Fattened growing belly

I know it’s not healthy, but I want to weigh 250-300 pounds. I love stuffing my belly with fattening rich food, and I love drinking heavy cream. I just want to eat constantly, till my belly sags, and is covered with stretch marks.

My wife loves feeding me too. Soon I’ll be heavy and obese, with enough weight to crush her. I dream of being a jiggly fat pig, drinking heavy cream and weight gain shakes on my bed, with it streaming out the sides of my mouth.

All I’ll be is a fat, cream covered, lard filled pig. I can’t wait.

Mar 29

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  • How much do you weigh now?

  • Also… at 180, I’ve now hit the criteria for abdominal obesity (35 inch waist… I’m 38). I’m as a whole, I’m just overweight right now, but I want to be morbidly obese.

    I ate so much today. Eggs and yogurt for breakfast, then 4 slices of pizza, a whole box of macaroni and cheese with half a stick of butter added which I washed down with a pint of heavy cream with agave nectar in it.

    I might go get donuts later too… and dinner… I just can’t stop eating, or I get crazy hungry. I don’t really want to stop anyway. I just want to be an obese blob.

  • What are you at now?

  • 185

  • Hey look - a reply that worked… I’m 185, because I took a small break… (family stuff going on) but I’m back on the horse now. Eating donuts, bowls of pasta and guzzling heavy cream

  • Do it. I've been where you are. Drink the heavy cream and don't look back. I've gained up to 350 so far and only want more.

  • Did you reach a point that you couldn’t stop eating? (I think it’s called leptin resistance)

    I want to get to that point. What does an average stuffing look like for you at 350 lbs?

  • 25 more pounds and I’ll be obese. I hear that’s when the stretchmarks start :)

  • Working pretty ** it… donuts and heavy cream most days… and anything else I can find to shove in my face. 350 sounds awesome

  • What was your starting weight?

  • Please don’t. I’m 317 pounds down from 394. I feel amazing and will continue to loose more weight.

  • It’s a fetish for some people… like me. So I’m going to drink heavy cream and eat cheesecake and burgers till I pop!

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