I was made to cross dress.

I have been married for eight years, but for the last two years my wife has made me change. Her not being as sexually active as I would like, unlike me who always seemed to be aroused. I was always aroused and like most men eager to get it on. However my wife had become growingly tired of this and my seemingly endless small erections. She had become so discussed when she would see me with an erection. She would tell me that is not a mans c*** at all, it is to small. We had not had s** in over a year at the time and she had been saying that we need to do something to keep my small erections from happening all the time. Over the last two years she has gotten her way by molding me to what she calls the perfect husband.

I don't become sexually excited as much as I used to because she has made me her stay at home sissy husband. I do get a small erection when I am dressed in panties which she sees and knows I like them. I have had pills that I take some times to keep from becoming sexually excited except for when she wants me to. I dress like a sissy girl, now that I no longer work because this is what she wants. I do as my wife tells me so that I am not chastised, which is very uncomfortable. I am told over and over that females are the superior to males. I am also told over and over that real man are dominant and have larger c**** than that of a sissy such as myself. I only get erections when she wants me to m********* for her amusement or when getting new panties or other female clothing. When that time comes she puts numbing cream on my p**** and gives me five minutes to climax which I normally can not due.

I am no longer aloud to have any male clothing and kept as a sissy girl taking care of the house and her. She has told me that if I do not obey she will have a friend or two come over and treat me like the sissy girl I am for her amusements. She tells me of things that a sissy girl should do to real men that I want no part of. I listen and do my best to do as I am told. I do not want to be used by men for her amusement. I am now a broken male that is a sissy girl, however I have discovered I like to be cross dressed.

Sissy. C

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  • I used to feel the same way .Then one day I realized how lucky I was to still be allowed to be with my wife.At first I hated being totally feminized but I started to enjoy dressing up .I realized how lucky I was to not have to go to work at a job that I hated ,being totally feminized and working as my wifes sissy maid wasnt that bad ,I got to wear pretty clothes and the work that I did was a lot easier than what I was doing at my job as a male. After I stopped hating being totally feminized all the time I began to like how the clothes made me feel and also how they felt on my body and being my wifes sissy maid wasnt so bad after all. I couldnt control myself and was j********** all the time so my wife locked me in a chastity device but I deserved it because I was only thinking about my feelings and sexual relief and not how what I was doing made her feel. After being locked in my chastity device for a couple of months I wanted to do anything possible to make my wife happy and we actually became much closer

  • I would love to be in that position, I would gladly satisfy all of the men she wanted me to, in front of her & her friends. She would never have to tell me what to wear, I would be completely dressed as a woman 24/7. I would take complete control of keeping the house, cooking for her & her friends & doing all of the shopping dressed as a woman.

  • I wish my wife would accept the fact that I want to be a woman & be with men

  • If i was you i wouldn't obey her, let her bring some friends over to use me for their pleasure, and her too, be a good sissy and clean up all the c**

  • There are men who would pay to have a female treat them like a sissy. If you like it enjoy it, but if you dont like it then leave her and put some miles between her.

  • Dude...I would put a few zip codes between me and this b****. This is mental abuse. Personally, I would start slapping her around and take charge. But it would be easier to just kick her out.

  • Yeah... basically your wife is abusing you, so I hope this is your actual sexual desired role.

  • In a nutshell s** peaked around the time we got married. After we had a couple of kids it was pretty crap. She let me have s** with her but it was worse than wanking. She had no energy and no interest in s**. We had marriage counselling. Actually several times. Pretty much a waste of time. We were two people living in the same house with me pushing her for s** and she would resist resist resist and eventually let me do it.

    The only thing that came out of the marriage counselling was that we started to communicate better. To talk. From the talk I learned that she felt trapped with an obligation to "perform" s** for me and that trapping meant she did not even think about o*****.

    We or should I say I agreed to go for two weeks with no s**. No masturbation either. No asking her. No pushing her. We did this. It was a huge struggle physically for me. But it was the start of getting our marriage back together.

    With the focus on my having an o***** out of the way meant that she did not feel the need to perform and we both started to look for ways to engage with the other person. Hugging, kissing, touching, flowers, cleaning the house for her. And she relaxed. The kissing lead to touching lead to her having an o*****.

    Now we have s** but I rarely get to o*****. Normally we put two condoms on me to dull the sensation so I can stay hard.

    Whereas once it was a few minutes with a climax and a downer now we have sometimes an hour of stimulation teasing. We are so much closer. I am desperate. I think about s** all the time. (That is why I am here) but I dare not m********* because I would feel weak and I know I would feel depressed afterwards. I do not push for o***** because that causes her to shut down. Just occasionally she will say that I can o*****. Maybe two times a year.

    So I can relate in a way but it is more positive. The sexual tension is electric.

  • Consider yourself lucky - some dream of being forcibly crossdressed and then forced to take / give head !!

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