I told my dad a million times

Not to feed my dogs bones and table scraps. He still does it. He wants to kill the dogs and it gives me so much anxiety. I am working less and running out of money. Dad also had the entire family hate me since I was a kid. Some people never take responsibility for their actions…

Mar 29

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  • Wow, a lot of ** in this thread...
    Your dad sounds like a **. I'm really sorry about your situation.
    As much as it might break your heart, maybe someone else could take the dogs? Or you could work towards going to live somewhere else, and take your dogs with you?
    Remember that you are not responsible for your dad's actions, hang in there, dude. It gets better once you get out, trust me.

  • Yeah, I am assuming that some people don’t really care about dogs’ well being. I am really appreciative of your advice, thank you for being so kind and understanding!
    I think my dad is an ** too. He never takes responsibility for his actions. He tries changing the subject, (calling me, and asking for help) acting like nothing happened.
    I have considered re-homing the dogs. I would really love for my dogs to be in a safe environment. I just don’t know where.
    I worried the dogs would feel betrayed, if I brought them to a shelter.
    I am stuck, but still in the process of looking for a better paying job. The rent in California is insane.
    Thank you so much for being so kind and understanding. Hopefully I am able to find my own place. I have a feeling things will get better when I move out.

  • You sound like a right whingebag

  • I am right, and you guys don’t care about dogs. 😊

  • What does one have to do with the other? I STILL feed my dog table scraps and bones. Dogs descended from wolves, and they should be eating what we ate. Feeding them our scraps is how we domesticated wolves into dogs in the first place.

    If the ENTIRE family hates you, don't try to blame your dad but look in the mirror. If you exaggerated to make a point, remember that your dad is a MAN and men generally blame others, even when they know it's their own fault. WOMEN tend to blame themselves, even when they KNOW it's not their own fault. Just one of the basic gender differences

  • The veterinarian told me that... I wouldn’t eat bones and neither should our dogs. Family fed the dogs bones and they choked. I think I am trying to keep my dogs as healthy as possible.

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