I am the worst human being in the world

Almost 30, no jobs, no money, live with father, no friends, no love life, no house and no cars at all. I had burnt many bridges with my mom and my bestfriends. I always being their pest and I always made them miserable. I never being religious to the God for these years so I think I have many sins. I never contributed to society. I have many bad attitude:easily get angry, changing moods, laughing too much, lazy, have ugly face and fat. What I have here is that a PhD in Computer Science with no direction at all, no progress and have thousands of debt with student loan. I only sitting in my tiny room and playing computer games everyday. I sucked at coding and my stupid brain cannot work at all. I ** at reading papers because I am very dumb (oh yeah,and also ** at math). I admit that I am not good at doing jobs at all. Maybe being a PhD student the worst decision I ever made. But it is already 3 year. It is too late! Now, I try to fight at myself but I can't. I already defeated. I am not the same person as me 12-years-old. Sometimes, I wonder when this thing will end. I am sorry mama papa, I am a very failure daughter to you. Maybe I should've not born into this world. It feels that I've failed everything.

Jun 20

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  • Mama papa is proud of terds on the street. So mama papa is still proud of you.

  • Pls don’t listen to these people telling you you’re only good for your body. i’m sure you’re a wonderful person, consider maybe finding new hobbies and things to do? even if it’s new to you !

  • I'm sure you are a nice person.
    I have issues being social also.
    Chubby women are very attractive.

  • Yeah, sucking off men is your proper path to redemption. Do it, do it meow.

  • If you put your mouth to good use and offer it up you will be greatly appreciated by many men.

  • Even if you are dumb, lazy and somewhat unattractive, if you were to take men into your mouth you would be be giving pleasure and giving back to the world. Many men would give you that chance. Do it, do it meow.

  • Hahaha…. Jaldi mar kutti.

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