I will say about that). Then it was my turn... I told her I cross-dress once in a while. Wendy did not believe me. She insisted I show her my female clothing. Once I dug them out from there hiding place, she looked them over and told me to try on a few items she picked out. I refused and she said they were too small to even fit me and figured I had collected them from other women I had dated over the years.

I assured her they were mine and I had to prove it to her by putting them on. I took them and headed to the bathroom to dress when she asked where I was going. I told her to get dressed in the bathroom. Wendy told me no I was to dress in front of her. I removed my cloths and dressed in the items she had handed me. White lacy garter belt with matching lacy top thy high stockings. White bikini ** with lace around all openings. Lacy sissy bra and a skimpy dress that came only to my waist. I wore mostly lingerie when I cross-dressed. I only had a few short dresses but a bundle of linger. Well, she said, I see you enjoy being dressed like that looking at my ** in the **. I want you to stay that way for the rest of tonight which I did.

The next morning when we got up, she said... sissy you need to dress for the day in your sissy clothes. I informed her I was not a sissy but looked at my self-more as a **. I liked dressing like a ** or a **. I did dress up again since I love doing so. This continued for the weekend until I went to work on Monday. During the week I dressed as a guy, however on weekends I was to dress as what she called a "Sissy." I was enjoying being dressed in her presents as a girl.

Wendy went out and bought me more sissy clothes over time since my selection was so limited. within a year she had purchased a whole wardrobe of slutty/sissy clothing witch I willingly wore on weekends. It felt like a dream come true to dress in her presents as such all day and go to bed wearing a baby doll with matching **. She told me she liked long hair on guys and wanted me to grow it out which I did. She would always tell me how nice I looked cross dressed and would put my hair in a ponytail. I really enjoyed dressing and how she encouraged it not judging me at all about it.

One day Wendy told me I should start taking bubble baths and rub location all over myself to keep from getting dry skin witch I did have. This ritual took place every day of the week and she also had me on daily protein shakes to keep healthy. Three months later I complained of feeling week and my chest muscles were a bit sensitive. She assured me it was the protein shakes she had been making extra strong because I was a man. She would cut back, making them not so strong and this would take care of the problem. I was informed this would take some time for my body to adjust back.

Several months later I came home to find I had no more male clothing. Wendy said she had donated them all to good will. To my horror of thinking I had no more male clothes, I asked what I was too were to work next week? They have female jeans she told me. We will go shopping tomorrow and get you what you need for work next week. She bought slacks and blouses for me and one pair of tight jeans with a work blouse. I informed her I would lose my job if I went to work dressed like that. This took a lot of convincing, but I figured I could pull it off as they did look somewhat manly other than the blouse buttons from the opposite side.

The first day back to work dressed in my new outfit I was teased and made fun of, they even pointed out and said I had **. I left after a few hours because I could not take the heckling. I went home and cried as I told Wendy what happened and that they even pointed out I had **. I never ever went back. I had not really noticed since seeing my ** all the time I did not think anything of it until now. They were indeed ** and size "AA" at this point. Wendy hugged me and told me to go take a bath so I could relax. When taking the bath, she told me she had been giving me hormone supplements in my so-called protean drinks and the cream I was using after my bath was hormone cream. I cried even more and asked why she did this to me? She said I enjoyed being dressed and knew inside I was a woman that needed help.

After that day she had me go to a salon to have a makeover, hair and makeup. I looked in the mirror and did not even recognize myself, I was actually beautiful. Years later I have full "C" size Bersts and go by the name of Candy now. I live as a female but still have my man junk. Wendy has taken on different lovers over the years, when I complained about her dating other Men in the beginning, she threatened to put me out in the street. With no place to go and unable to pleasure her I gave in a agreed to her having male lovers. I became her sissy toy and I have clean up duties after her boyfriends have ** with her. If I don't, I will chastise and possibly castrated since she has threatened to do one or the other. I have adjusted really well she told me, and she now has a real stud of a Man. I even get to clean him up after their ** sessions. I kind of like sucking his big ** and hearing him grunt in pleasure when I service him. I come to realize this is where I belong, after all where else would I go?
BIP... Candy.

Mar 26

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I want to make my sister do the fire walk

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