Shipwrecked off fireplace mantel 1983

My dad got this model ship from his best friend and for years it stood proud either on the fireplace mantel or the console T.V. It was a high ship from the 1800's. Had the tall sails I believe it was 3 high rope ladders, flags, a net of some kind on the front. It was a complete accurate scale model very detailed. It even had crew in the form of tiny hand painted men that were about a cm tall. The men were detailed with sailor uniform painted on and various accesories like hats and Hankies. The men were placed all over the ship in the designated post that they would have worked at. Some were on rope ladders, climbing the sail post, or look out points. The ship deck etc. Thinking back almost half a century this boat was a one of a kind hand crafted scale model. As it stood it was in Glory and Victory. It was a normal evening about 8:30 pm I was about 9 years old and was watching t.v with my sister who was 7 years old. We had our pillows down and blackets because this was Winter in Michigan. I was playing around with my sister and slung my pillow back behind me to hit her with it. When the pillow went behind me over my shoulder it knocked the ship down and onto the ground off that Fireplace Mantal that was about 5 feet off the ground. Another detail about this ship was the intricate array of string that was used to detail the rope holding the sails up and the three wooden mast. The ship hit the floor and in a second it because a shipwreck. It was a disaster. Everything that was exposed off the ships deck was broken the men that were on the ship in glory were either still glued to the ship or on the ground fallen off the string became an entangled Mess.
The sails were broken off ripped or just **. It was an accident and I felt very bad about it for about 2 years. One of the reason's I felt bad was because it was a gift given to my father by his friend. His friend was my favorite person in the world. I thought that he had built that ship himself for the next two years I thought about the amount of time that he must of put into it. It would have taken weeks if not months. It bothered me really bad. I had never seen anything like it for sale until about two years later when we moved to Florida and we went to a retail establishment near the Ocean and similar ships like the one was for sale. It was at that point that I realized it was purchased as a gift and that price would have been in the hundreds dollars for one with the amount of detail. It was a gift that should of stood the test of time. It was a gift that one gives someone that means a lot to them. The ship was in glory and then after I passed it by it was a ship wreck laying atat teh the bottom of the Sea. I ain't no good. I tell people to just please pass me on by don't say anything to me. Unless it is in a positive nature and you have introduced yourself to me. I take almost everything as a negative even if person means positive. I ain't no good. I am a sad person I try to fake it to make it but it don't really work that well. ship wreck you and it won't be as nice .

Apr 26
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