Knocked Out My Lady Again

I just keep f****** up. My temper has been an on going issue to clarify this following confession. So a few hours ago, me and my lady were arguing again, for the sake of the story her name is "Daisy." Daisy keeps b******* about us not spending time together, given my busy work schedule. I told her I was working to provide for the two of us and if she didn't like it, too bad. Not the best thing to say granted.

So then she whines about me not paying attention to her, I wasn't really listening to be honest. Daisy ends up calling me a p**** and shouted that she regretted marrying me, so I snap and throw a right hook and she falls down and I keep swinging out of rage until she passed out. She's out cold and eventually I bring her too and she stumbled away and tried to grab a knife but I calmed her to an extant. She called and her sister and she's at her house right now. Just can't wait for this to blow up.

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  • It DID "blow up", you stupid cockroach! Just because it didn't end in a shootout with the cops doesn't mean otherwise.

    Hope you end up dead before you reproduce. Too many fucktards in the world as it is.

  • Don't worry she'll get over it, bud! Crack open a cold one, kick back and she'll be knocking on the trailer door in no time.

  • LOL

  • Ray Rice? Is that you?

  • you are totally going to jail and you totally deserve it

  • I know too many people who have killed their wives and are in jail. Two of them were personal friends,one I have known since high school and am almost 50. I can assure you this,SOON YOU ARE GOING TO KILL THIS WOMAN OR SHE IS GOING TO KILL YOU IN YOUR SLEEP WITH A KNIFE. if she called cops right now,you will be arrested for many things,attempted murder being one of them.

  • This has to stop. It's never okay to hit anyone. You have to learn to communicate or just walk away until you can compose yourself. This can only escalate and next she may not get up... If you and "Daisy" really want your marriage to work then you need to learn to control your anger and she needs to learn to not antagonize you. You guys are a team. Are you really ready to work on yourself and your marriage? Then do what needs to be done. Maybe you and "Daisy" can sit down and you can tell her how important she is to you and that you do want to spend time with her. And then look at the calendar and plan some date nights. This way she may also look at it as you are making her and your marriage a priority. And then ask her that she needs to work on not nagging about spending time together. That for now, because you have to work to earn money that you guys have schedule time. Hopefully, this is not forever.. but you can also do little bring home flowers or something. If you are thinking of her, she'll appreciate that. Check this out. In order for anything to work in life, you have to commit to it.

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