I tried it, I liked it...

I am a 53 year old male, my wife is 50. We have a good marriage, we get along well but more like roommates. My wife turned into an old lady at the age of 40. S** just stopped all interest in s**. Although she is still hot she dresses like she lives in a nursing home.
Recently I gave up and decided to try some things that have crossed my mind. I think like most people I have wondered about being with someone of the same s**. One evening i decided to explore it. I drove an hour to a nearby town and went to one of those adult stores with the back rooms. I let a guy suck my d*** and I enjoyed it. From there I went online and arranged to meet a "young" male escort. We met at a hotel and it was much better than the adult place. He was a skinny 27 year old and very fem. I f***** his boy p**** and it was every bit as enjoyable as any girl I had ever been with.
Will be exploring more in the future...

Oct 31

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  • I had a similar situation, just not same s**. My wife gave me the same old story your wife did. Her line was a tired old relic of an excuse; "It isn't love anymore, it's just s**." Well heck, what's wrong with that?" I'll take "just s**" any day. You took wedding vows. It is a component of love you can return to me for all the hard work and high salary I delivered over the years. Oh well, I've quietly and effectively utilized "escorts" for the last 20 years. I'm helping them survive and thrive. They are helping me in the same way. I also give them great respect because they understand the situation and understand the realities of human behavior. The key word here is RESPECT. Thank you ladies. My marriage of 45 years survives because you are available.

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