oh well.....

i was diagnosed with a mental disorder when i was 7. it doesnt really bother me except for the fact that i cant really process reality, and fantasy sometimes. my confession is that a lot of the time i forget that im dating my boyfriend. this is the man im going to marry. and half of the time im in my own world and forget that he exists. its the same way with my family. and my friends. and more than once ive almost accidentally introduced myself wrong because i have no clue who i am. its annoying and embarassing. it kinda feels like being locked in your own mind, and you cant control your body. and you know that you cant...but there isnt a thing you can do. but oh well....i suppose it could always be worse.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Practice introducing yourself while on a treadmill. It may clear your mind and repetition will reinforce who you are. It will help I am sure. This is assuming you are of good health.

  • To the 13 yo: Do not listen to the adults and REFUSE to take teh drugs they give you. You are 13, a kid, every kid is depressed and has anxiety and is ADD...it's called growing into an adult.

  • dont worry.
    i am currently 13 and i just got diginosed with sever depression, anziety, and ADD. i currently dont know who i am or what im going to do next.

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