It's frustrating

I really want to date someone, but there's not a lot of guys in my social circle. I'm 24 now and I only dated once when I was 17. It was so pure back then. We only held hands and go on dates. Kinda sad that I still have my first kiss.

Part of me just want to go out and meet new people and be brave. But another part of me is just not confident enough to do that. I guess I'm too self-conscious of my own appearance.

Anime is not helping either. They draw those male characters so indescribable charming. And I'm stuck in this imaginary world that's in my own head; imagining all the impossible scenarios, which I feel at my age, I should stop thinking about all these.

I don't talk to my friends about it too, cause I don't want to appear needy or desperate. I mean, I don't mind being alone until I die. I think I can still find happiness in singleness. Oh wells, done with my rant. Time to face reality.

Thank you for reading, haha.

Jun 8

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  • Put out more, guys will like you.

  • Please sit on my face.

  • Sit on my face please

  • Hi, I am a single male. I invite you to please sit on my face and rub it.

  • Hard to believe a 24 yo is single.

  • I am single male and can say its not easy being single. We need some one to make love to us.

    I wish if i was there. Would have pinned you on wall and licked your she like a desperate dog

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