Looking for an Alpha man

I have a secret. Most men like me who do this have a secret. It is doubtful that anyone in my circle, family, work, etc. guesses what my secret is. I am a man who has to go out and find a man to ** me. I do enjoy oral **, I like holding a ** in my hand, and I like milking him and swallowing. But I want to be **. Oral ** on it's own is not enough.

From my earliest experiences the man has always been a very mature man in his fifties or sixties, heavy set, facial hair, an Alpha man who ** for the pleasure of showing his prey that he is the one ** him. I can't say that is always the man, but that's the type of man I search for.

I live in a very large city, and when I go out I carry fake ID and I wear clothes bought at a store I never shop at. I have a small car parked downtown and I pick it up and drive to the part of town where I know men are on the prowl. I'm experienced and I know which men want gay ** and which don't. Not all the men are gay, they just want to ** to get their rocks off.

Mar 27

Next Confession

Mrs. ** Caramel

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  • Im attracted to women but I enjoy the sexual act with a man as well. Been married for 30 years and I am happy at home. However, I do go out of town for work where I have a couple of regular connections. I am able to ** **** and bottom.

  • I have a ** woman at home who loves to **. And I also need a man sometimes. His kiss, his **, his **. Mmm

  • I'm a cute pantyboy, yes I'm still a boy 14 and I'm looking for a first time with a man .I'm getting tired of the boy's around my age ** me and having me ** um lot's and lot's.

  • You’re to not mentally develop not to take part in any of this stuff go be a kid dude enjoy it while it lasts

  • Balloueric8@gmail.com. right now I'm wearing white satin ** with lace your bikini high cut very **. I've never been touched by a man yet but I want to

  • After 20 years of fantasizing about this I finally met up with a guy and I stroked him off. It was so thick. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

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