i wish i had a pen pall... somone to talk to openly.. yet someone i have never met.

i decided today that i am giving up on derrick. i dont dislike him, but i am through shedding tears.... i dont need him anyway

i am going to go give blood for the second time ever sometime this week. im only sixteen so i have to wait for my mom to go so she can sign the papers. i do get that it is great that im helping people and all... but the main reason im doing it is because my best friend and i do it together every time and always have, yet are trying to see who can get their donation card filled up first (even though they have the same number of donations and we dont ever go without the other one)

the family reunion today was amazing....

my new cell phone is coming in the mail monday...

my life is amazing.... im so happy i dont have to deal with the same crap i did a few weeks ago....

you are reading the post of one very lucky girl

L. Megan

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  • Ill be your pen pal? HONEST!

  • fyi, laura, and just because your life sucks doesnt mean mine has to..... and btw thats a run on

  • What does the "L" stand for? Loser? Laughable? Lacertilian? Lactiferous? Longiloquent?

    Stop signing your name, it makes me hate you more than your stupid post already does.

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