Drugged and Used

One of the last things I remember is the bartender sitting a drink in front of me and saying, "The gentleman standing in the white shirt sends this to you with his compliments." I looked in the direction he was pointing out and made eye contact with the man and smiled my thanks. He appeared to be in his erly 40's, dark hair and he wasn't bad looking. I am 28, considered to be attractive and I'm single by choice. After a few minutes, the stranger walked the length of the bar to where I was sitting and asked if I'd like to join him at a table. He introduced himself as "Jeremy". He reached out and picked up the drinks in front of me, the one I'd already had and the one the bartender had brought, and I followed him to a corner table where we sat and chatted. I'm not sure how long we sat. I finished both drinks and one more, but I started to feel queezy and light-headed. I think he offered to drive me home, but I can't remember what happened next. I woke up at 11:00 the next morning, naked, lying in a motel room bed, my clothes in a heap on the floor, sick to my stomach, dizzy and very confused. Three used condoms were lying on the night stand and the slow realization of what had happened began to sink in and I vomited all over the bed. I took a shower, dressed, looked out the window to see if I recognized anything and discovered the motel was directly across the street from the bar. My car was still parked where I'd left it the night before. Still feeling somewhat ill, I left the motel, crossed the street to my car and drove home. It was Sunday morning and I've told no one. I feel ashamed and I don't know what to do or where to turn.

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  • Good advice but everyone knows how these cases end up in nothing. I also ended up naked in a room with one guy holding me and the other performing oral s** on me. I can identify both of them, but no way I was going to press charges. You end up in court explaining all the humiliating details and people and friends enjoying the story. My advice is keep it secret, deal with it and convince yourself it was just s**.

  • Go back to the bar and motel and ask both owner's if they have any surveillance camera's and if it's recording . Tell them both what happen to you that night , if they both not willing help you call the police . You will need the police anyways to make a repost of a crime . Be strong and good luck !

  • The cops will investigate the bar and motel she just needs to make a report let the cops do there job .

  • Yes .. your right , I guess I watch to many mystery shows
    Take this persons advise ( above me ) ^

  • I'm so sorry, that sounds terrifying. Please know, you have nothing to be ashamed of and you should talk to someone. It could have been far worse. Your best bet would be to try and make a police report. The bar or hotel may have surveillance, credit card records etc. They may be able to trace this guy. Chances are you weren't the first girl he drugged, and you won't be the last. Unfortunately, time has passed so you may not have any evidence to really catch this guy.. like the condoms that could have been one clue. But let it just be a lesson that you are smarter and wiser and will never accept drinks from strangers and let your friends know this very important lesson.

  • You need to go see a doc and get a check up to make sure your not knocked up or have aids even tho you saw condoms . Never take a drink from a stranger

  • You need to tell a close friend or realities so they can help you through it

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