What if factor.

I fell in love at an early age,17. I was dating my gf at the time and she broke my heart. My best friend broke up with his gf at the same time as well. His girlfriend and I were in the same friend group so we were friend but nothing helped us grow closer together more than mutual heartbreak. We shared everything together. We shared the pain, the tears, and the heartbreak. We shared our fears, The things that roped us back in, and the heartbreak again. It really was a beautiful friendship. Something I believe I will never find again. I fell in love with my best friend. I did what every man does with his feelings when he's not sure what to do. I buried them. As the story goes on we grow older, we grow apart. About 2 years later I tell her about how I felt when we were younger. It turns out I wasn't crazy. We Were in love with each other... just seperately. She married later that year, and I the year after. We're both single now and I can't help but think about the "what if factor" . What if I said something. What if we worked out. What if not only did I fall in love but what if I fell in love with my best friend. What if she fell in love back. I can't help but think about the heartbreak we are both going through. I don't believe life would be perfect with her. But I do believe it would be a ** of alot easier whith someone to share the burden of life with. I don't believe life would be perfect with her, but I'm not looking for perfect. I'm looking for her.

18 days
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