Gender expansive

So I'm male at birth and consider myself straight. But I love dressing fem to explore my feeling of being the opposite gender. Please, no hateful comments.

Jun 21

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  • I’m. A hot and ** chick. I wear men’s boxers, flannel shirts, belch and ** at will, and sometimes adjust myself like I have a pair hanging there. I’m 5’4”. 120 lbs, blonde/blue and have a nice pair of its.

    Same as OP, just the mirror image.

  • I’m a straight woman and I love, love, love dressing my super masculine and straight bf up when we’re at home. He was always secretly into it but was afraid women wouldn’t like it. It’s so ** though, it brings out a submissive side of him that no one else sees. The point is, don’t feel bad. There are straight guys into it and girlfriends who will love it too lol.

  • I used to wish I could wear dresses and skirts. I am I guy. I am happy to be a guy. I just used to wish guys could wear dresses and skirts. Used to dream of being in Scotland and having to wear a kilt

  • As a elementry school kid, used to wear girls tights under my long pants.

  • Get some help b4 its too late. You are sick and disgusting.

  • Get some help right now before it’s too late. Death to lgbt, gay, lesbian, muslims. All are curse to human society.

  • Stop the hate you homophobic loser

  • Nothing wrong with what you are doing. I adore wearing women's high heeled shoes, dresses, nylons and lingerie.

  • That’s so hot

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