And people wonder why I want to kill myself.
They wonder why I want to allow my body to eat
itself to the bone. To wither away, slow & painful?
I steal diet pills, because I can't control myself. I'd
give anything I truely love to be skeleton like!
They all just wonder why?

I guess, they don't see how lonely I am.
How I hate myself, my life, my exsistence?!
How I can't stand to be so lonely? Maybe I hide it too well.
How being so skinny is the only way to make them care?
How I'm killing my family? They scorn me about my slow death.
How no matter what I do, they never except it?

Maybe they should consider what is really going on.
Look around, I'm so lonely, so not perfect like them..

This might possibly get me one day, big deal?



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  • ^ ^^ You're both wrong. It's 90910.

  • I don't have any advice for you.
    I just wanted to say that the verification number for this comment was 83246.

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