I still like him

I use to like this boy, he was my first crush and biggest one ever yet. Oh god did i like him, he made me laugh and i could tell him whatever i wanted. But during that time he liked someone, i remember the ill feeling i would get when he talked about her, but i liked him so much i wanted him to be happy. I made it obvious i liked him, one night he texted me asking if i liked him and i said yes. He told me that he liked me too and gosh i felt ecstatic, i remember running around when he told me he liked me back, i even ask him if he was joking. But i told him we couldnt date because we were too young. He agreed and the next week my best friend told me her and the guy i like started dating. I felt betrayed and angry because she was the only person i told about liking him, and she still dated him?! I also felt like a fool, he was probably just playing with me and was joking when he said he liked me back. I remember nit saying anything and just nodding my head because I felt like total **, and even though they hurt me i still wanted them to be happy. I felt jealous seeing them together and felt like crying everytime they looked at eachother. After that he just treated me like i was nothing, ignoring me and treated me like **. We didn’t talk for months and one day he decided to apologize and i accepted it, cuz i still liked him. After he apologized nothing happened, he stayed away and we never talk anymore. Sometimes when i get the chance to talk to him, my stomach flutters and seem to laugh at everything he says. I still enjoy his company and i find myself wishing we could still be like before. Even after everything hes done to me i still think of him from time to time, wishing that everything worked out.

Jun 3

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  • Love is so tough.
    I'm old. My wife dumped me. I look back on my marriage and ruminate on the things I did that hurt her and wonder about what else I did that hurt her and I didn't realise I even did them. I look further back and think of girlfriends and again pain. Emotional pain.
    it's just tough.
    girlfriends for girls can be their worst enemy. You told your friend and they betrayed you. I think my wife listened to one or two girlfriends who encouraged her to leave me.

  • Im so sorry to hear that 😞☹️ Sometimes the person you think is the closest to you is the one that will hurt you the most, but i do hope you find love somewhere out there! And looking back at the past wont change anything, hopefully you can look at the future and think for more positive things to come. 😊 Hoping the best for you.

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