Please help-

This is something I really need to get off my chest.. so um I got jumped by three African American women and two males who where harassing me at school (four months) and I ofc did all the proper stuff like report them / ignore them/ tell Evey adult ever. And no one listened to me then they jumped me at lunch and robbed me and ripped my hair out (not fun) and said some colorful words to be and I don't wanna sound like a racist cuse I know everyone isn't the same but I've been really nervous and scared around African American people lately.. and I hate it cuse I don't wanna have that view or feel so frighten but I do.. and I.. I don't know what to do I've never had this problem till now and I just really don't wanna seem racist heh..

6 days

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  • Be racist.

  • YEP. They were to you from the sound of it. Stop being so politically correct ffs.

  • * i.e. "To you", meaning the original poster.

  • Let me share my opinion on this. Karma is a ** it always turns back. So, if you have done similar things to some one in past life then you are getting the same now.

    Otherwise, you’ll see yourself they will suffer due to their wrong actions. People believe that no one is watching or caring so just mess up with free will. The truth is every single thought/ action is monitored by some one up there. They have cctvs which no one can see. Hope that helps.

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