No genocide in Canada

Genocide is defined as: "acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group". That did not happen in Canada. There was no intent on "destroy", but rather to integrate the people into a modernising world. Calling it genocide would be a gross simplification of a real complex history. Trudeau should be ashamed to keep saying that it was. We don't need the BS stigma, and first nations people are not helped by it. The only people getting anything out of this "genocide talk" are the special interest groups, lawyers, politicians, and band leaders. Everyone else has to pay.
The fact that I have to post this anonymously speaks volumes as to the insanity broiling around the residential school system. You are not even allowed to think for yourself. Just ask someone where the bodies are and you'll be accused of racism. That's nuts! The following are some interesting links you can use to understand this complicated issue.

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  • All the sh**t they did can I imagine someone talking about a genocide…

  • Canadians are killing dozens of Americans through the smoke from their wildfires. Polluting half of thenU.S. With u Rea thanks air.

    Need to do something abote this!

  • Destruction of culture and genetic dilution through supposed integration isn't genocide? I guess all the savages should have been happy to stay on their reservation ghettos to keep their blood lines pure, eh? Read a book and get over yourself.

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