Step sons girlfriend

I have a 16 year old step son. He has been seeing this girl for a few months and she comes around on the weekend to hang out. she is a very hot girl. great little body. anyhow, they asked if they could use the hot tub and my wife and i said go for it. I really wanted to see what she would wear in the tub. I had a feeling she would be in her panties because she had nothing with her when she came in the house. I never did see what she wore because i didnt want to be obvious with my wife around.
This morning i went to my basement were the kids hang out and found a bikini top and a tiny green thong that must belong to the girl. my c*** instantly got stiff but i didnt j*** off.
My wife will be out of town this weekend and i pray that the girl will come over so i can see her in that little thong. if i do ill j*** off for sure

Jan 13, 2021

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  • You have to feed your fantasy! It is just her panties and it is not like you are actually touching her. C** in her little panties and leave it to dry....we both know she will get a rush from it and so will you.

  • Everybody chill. getting h**** over a hot girl is normal. ACTING on it is scummy. It's ok to have feelings.

  • Perfectly normal.
    Go for it
    You might get lucky and see her naked

  • I bet it would be a lovely site

  • *sight you illiterate paedo

  • This makes me sick

  • You f****** pedophile!

  • You phucking hypocrite

  • You’re f****** disgusting. Imagine sexualizing a child.

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