They loved me (WHY???)

10 years ago I was very down on my luck and living in a small town. Waiting tables at a little diner wasn't cutting it. So I began prostituting. The money was good but something very strange happened. Apparently a couple of the men couldn't keep their mouth shut and soon it was all over town what I was doing. Guys would literally just show up at my house unannounced wanting to give me money for a quickie.
Here is the strangest part. When word got out it wasn't just the men who found out. All the wives found out also. I thought I was going to get lynched. Instead, several of the married women started to be overly friendly to me. They knew their husbands had been to my home for ** and they were ok with it. One wife even paid her husbands date fee and arranged to watch.
I spent a year doing this and I was amazed how well I was treated. The women acted as if I was doing them a service by having ** with their husbands. Go figure???

Apr 16

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  • My gf, Susan, is the same way. She started fantasizing about me ** her best friend, Meghan. At first I thought the the whole thing was some sort of trap but as time went on susan talked to her gf and her gf said it would be fun . . she'd do it if I would.

    When Sue told me that she almost seemed to have an ** as she described how Mehgan excitedly agreed!

    Meghan came over, we got it on right in front of Susan. I was super turned and so was Meghan. She became my little 'do anything' ** and Susan watched and fingered herself to several **.

    Then, Meghan turned into a sadistic little ** and made Sue come over to her, kneel between her legs, and eat her out until she came several more times!

  • Meghan is NOT being a **. She is merely asserting female dominance which she should being that she is allowing someone else to have ** with her lover.

    I do the same with those women that I allow to have ** with my husband

  • Does hubby lick their **

  • Cause you sucked their **

  • Not surprised. As a woman married for 26 almost 27 years I can attest that ** gets boring. I love my husband, but I really love watching him have ** with other women.

    I know he loves me and will not sleep around. He was a virgin when we met and has been faithful. He was like a little boy when I urged him to have ** with my friend. So timid and so cute. Now he knows it’s ok if I arrange it and I absolutely love watching!

    If your ever in Houston let me know

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