Changed Man After Ego Death

4/25/23 :: Me: Male age 45. If you would have asked me 5, 10, or 15 years ago if I would ever submit to a woman I would have told you an emphatic NO. As I have grown older and much wiser; even re-reading biblical scriptures coming to find out that I in my own ignorance and haste read the whole parts about the relationship between man and woman and how each are to be. I even learned that I am equal with a woman; Even through all of that I've learned what the real definition of the terms - Submit, Submission really are. It's not to be lorded over, it's the free will handing over something in this case love and loyalty. Loyalty is a real big one with me in the fact that I even demand it for my own heart's beneficial needs so that my mind does not sink back deep into depression. There are other tings of study that I've researched. I've learned a whole lot not only about myself. When you have a long drawn out self-reflection time that leads you either by the hand in a gentle but firm fashion; or dragging you emotionally into a flood of tears straight to the hangman's platform of an Ego Death. I had a little of both. I was convicted by God that I was so ignorant and so deep within my own selfish/self-righteous Ego. I began to cry uncontrollably. It was a conviction that I've never had in my life as an adult. I was once one of those ** men who thought I was the boss and that a woman would be my property. Oh How I Was Wrong. Men and Women maybe equal BUT you all women are really The Bosses. Outside of the Spiritual component of life; when it comes to ** love making, women are the ultimate and supreme controllers of that hands down. Men cannot just take something like that. That is considered **. Us men should and ought to seek permission for that any way. Simple respect towards women. My precepts upon precepts began to fall down like the Walls of Jericho. I was a broken man in need of a woman to console me and to lift me back up mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I was ** lucky to have a woman with a beautiful soul to do that. She helped me to fully understand it all. She's now my girlfriend. I wish I could hug her 24/7 and never let go. I thought I was strong but I was weak and so vulnerable like I've never been before. When I told her what was going on she uttered some of the most amazing words over the phone that was like a healing balm. I am now a fully changed man. I thought I'd never say, "I am a Submissive & I submit" to any women. I really thought I'd never become such an emotional wreck. I have found myself becoming a Classical Feminist Male. The whole Neo-Modern Feminists are not the right ones. I'm an even more of a warrior to protect and defend real biological women and girls form the attacks and onslaught of sabotage from the whole Trans Movement. Robbing real women and girls of their rightful honor and dignity and claiming it as a fake women is disgusting in my mind now. I get emotionally angered and tearfully saddened at how women are treated. Us men certainly screwed up. Men and Women need to come together for the sake our future Posterity and stop this hideous immature war between us. We both need to submit in love towards one another. We have no other choice. We will not make it another 20 years. We cannot pass up this opportunity because if we do, then we are doomed. I'm getting emotional right now at 1:59am on 4/25/23 just think about that. I will keep crying out to God begging for a miracle. At the end of February of this year I truly changed as a person and as a man. Through my own submission I freed myself from that once nasty disgustingly filthy ego. The 'old me' is dead. I am a new man. I thank my girlfriend and I am really thankful for the bad news of Real Biological Women and Girls are going through to wake my ** up. All of it is waking men up, I hope and pray that every women knows this. Y'all got God to thank. This Spiritual Movement going on where people are waking up and loving each other is freaking amazing.
You won't hear that on the Tv nor the radio but it's that ** truth. If this keeps going, we won't need movements like FLR, we will truly come together as Male & Female AS ONE like we're supposed to be. If you haven't caught it by now FYI: I AM A CHRISTIAN. Shocking? I'm not afraid to admit it anymore. My coming out of the closet was a wonderful freeing moment. Yes, I would submit to a woman to be disciplined (and yes, spanked). If I deserve to be disciplined then by all means I deserve it. If I need to be scolded, scold me. I've told this to my Girlfriend. She accepted my Submission and was just like a Mother, saying "uh-hu, yep. She's even submitted to me and she's an Alpha Female. Another shocker. She cried to me over the phone one night. I've never had a love like this. She, the same. GOD THAT WOMAN IS A ROCK! I'd give my life to protect her. (Strong emotions, strong emotions). I'd even the same to protect her children she already has as my own. I just wish, hope, and pray that us men and women can embrace that kid of love. DAMNIT! We would make a much better world if we did. Besides God, All and all, this is THE MOST REALEST OF ALL LOVE I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED IN MY LIFE. If you want to know more about how I came to where I'm at now as a Christian who's for lack of a better phrase, BUCKED THE SYSTEM; Just ask me. I am open and I won't bite, I'd love ya to death though.
Blessings of Joy & Peace!

Apr 26

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  • Very disgusting! unnatural emasculating yourself probably **-addict

  • So after all that reading you choose to be a pathetic **. I think you need to go read some more.

  • I am submissive to my wife. One rule is I'm not to ask or pester for **. She is to initiate. We do have me enter her with her on her back but then roll over with her on top. I'm not allowed to ** until she's orgasemed and given me permission to **. Often she'll make me abstain for several weeks and occasionally a couple of months.

  • So you're her ** boy. Enjoy your tofu steak and cleaning her out after Dante has dumped a fat load in her **.

  • I guess so.

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