** and gagged by Marion part 1

Yesterday morning I arrived at the art gallery and found Marion waiting for me when Marion said come downstairs to the basement with me and I will tie you up and gag you and render you deaf , dumb and blind and so I followed her downstairs to the basement and she dragged a straight back wooden chair into the middle of the room and ordered me to sit down and so I sat down on the chair and placed my hands behind my back and Marion got to work tying my hands behind the back of the chair with rope

She then got to work tying my legs against the chair legs against the chair legs with rope

She then put some rolled up women's ** into my mouth before tearing 5 pieces of tape off the roll of grey duct tape and placing them over my mouth piece by piece to keep me quiet while I was **

She then put the earplugs in my ears before advancing on me to put the black hood over my head and face to render me deaf , dumb and blind

before leaving the basement and padlocking the door shut

Sep 24

Next Confession

You're on my mind

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