I love watching my wife use the toilet

I get insanely aroused from watching my wife use the bathroom. We’ve been together a long time and this never used to be something that turned me on, but early in our relationship, as she became more comfortable peeing around me, I started to find it incredibly hot. The way she looks on the toilet is a big part of it, but the sound of her letting it all go, the moans, the thought of how relieved she feels, the intimacy and the comfort she feels doing it around me. It’s all so hot. As our relationship progressed, she even pooped in front of me a few times and it became an even bigger turn on. The sounds of her plops and the little ** grunts she makes, as well as the stinky smell. It’s all such a massive turn on for me. She doesn’t really know I feel this way so it makes me feel like a creep/weirdo because she is now sooo comfortable peeing and pooping when im in the bathroom with her. Sometimes she even invited me in because she wants to talk. Almost Everytime we have **, I picture her on the toilet squeezing out a big one just so I can get off. I would never photograph her or film her without her consent, but she did pose for a picture on the toilet for one of her friends back in her early 20s and she posted it on instagram. I ** off to that picture at least once a week. Sometimes after she poops, I go into the bathroom and ** it to the smell. I am very embarrassed and humiliated about this fetish and wish I didn’t have it, but it’s a part of me now so I do my best to embrace it. I hope to one day find the courage to admit it to her, and I hope she receives it well. It would be a dream come true if it turned out to be something she is into as well or even if it’s something she’d be willing to indulge me in. My dream is to ** it while she’s pooping and talking dirty to me.

Apr 12

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