Love nylons on myself and looking at women wearing them

I must confess that I have had a fascination with women’s legs in nylons since I was about 5. I used to look at pictures of them in the JC Penny’s catalogs. I used to massage the feet of the women in my family from under the table at all the holiday dinners. I never had a desire for men, still don’t, but I love the feeling of nylons so much that I started wearing them to ** and look at pictures of women wearing them. I now shave my legs because I’m hairy and like to workout a lot. Its much more comfortable. I started wearing nylons because I just love the gentle hugging and skin tight nylons. It feels great, especially after a fresh shave. Gives me a lump in my throat to wear them, to think about wearing them, and to look at my own muscular legs in the mirror while wearing them. I love it so much. Wife thinks it’s a little weird in general but whatever…I also confess that I like to do this alone look at myself wearing them. It still gets me excited and I ** so hard.

May 15

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  • Karen (the fat shaming loser on NaughtyPosts that ** his mother’s corpse) is also a gloryhole regular and is now up to 400 lbs. from all of the ** he has swallowed. He can barely waddle to and from the truck stop where he gets his sperm injections at both ends.
    He leaves a slug trail behind as he walks to and from the truck stop and his mom’s trailer.

    He looks like a giant Sperm Tick.

    He still lives in his mom’s single-wide and he still prowls the elementary school playground looking for pre-teen boys to abduct. He calls them his “fresh veal”.
    He’s mad now because he’s such a fat slob and the young boys easily outrun his fat **.

    Because he spent his dead mom’s life savings on trips to the gloryholes he has had to resort to consuming mass quantities of sperm and ** from the truck drivers when he’s servicing them in the sleepers of their trucks.

    Karen is just a fat, pathetic major ** up!

  • Underwear fetish is very common

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