Boy pants ripped on farm walk through town in underwear

Boy 15 hang out in bushland 15 minutes from town with 4 girls he has a crush on 1 of them they came up to a barbed wire fence they had to cross the girls tell the boy to take his jeans off and hang over the fence so they don't get cut so he take his jeans off hang them over the fence then climb over it but get his shirt stick and ripped it in half then he help the girls a cross standing there in his orange underwear when the girls are a cross the grabs his jeans off the fence but have ripped them he puts them on and walks a cross to a another barbed wire fence the girls make him take jeans off again and hang over fence he does but when he climbs over he gets his foot stick falling over pulling Jean straight down the fence ripping them so he picks them up puts back on fence and helps the girls a cross when all are over he grab the Jean but they are ripped so bad they fall apart so he just walks off with the 4 girls wearing just his shoes and orange underwear they get back to town which they live halfway a cross so the just walked through town with the girls in his orange underwear like it was normal.

Jul 26

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  • My ex girlfriend paid my sister to cut a hole in the front and back of my school shorts knowing that I wouldn't notice because I get dress 5 minutes before school.I put them on and go to school not noticing the holes I'm at my locker and my ex girlfriend came up and rips my shorts off and runs away with them so I'm standing at my locker in a shirt and purple underwear in front of all the kids in that hallway.

  • I was climbing over a fence wearing a pair of ripped jeans I get caught on one of the points of the fence in one of the rips next thing I fall of the fence and rip the back out of my jeans

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